Sandy Beach Gun Buyback 9-21 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, September 21st

Another Gun Buyback, this time sponsored by the State AG, in the City of Niagara Falls. We talk about that, and the stats against buyback programs. Listener Calls as always. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN 



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Well we've got a problem as W drove I want locations with a gun buyback program in Niagara Falls and according to their report. There were seven cars in the parking lot of which five were police cars. And that nobody was moving or how much does this waiting around for something that happened. But anyway there is a gun buyback program now is going on until later this afternoon in Niagara Falls sponsored by the attorney general's office. They claim that via money to buy big gift cards. Comes from. Funds seasoned criminal investigations. They buy gift cards and they go up to I don't laugh. When their Dave said you can get a hundred dollars for an assault weapon. First of all there's the question what an assault weapon is but if if you're thinking about something like in the air fifteen. Last time I checked because I haven't looked form recently. Hollow unless a judge there were on a good one was around 22000 dollars so to give somebody a hundred dollars for some topic that. Might be a little lob underwhelmed. With the offer of a but I'm asking do they work now. The buff state group that did the study on this said they don't work and plain and simply don't work. It's just a it's just a feel good thing according to this article by yeah Amber's Acker. Asking the lead researcher of of state. There should they keep doing it. Of first robbed it doesn't work he's had no. No should be here doing it the answer was I wouldn't bother wasting their time. So as far as optics in my look good on the 6 o'clock news tonight or the 5 o'clock news tonight of 11 o'clock news. Does not gonna do anything in that doesn't make you safer. So it doesn't work in and when they hear. Wendy I checked with the attorney general's office they didn't even denies. So when you're when you're putting something out for for public consumption. And some group says it doesn't work. And you say well maybe minute mark you're right doesn't it. I look at our program is that. Let's go to Andy and all and it's all that Andy on non WB yet. The say yes Andy. I I have a bead be done. That I've had percent 81 years lol. It's a model 25 DC. It was upon. BB oh the pump are right OK it in the state laws. As a kid I could not deliberate and I can't our core duo and strong enough to dole shall I I got myself well. BB gun. That you know but I hope worldwide a soul. Somewhat wrong with it so I I I found that god made them clear. Debt that they don't work on your he worked Mike Beebe gun. Well at the same time we will I said that Al mound. I want to and web site being web site okay. This year with the anniversary here in the were coming out with a chain model. Showing it's 300. Now Walpole. Bring back a lot of memories there that that's good month for that. All you have so I look at this you know I felt you know. It's something that it is gone to date or 300 dollar and I only pay nine dollars or spend. Do you remember when you're kid you had beggar on how a major field. How how grown up your cell tower zillow rating how much fun. Only Andy have very much so. The guy it's is one of my fondest childhood memories was having a BB gun. And you know we we would doodle is we shut up targets in the basement I want side. Because. You know the not to go through the concrete wall. No I definitely. Dollar there if you do itself on soup WB wagons I bet you guys have indoor targets through our you can measure you can use them. But it is fun and I think it teaches you a good lessons as you get older about the safe handling of any kind of a fire arm. Yeah and you know what I. This scotsman is me and hamper roll out not let go away for. Pieces Tate beat them up in his number retired a perfect. Oh cool all that is really really cool. All right well thanks for bringing back some good memories and don't sell that the guns of a gun buyback program and they. Are okay today it is the right. As if it's incredible memories you have. I don't think. Even this on business I don't think as many kids are gonna like kind of memory today because they've been so demonized. Vibes that they knew they were room. Fund funds toys and you said you never Hamlin Tony about beamer did you ever have a BB gun a beamer BB IA did it visual one. Well I really never had the marriage maybe kid's in the album and yeah like those guns. Okay as a fund remember the ones that took issue with the ping pong balls the half. Demy go under my girlfriend's brother. Used to when I go to pick a mop and high school. Go to pick her up he would Debian like the top of the stairs. And if I were them through gonna living room walk right by the stairs. And he would you plaster me. We of those ping pong ball the most accurate no there weren't. I'll later on it was one of the most memorable things in my life when I found out that that same kid. Is name is on the wall for Vietnam so. That time I saw him he was just the kid. Trying to a stairway his sister's boyfriend and can act as a great kids zero. And Santiago's those have really good memories those BB guns. Because they bring back good childhood memories if you had a good childhood. You know spoil I'll tell you that I am absolutely spoiled I had a perfectly functional loving family has and still Lou. So I didn't goes through hell and my family we talked to most people azalea has a damn mom and dad are coming over for dinner algae you know. Well not me not me functional stand the Diaz says the guy who try to light his sister on fire I said this function ours and I ought a ought to. My mother and father I think showed good restraint when things