Sandy Beach Gun Buyback 9-21 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, September 21st

Another Gun Buyback, this time sponsored by the State AG, in the City of Niagara Falls. We talk about that, and the stats against buyback programs. Listener Calls as always. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN 



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I just look at the bright it was Tony. We're giving away I lash extensions today and about that I've and his presence a long time I've given away everything but the kitchen sink is a matter Fred. I gave away the pigeons and ones but I've never given away eyelash extensions. That's coming up later and what about those golf are made and we're about Chen thing and what's going on here. Say. I'm probably the exact. Your producer of his show I did you know we're going to do with the the Iowa eyelash extension giveaway I was not notified you know why we're doing it because the people demand that it there are ever going along with regular eyelashes which can have -- I know we hit those big eyelashes you know want to go like this and I'm I'm I'm imitating somebody were big eyelashes right now which is argued there was not an easy thing to do what's not but will be doing that later and let's hope it's a woman -- A hook up I'll be out got it could be a guy. Forewoman art could be a guy who performs well for our and today is society everything is all okay. Now. Congratulations. To choose somebody whose name I don't know. Who performed on TV last night and I didn't see it but. I got a call from a friend of mine. And he asked this was a couple of weeks ago aghast. And the asked if I had seen on television. I'm one of these it's how things. This twelve year old girl who is a ventriloquist. I'm just saying. Twelve year old girls event though it was something wrong ways. Save me right ice that you gotta go on YouTube and check and check it out there she's really really and so I know he would call me back and ask if I don't have so I didn't. She is sensational. And she won. I'm not only energy I shivers are she's been Cuba's you know a little dolls she's twelve years old got a million dollar smile. But she's she can sing. And she's a good ventriloquist and hermit to yo. It is good to know it's as suitable. Thus as sensational as she won I guess they had that you know Muslim the show's. If you think you can dance you know America's Got Talent America has hemorrhoids are not sure what it was. But is she want that every saner. I she was all over social media reality in fact Jeff Dunham. Borrow a massive really and is said to us and showed her early picture of him and I think one of his. First puppets says this was me eight your range keep up the great works wow that. And I don't think you know she's twelve now and there's a certain a certain expectation or she's coming on she's twelve I'm going to like her. She you'll weicker no matter what are ages and I think even as she ages. It's not going to be it's not going to be something you're bored with because she really is is quite creative is how she uses the puppets. And so congratulations to her outstanding gesture really deserved. And I don't watch Romeo shows USO show us now. How Ohio you know homeless once show kill. Joseph watches every one of those shows. Did you watch America's cuts and I am not a fan of America's got to secede and sear I didn't. Ed is probably. Because. She's not romping around in some pool of a bikini looking for a husband. The show comes on the same time as an act of god and fortunately. I Bill Clinton had a good show a Monica's gonna tell Jose. A closet by his cigar company has half. I.s so let's congratulations to her and you can check it out probably like like I did it on a new to this I used YouTube and Google all the time. I'm not on social media a lot but a win Iowa McDougal on it's that and that and ours are super you know on the US government ought to hire our company to look after their security. Because what our Social Security conscious I can't believe it. Last night I go on Amazon. To get a book. All right I've been an Amazon customer. Since Amazon started and only sold books. They and their dvds that's always sole. OK and so anything else and I've been a customer ever since never had to change the password never anything. And ice and I'd send for things they always got there on time never had to say anything back I mean. I'm giving it a 100% satisfaction rating OK so I sent his blog. A real wild and crazy book. Written by Andre review whose wife the hypocrisy earlier to me about how they started the band OK now exactly. Edgy material. But I love under real and I wanna sit. OK so I do that. Edges of our go to Brett and I that I'm from amazonian and certainly thanks for your eligibility checks. I come into this morning that message from China com our corporate headquarters say. Our Robinson day jerk this thing on this and we say what it was no I don't know what could possibly have been amiss. It's Amazon's. That's not a miss it was coming to my house not even the radio station and so that's not a