that I couldn't set my sister and fire like Joan of Arc. See at religious training and at that time will be back after that and today's the eleventh day of my bubble overt is there 160. Dollars that have yet. For a full set of classic eyelash extension. Rama. JL pays skin care in a way we drill for just 100 dollars. With the jail big customize eyelash extensions you'll wake up each morning ready to go. Go to my bubble of her start calm tone a number of these troops will now. To my eyelashes look about the I try to find other hauntingly attractive. From across a crowded room with somebody's Damien. Today saying some enchanted evening las kind of dark you know with the lights the way any I don't know why attach them either having a government backwards. All Jeff looked okay that's all I feel about botched that better thank you very much or have a time of attacks in a time of FaceBook. Give me give a part of that time right now. Now okay Ijaz says waste of time and money they don't work to reduce criminals access to guns is that like criminals obtained guns legally. Or follow the laws anyways. Well I sure it was a matter of fact I have one from my mouth for a buffalo police officer here this is a tax. Sand is a retired buffalo police officer for 39 years I against say the gun buyback especially when no questions asked is garbage. You have to be very naive to think of thugs are going to get rid of their guns. But if the gun has a body or true on that it's appropriate way to destroy valuable evidence. And that that Truman 39 year buffalo cop and that that's what I thought. The the gun buyback program will do the things that you can't do that is that is illegal for you to do destroy a gun. There was that are used in the commission of a crime I mean you can't do that. They would do it for you. So you use as a save us scenarios you use a gun to commit a crime. Begun as valuable evidence that you do not want to show up because you may go to jail. You bring it took her gun buyback program where there will destroy it no questions asked and they say they do not use them for prosecutions so. They will destroy the evidence for you. In the name of public safety. Up. I'll lighting guy and really the exact way as werder is guns turned over. These are destroyed. And not process says evidence according to move the authorities. So that's yet so if you if you wanted to ditch that gun that hot Gagne have. Don't war remember we've begun to acknowledge. Just go there they give you money for the gun. And then get my internally so that works are pretty good and other employees that the buyback program that's it that's it hot at least column in the water Brothers. In I guess he either X. Monitor ever bought a Ku men's movement Jimmy Jameer. OK let's go to Peter says it shot off anymore because although buybacks at that they've had it right that's that's up why I mean ammunition and it's just languishing. On the dealers show because nobody's. Nobody using guns to commit crimes they've had the gun buyback program very effective yes Daniel says qualifies as a gone. I can hold make at least ten single shop working shock caused. Out of about fifty dollars of materials from home people connect turn them in for 450 dollar profit. While I believe a makeshift stove he you know what yeah I don't I can't begin to matter and I there are more weapons and that happens I mean you can use crossbow if you wanna do I guess although it might be suspicious of you walk into a banquet across. What are your views are frozen meat that's right and it's I'm the guy it wasn't funny because killer line and got killed his wife with a frozen leg of lamb. Thanks I. I'm trying not to smile because there was a murder involved but I'm just thinking frozen leg lamp and you're good for us that need it. That's as good as they go on a decent place hope and you destroy the evidence you think you're gonna have a leg of lamb buyback program they should I could finish at. If there's there's going to be dangerous because labs have four legs. And there's a lot of legs and no I am and and people what they do when they're trying to avoid the police they go. Hope on I'd love glare down. Thank you very right. I will Austria. Okay Africa's outlet ran eight says I can just the other criminals in lines helmet comes back especially balls or solve murders. Oh ya yeah I've got to do that they're gonna run right over endure that they except their that there were Smart they would go. Simply because if they have the police keep their word first off. If they don't keep their word and they say well how this guy looks a little suspicious. Weigh it out man that is always use them in a dastardly crop I am you're under arrest. If they did that they could never have another gun by program so they can't really do it. And the bottom line is when they. When these tell you that they're gonna destroy the gunners and uses evidence it's an invitation for bad got to get rid of vodka and so that that seemed like a major loophole shall we say in this fabulous gun buyback program. Let's go to Derek says it's a joke criminals will hold on to these guns the money could be spent on training more cops patrols or even money. For an anti crime unit proactive. For even giving patrols back there are over time I've heard. Except for the boss's old T. Has been reduced to Niagara Falls. It's those several people have have posted. That they could be used that a quarter of a million dollars that they've. Spent on gun buyback programs for buffalo the one today as night falls but before buffalo would buy body armor cameras. Four police. And as we said good training classes may be more range times so if you can buy more ammunition. Baby out of out of the area training. Maybe another cop may be an ever rode a person. Is that works at headquarters anything to help law and order because this doesn't do anything now on nothing zero. The odds are that Jillian nothing's come of this except the little blurb. On tonight's 5 o'clock news and 6 o'clock news and 11 o'clock ms. Nancy. There's no question that to meisters political future is in question at the very fast. A lot of pressure to get rid of him they're not happy with him right now kinds of our Niagara Falls FaceBook pages. In or just retirements are particularly common myself. Can Hamilton has won it as a matter of fact in. People are not happy with ties to so you've got him as an unpopular mayor rate now trying to do something to get some good will back. Let me tell you something he could do something that would get a good we'll back in a hurry. The dice there buyback program where the voters by Ambac and retire I think they're going to say I think that's the deal. Next time Iran's which is when that now this camera and I think it's this time okay. While the next time he runs you buy him back you by America's retirement. Because I think the group of politician buyback program will do more to fight crime than the gun buyback program. Doesn't make any sense at all when you look at everything dismount team against Emory now you've we have. The issues going on with so water discharge. Or that's not as he points some of the people around the board. Are you have the. I'm going. Financial problems that I sit in broke yeah. So yeah I agree deisler buyback program I think that we more effective let's get to work so we started our way. The article that tells me all up is do gun buyback programs actually work. Thank you Aaron Bruce Becker for this truce or Scott Phillips and associate professor. Of criminal justice at Sony buff state. Has studied gun buybacks and their impact on violent crime. Phillips and colleagues above stated the use crime data in buffalo to assess the impact of five gun buybacks between. 07 and twelve. Research here and in cities across the country have demonstrated the gun buyback programs don't reduce crime he said. Does it work no Phillips. Should they keep filling it I wouldn't bother wasting their time. Today's gun buyback program of all sponsored by the state attorney general's office. He is a media horde tour I can tell you that. Every day you get something for marriage snyderman now you probably saying them. Well isn't that diligence in the office don't you want him. Fighting crime what is every breath it's obvious. In fed tomorrow when I read as some of the things on my him. On my iPad you'll be a lot and thereby snyderman. Because he's just daily papers that thing. With the announcement since this announcement that announcement here or here an announcement there an announcement. Of the firearms they received more than 550. Have been working handguns and there have been more than 400 rifles shotguns and assault weapons. But the bottom line is nobody thinks they made the streets safer. And and they just a waste of time and money we'll be back remark would vision coming under Israeli and I'm thirty WV. Well tell me now that the Niagara Falls gun buyback program is not gonna make the streets safer technically a gun would be off. The street. Except for the fact that it would have to be on the street before could be off the street and I'm sure. Almost all of these guns what not if there really want a public a public health involvement wanna make things better. Now here's my idea Tony television like yet. A grill buyback program so that you cannot grow all of a good Asia like instead you have to make. Oh OK oh. And tuna and things I although I do like to the vote with the we've oil and and celery and I am against programs and you're against the growth. Dad's. I should be allowed to grow what I want when I want hey look. Go Sweeney's manner they sure do is surely doing Merriam vote democratic if they usually they're back up. I was always things seriously. That if you want optics say I'm not a believer in just optics. You can have substance and optics. But usually when your focusing on the optics the appearance. You don't have the substance to back it up. So with something like this you turn on the TV. And video so a lot of five or six. Or eleven. And you'll see it be in Niagara Falls gun buyback program they'll show you a card table with a a nice piece of vogue of velvet monitor something. And these really fierce looking militaristic. Bazooka type things will be on the table and go oh man. I can sleep well tonight look at that all of those guns off the street. But in truth. That's what the optics are all about. Whom they can't really claim that the streets will be safer because they admit that it won't be safe and he's been a politician can't play them. And admitted at this time. You after going one way or the other they are not making the streets safer than ever had out. Because the people return men you may be doing them a little courtesy maybe. Gramm for would have passed away engram doesn't know what to do with a gun and she's afraid when the kids come over. So if she wants Acela that's fine I don't know probably that but the bottom line is the the illusion and that to your Schaefer is a dangerous one because the illusion might lead you to be less careful about your surroundings and things like that. And so these kind of things are just a waste of time where's the money. Through buffalo has spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on the ones that they've done recently. And as we said. Asked for cops they rather have. More things for their safety more training more range time more people on the job. I mean this money can be spent a hell lot better than it is being spent. Taking a probably rushed the antiques and have ever been fired or government fires since that Teddy Roosevelt. I carried one. So the bottom line and is do you think that they buyback programs work. Both states does no good and the attorney general admits no but how do you feel. And how else would you spend that money for law and order because