ms. The source material is not a joke beamer ish it's very. You know Ozzie and Harriet ish. So what's the problem and that what am I supposed to know about it in my supposed to call Amazon back as a stop stop stop should I throw a blanket over written and wanting coal water when it arrives at my door. I don't you ever get the message you know. That's the first one I've ever gotten better on the order of things well that's what I wouldn't get out of her when you do that's well yeah unknown but obviously. So I I'm sure that the beat Andre reed whose wife's book won't kill me so. I'm going to accept that the UCI thinks so that's that at that. But now we get more and more they used to we opened our road you know our emails though. And everything would be integrated in a lot of stuff went to junk. That wasn't really junk so you really had to look you know. And now they've changed that whole format so it goes to John before you even see it. And and you have to you have to find yet proficient out there way got met then. This this isn't junk. The the prime minister of an African nation is willing to give me 822. Million dollars. And all I have to do is hold it in my own a safe deposit box. And give them all of my credit card numbers. So that seems like a good deal of them may I don't know what they're trying to protect me from. And then I saw I idea. I wanna make sure that the junk is really jump. And that would make a good movie actually ROO take a break and we will return on newsreader and I'm thirty you're checking your job. Now somebody just sent me a message involved. Let's see he watch out for Amazon stadiums. And now I'd have to check this out here's a video I do not reply to anything I'm not a Nazi or convinces legitimate idea I don't take a chance on anything. Nothing. And I just went and got my my motto is way and then out delete right that's it I don't I'm not looking to get anything free. I'm not even look at where this down I'm not go I don't wanna expand my horizons my horizons are fine just the way they are silly meal. We'll be back a sure they're fine. I could check on that thing and so that effort that would be really good point two million dollars school for us to do is put in my sister for a possible. First off to get us if applause. He's buried a mile my Beck yeah put it here in the coffee can area backyard in your mind are you now know as long as the dog doesn't ago I don't have a dog which is well don't get a dollar amount will Rebecca this now I got way out here regularly attack text that says that 3930. Since sandy there is a warning about Amazon having a fake email alert to get your credit information. They say to call the customer service to verify it well beat him. I'm not that you know I plan to do after the show. I'm going to reply when I'm not gonna give them any personal information. I'm gonna give him Tonys information. As Tony and I you have your credit card numbers here are out again Maria if you would all of a direct on your Social Security number cautionary he argued that end that way they'll think for sure it's me and that it won't be able scam me and how about that all that degree Alabama Fulham yes I think so. Let remember air that. In in some cases with the Internet that does a little different. But usually with scams before the Internet it was always from people who were trying to get something for nothing. Remember they the biggest scam before the Internet was all always one I could never understand. Somebody who walked up to in the sidewalk. And say hey. I just found this bag of money. And I'd like to share what you instantly. Hit it X ray are banging beat don't fail me now. But in order to share with you. I'd like you to contribute some money to me so I I so I am thinking. If if they ever said that to me I would say well I'll be happy to take out of my cut. Just give me the net as well in cash thank you very much it's not counterfeit fine thank you have a good day. But it's always I never could understand. How anybody could be that dumb to think that they somebody else found money. They wanna share what you what you gotta pay them some in order for them to share with you. Would you have to be brain dead to fall for that one other much more sophisticated because they send things out on the Internet would match Fed's outlook. Totally real. Including the Internal Revenue Service I mean there's a reason Internal Revenue Service has its value that they don't contact you by email. Or telephone. When they wanna get all you go go. And they'll find you don't know where they'll know where you are. About now would these in scams. If there again it's the same thing did you really think the sultan of Brunei his uncle. Once you are your credit card numbers so he couldn't send you some money for safekeeping. I mean come on wild. Yeah we get the one this is you know I am such as such lawyer. I am representing. Relative of yours. And our South America that was killed. In a car or and you have been named doing the and incursions and beyond that we just need your bank account from. And the other night and this is weird. I'm guy overnight OK I jog dial is clear my email off two or three times today I I don't store a lot of stuff there all right. So I cleared my email I'm I'm right today. And went to bed. We got up the next morning at like 55 hours later c'mon there's like forty emails. And they're all exactly the same with the difference being. In two sentences. High. I'm Trixie. You wanna. Call me far wider use sending me those pictures of yourself I thought ago Brett favre's mail for awhile. And do like full of them would just different female names and different things that they want grew loved and enjoyed Joseph Lisa beamer and you know I wanna Moore is from beamer. And ha ha ha. Hi I'm Joseph what are you doing tomorrow at nine. Let's work together has it's like god I set many jobs are half. I don't understand why suddenly I got almost and they all came in under junk. So it was at least forty of them it was just different names and different. Deeds shall we say you guys ever get that now now let's visual I'd ship pop patrol. I'm sure I'm sure the pop patrol group doesn't Emma all of anybody there's got to be beamer. What your bags you get those you know if I do I haven't really paid attention they just don't. You know on one yet or it may be even true but when I kind of reminding I had close to forty of them. It just all night at that there was a run all night long boom Momo Momo Momo. There are laws of people signed you know email addresses outside people for this long shot because I would get crazy amount of one's a certain subject in Oreo line imagining that CI am I'm sure are uncertain it's like in the olden days a radio they used to have kamikaze things where you ago. And in a ruptured competitors remote. You would do things to screw up their broadcasts. I never did that and I really I I found that would be ridiculous but a lot of stations did it. Especially the ones that numbing numbers so they would do the best or go after the station that does have numbers. By sabotaging them they couldn't do it by you in the marketplace they had to do it that way. But those kind of things there are long gone but you you think of all the things you to complain about. Are you still have. But they're worse how many times did you complain that oh look in my mailbox your real mailbox along the end of the driveway or on the porch. Block all of this John Guy got I'm not interest that in these things. Well now I've got the editor that I am getting all those bear no you're getting a month interpreted that I've seen every single day it's loaded with stuff. That you didn't want you didn't know about you didn't authorize. Nothing and unless you're careful. Because you really do have to be careful and doing radio talk format as we do have WB and anybody that has an issue. Or has special guests that they want you must see these all I get an average yes it's just delete delete delete. And they are there ball written books are all experts on some subject mail automobile mr. and with me being a producer like it flooded with. I can't economic times as the mayor diced or stop bothering me now. Always come back we're gonna talk about Niagara Falls because as it goes today. Why when that Niagara Falls has a concern they know how how to go about of alleviating that concern. They've come up with a way now to help. Cut down crime in in in the cataracts and it's amazing this has ties to care as diced or does scare diet diced or matters. Under is under Israel and thirty WVU. Hell you back live engine companies have been changed. A great idea for a show mab. If you think it's a good idea we might even do it tomorrow. Maybe not a whole show about maybe an hour okay. Until tomorrow morning I'm not gonna clear in my in my junk off of mine via email account okay. Why don't I read my emails. The Jung park. On the airs tomorrow now here's obviously have to bees are careful about this first of all we do have the dump button right here. So I can I can dump myself if I have to. They say I accidentally don't fall into some trap. And I know it I've got seven seconds which is a long time of the late hit that you should also have a deep ready. So that I can actually get the feeling of exactly what's being said on in my junk mail a by you using the heap. Now I can I can kill you when to use the B will be something like Andy said. Like that you know he said we need a real beep not not my artificial veep. And get a refund to see if everybody gets the same kind of junk mail now as I say that we get a lot of junk mail soliciting airtime. I'm people wanna come on and promote their books and then their causes and whatever. But do you think they'll be fun and you think it's doable. In hot. Exciting. Sound effect it might be you know side. Well that's it should are in effect it's practice okay. So you are you ready so I was kind of surprised at bus you can go to. What if the that or. Let's do it for a little bit tomorrow and aren't COR hot mess this up I get is pretty borderline show Wednesday. I don't say for anything I don't. Click on anything but it's there and it shows up every day we know people sign up for these