otherwise if I didn't sit on Ortiz and threw at us. All right joining give me a couple of the or FaceBook entries please. How is set as feel good PC measure only knee jerk anti constitutional as answer to a lack of police seem to to cost measures. And application of existing laws against who legally found firearms. Well that's a good point and and very well Le stated shore any any legitimate crime fighting method of that money could enhance amen pharaoh. You know as long as it's if they get something accomplished. Or makes the use of the officer. Safer or makes the streets safer. Bill yeah findings on it for that because they're using money was seized. So up it's funny somebody says it's funny they can use those cities as. A brown is not really browse the crisis and Obama says brown continues some money to buy guns live drug money. But trump can be used drug money to build a wall. Which is the one of the reasons in the wall. Without getting too political about this is because we're drugs today and if they seize large amounts here Al chapel Oca probably go all himself. If they don't use this is nothing there to bill wall who would be on I I think could be a refund that the extra. And other ways Phil says bring in old blonde get my company. By no one yep that works yeah exactly. And of course there are offering top prices. You can get 75. Dollars for a pistol it would depend what the proposal was. But you can get a hundred dollars. For an assault rifle. One if you if you agree on the term assault rifle what it means. If you did come through that agreement your find out that that hundred wouldn't go very far when you're spending about truth out thousands. To get the rifle and there's a question. In my mind. As people transport. Their firearms. Tool besides. To turn the men they may not be in compliance with New York State's safe. Think about it if they have a pistol in their target. And they do not have ownership of it is not I registered pedestal bearing. There and defaults they could be in big trouble. Or if they have some bring them out familiar weather turns out it's not in compliance. I'm not saying that the cops are gonna look form a senate cops we've got to do anything I don't know if they ever have but. The court. And that's what you have to prepare for the costs of the ability tonic and other. Carol says I thought Niagara Falls is going to be broken a year where's this money coming from. What a waste of money in time dice jerk is a fool. Well those are separate issues of course but you we have our a different buyback program the deisler buyback program which you can do it the next election. You wanna buy him back and retire him and put somebody else is there something he's your arm there. Could be worse I guess could be the applause GO. That scary that is really scary isn't that we'll probably get me to move the job I'd have to move through lies somewhere where wrote words and his name is unknown. Arquette it will take a break your return from a final set a major company in Niagara Falls gun buyback program is going on right now as we speak. Do they work. What if I get that and yesterday if you don't think they do about the money spent on these programs. Can you think of a better use for law enforcement back after this oh by the way congratulations to Michael go put on driving home yesterday. And a Muslim to rush him Bob. And he is not only quoting Michael Capote oh he is playing audio off my go to vote though. So Michael was on one via TV shows I don't know exactly which one probably filming on fox. But it was a it was cool idea so. We've managed to infiltrate Rush Limbaugh's several times who we are Kathy from Williams bill. Okay and our to a Canadian friends right. They're both on we've though would rush within a short amount time of each other true yes and and now oil Michael Capote. So we've gotta we gotta man. With a rush man Meister nice now I am idea I'm thinking about. How heartbreaking the video or is that I've been looking at during your commercial stuff that. Puerto Rico. And as is sometimes you just see things and Newt just let it roll by you don't really put yourself in Tibet situation but. Imagine all of Puerto Rico has no electricity none. And they said he could take months to rebuild Lou via system. In this thing about like there's no matter how many generators they have they probably would not have enough. To run all of this stoplights when the vehicles can get around enough for any kind of emergency situation. And applause the generators and need to gasoline. And who knows how much access they have to gasoline. I don't know exactly what the temperature is right now as Roy moderate. As good thing is moderate. Because it's a very difficult thing so it also most of the houses there did not and do not have flood insurance. So he's going to look at some things that'll never be rebuilt and they and they says it will take months to get the electricity up and running again. Plus any kind of tourism business is out the window as it is with some of these a smaller islands the smaller islands I wonder whether they'll ever. Rebound at all because to rebuild him he remind a lot of them. Depend on tourism. Where the big cruise ships come opera and Leo 5000. People get off. And and kind of infiltrate the entire island by things that they yeah that they like to bring home a silver and Ayers. Give back on the ship from the ship leaves. Well I don't know if they're gonna be able to rebuild all of these islands you know Disney owns an island at least one. And a Disney you know stocks have a lot of raise them places in fact that I know some there was not a Disney cruise. And I they had they just finished a touring some of these islands within a week. They were underwater. Sylvia. Very difficult situation for people in different parts of the world and I think it's important that. When you look at something like that kind of place yourself