things down. And so I do it'll be fun you know like the programs. You know in Dallas it's. All right now you have been. You'll have an hour falls yes you've got to feel better today I'm telling its Sony. After today is older than that there has been. Simply because today I think starting right around in a market if Dave's a watch this is correct. Niagara Falls is going to have one of the most effective tools known to man. To lower lower the primary. They're going to have a gun buyback program. Now will know we have had discussions on this. Bond. A bond buyback program RBIs. Cinnamon cinnamon buns I like those. No we gun buyback program. And now we've oh what are we up and set about it it's a waste of time it doesn't work OK okay. But of course they like it because of the optics. First let's talk about optics. Optics today eighth. I deal worth assault. But but it looks good okay what are optics are about to give you an impression better than the actual valuation would lead you. All right so it looks really good at the end of the gun buyback program we can have some card tables out there. And go let's go let's put black velvet. And invite on the table invite all of you local news media which. Probably not one of them knows anything about guns. And though will will get some scary looking guns. Now whether they were actually turned and are not. Yeah who knows but they look scary. And the people out there are turning on their TV logo. Wow. Look at those guns why I feel so much safer now just look at that gun. I could be killed who have had done this loses this is the best thing ever. Except the optics are just that they're optics. And I think the the worst thing is to be lulled into a fall false sense of security. Is a gun buyback programs do not work. You know let's take our word for it there was a study done. It's a policy. Scott. Phillips an associate professor of criminal justice at Sony Bob stayed. As study gun buybacks and their impact on violent crime because you want Elvis I mean money is being spent to buy those guns. Over the last several years a series of buybacks in buffalo would be of course Byron brown loves these things. Cost 240490. Dollars. And what they buyback essentially paper weights. I mean that's about it. If it did not odd and and and they do not cut down on crime and and so I'm against things that are personal column if you want. If you put something out to give the appearance. Of something. It tells me that you don't have enough evidence to show that you don't need just the appearance you need the actuality of something. Being better not just your parents not just the optics about something with some substance. And I don't the big big take this so money for them a fine example in my dad lived. Oh gun crimes and whatever. But the bottom line is if there's money available it should be used in truly fighting crime. Maybe an actual lab technician so they get for things processed faster. They be another cop on the beat. You know may be another training session. Things that actually could help save lives maybe the cops lives may be your life is that it is going for Chicago. This is a show today it's all should go. Now deisler. Hoosier mayor Tony. He easily doable Ozzie of the we westerners are at area. He's your guy. He's looking out for you and your life and as well as they column in Niagara Falls die disaster now he. He had been making a lot of appearances. Lately we have trouble getting them on occasionally get him on decision but not off okay doesn't like to explain things like all the city's going to be out of money an amendment groups that things like that. But I would bet almost. Almost they must own Larry Craig go from Olson's. That we'll see him on television sometime today. It's outing B gun buyback program. Maybe by the 5 or 6 o'clock television news you'll see he did make an appearance at a ribbon cutting of a playground. Wholesale all of us now that's nice suit with a little kiddies playing in the sand that's asked him are pumping in reading. As some children's books maybe. That would. Or pop patrol I talked about how much he enjoys Bob withdrawal. But the bottom line is I don't believe in optics. And less debate that severe with the substance to back up the optics. Because the optics of bear to make you think that it's better than it really is or they wouldn't need optics they were this do it. And it's the same with the appearance I don't believe in doing things were appearance sake you either duel because they're gonna do some good or they're gonna correct some wrong. Or something's gonna be better than before. But I don't just doomed to make you Jews Soviet you'll be lulled into thinking that it actually is better. When we come back on the go over some of the information read regarding the gun buyback program. In Niagara Falls but I've far on the loop in these gun buyback programs early on. The last paragraph of an article today by Aaron but sector of the of buffalo new lows regarding on buybacks. Guns turned over at buybacks or destroyed. And here's the kitty. Not a process. As evidence. According to the