in the there and see what it would be like and I'm sure we'll be living hell. Tony you know we got time for a few more harm our comments most agree. And that in fact we haven't had anybody disagree wit we have one person say it'll take guns off the street and I guess technically. You could do you could say that that would be true. But if you're thinking the only reason to take guns off the street is to make the streets safer. Then it eliminates that argument because everybody agrees that and he says for you hear about the criminal who's the end up with back to the streets. Now. Sammy the bull. Bravado gas you're kidding no policies at least for president all last nice. I don't think you're being you're junger on these restaurants and soon it even has one. Probably back safely of Sammy and a ball bravado I have a feeling that he better the work. Like he should've done like wild Phillip archer a dollar is back to a wall. He would I would allow wanna be a dining with them no all anytime soon that surprise though I don't know Salma I. So how did you find them out there because you Evgeni whip something up for hey why did they now file and I doubt you have any guy's ship enough violence indicate whether a filing it. Our when he got to kinda round about the show regarding the Niagara Falls gun buyback for. Mike just Joseph vices I think there's a longer line and hot dogs and Saudi Arabia. Says that's a couple of eyewitness reports we've had one earlier said there were seven vehicles in the lot five of them were police cars. And the two of them were not and there was no action nothing going I don't know. Paul says so many of those guns are valuable collector's pieces and they will be destroyed our moron governor. Has made it so difficult for New York resident to transfer. Any guard to even a family. Relative these cars will be destroyed. In the process of an act in these stupid gun laws he's turned many of us in to crack penalties. Well I agree with the that post things and there are safer zone is the mayor and to be a showcase off for a guy who wants to run for president and that's about that. I regarding. Destroying those guns. It's it would make more sense. To. Give they have to buy if you're going to have the buyback program. Okay we know it doesn't work but if you want to make yourself feel good and point two at some. Little old lady in teller she savor a bird knock yourself out. But okay you viva guns dirt cheap. Put him up for public auction. And have that money go to law enforcement. So he's right there has some to be turning and a very rare piers sellers are especially maybe somewhere shotgun. They don't know the value of something's been sitting. And you have experts are could appraise them and give give people an idea of what they're rode the general worth on the open market. Have an idea of a public auction. As long as you're qualified to own the only done it qualified for it you get allowed to to look. Bit on it and make a bottom a lot more money out police for the boy. The apartment. Let cars other web sites where you can find out the value I ever looked IA is still there are I've never put the city to be honest with your desired item and console many guns. I've bought guns but I muscled and there have to be places. That would show you the relative value a lot with guns depends on condition. A rarity condition and caliber. There's a lot of different things and historical references. I know I've seen. Guns a little bit world by famous bad guys famous good guys. Go up on a general arch in them from Jerusalem. I was asked what type of gone would you consider. I'll collector's edition or any of them any of them you can get a classic and most people would think of a pistol. You know wild west what about that. Is that while bill hit Clark's gun that kind of stuff. But be besides the fizzled a lot of very valuable shotguns. And rifles you have to really know your stuff because it's a broad spectrum firearms the broad spectrum. And as I said it depends on how rare radar. For instance though the war souvenirs. Let's say like World War II German car Lugar's things like that but a lot of it is condition. If it if it's Warren you know it's not worth as much as of its pristine. But the bottom line is the here raise a lot of money on on this. I may get a big national sales it could even be an online sale. With states that were allowed to participate. And to raise a lot of money for your own police department because that's the way to save lives. Is that not to pretend that that taking his gun on the streets gonna save anyways life. But the money spent for something like a vest or something like that could save a cops life. And that makes much more sense to me. Then just destroying. But a lot of things in New York State that don't make any sense I give me a couple more for the right before the end of the show actually. Kevin says absolutely another example of some symbolism or substance. Buffalo spent almost a quarter of a million dollars and gun buyback program with no decrease in crime. As to feeling safe with guns out of the house can't can't act by itself the person using determines the use is evil. Or not yeah that's that I've offense said the biggest obstacle we have for people not being afraid of guns. Is information education. Big gun is it's of his million times the gun is no more dangerous than a can opener. Unless you make it dangerous there are relies on you to make it dangerous it's not inherently dangerous by itself. So remember that okay that about wraps it up. I'm gonna Oklahoman that was check out the value in my red Ryder little beaver model I would say Itamar now I intends to read. These junk that I get in these two toys. And we'll read them on the air should be fun Tony get that that buzzer ready we may do a lot of sleeping. See our eyes. Well. As they never had to leave it be used strength anyway you know have you given him.