authorities. Now a week awaited think Ben did you authorities are doing something that if you did it it would be a legal. But if they do it is a public cerberus. Are you kidding me and is Satan just commit a crime. And got a hot and I'm man about it I'd catch me would this gun. Andy you know if if they ever find this gun and then link it to me I'm sure owed so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to the gun buyback program. I'm gonna let them buy this gun that I just use of a crime because we know they promise does it will be destroyed and not process as evidence. So you can actually get these police department however is running the gun buyback program to destroy the evidence of your time. And boggle your mind it does may. So bad guys out there who want to write a worry about burying Madonna throwing it in the river whenever there's somebody might find it you know. Sellout activists. Eight we're back after this would be in company today's the other day from my buffalo perch is a 160. Dollar certificate. For a full set of classic eyelash extensions. From jail LP these skin care and lawyer is over just a hundred dollars would jail be customized eyelash extensions. You'll wake up each morning readied ago. Where we look. Out of bows I guess I go to my bubble burst dot com don't go would be a nice gift for gene. You know when she goes to the gym she's here she's pumping iron and should you be flap and those a fabulous eyelashes. She has my side should have nice natural ones associate those now after lump add to that is out this is great bargains I'm sure it's almost Christmas if you see it. I mean day Kansas run off to the drugs or at the last minute like usually do. Thank so I don't have I am and I've completed and stuff in there and that's good yeah and it's really thoughtful through a pattern that pasta pro and yet and that's an ivy don't forget this and I hate. You're it's going to be too long toward your slug each of the bills game this. We because it's going to be like 85. And that nobody will be east ninety. In this muggy at the bills game this weekend. Okay. I gun buyback programs you know we we laugh at them every time they have them because they don't work we know it anecdotally we know it. It'll actually we knew it. And now it right now Roscoe classically we know it because this study. From above state. All right let me go let me get into Aramis deckers column here buffalo on those. Gun buybacks have been around for a since the ninety's based on the premise that taking fire arms off the street. We'll help make communities safer. Academic research into the subject however has found no evidence. That these events actually contribute to a reduction of crime no evidence whatsoever. So on people line up outside the old Niagara Falls police headquarters must know that is owning. I'm sure you as you ever walked into what was your hands in front of your waist. Well how hook up. The old involves a plays and orders. Today that turn in unwanted guns dug a gift cards worth up to a hundred dollars depending on what type of firearm. They show up whether I mean if you show up live in a case a case of you might give a hundred dollars to show up with a cigarette lighter looks like gun. The Ohno as I mean I don't know. But they won't see a lower levels of crime because such events. Researchers predict does not help Scott Phillips. Quote that's a really good radio on Amazon from the old days a rock -- everybody this is Scott Phillips. But anyway it's a good rated him and his associate professor of criminal justice at a Sony buff state. Has studied gun buybacks and their impact on violent crime. He and his colleagues above state use crime data in a buffalo. To assess the impact of five gun buybacks between O seven and twelve. Our research here and in cities across the country have demonstrated the gun buyback programs don't reduce crime. It doesn't work Noelle. Phillips said. Should they keep doing it his quote is I would row I wouldn't bother wasting their time. So usually can find some rain. Some scintilla of of goodness something that may be obtuse to most that most people but. You see it or if it is a little benefit. I hit those quotas I wouldn't. Bother wasting their time. The files gun back gun buyback is sponsored by the state attorney general's office. It's. Well one mine is Sam to guess why and one of the reasons. Could be that they could and government and Andrew Cuomo look what I've gone from New York State and I can do this for a country as president. Campaign. Yeah I can just see it now. We had a gun buyback programs. And we took 4932. Guns off our market we love our people and they laws. But I don't know about to be the case I'm just guessing. I'd sell more than two dozen events since money thirteen. In total they've gotten more than 12100 guns from the public. Of the firearms they received more than 550. Have been working handguns. And there have been more than 400 rifles shotguns and assault weapons. The attorney general's office did not contest the lack of evidence in academic research. That the buybacks have no effect on crime. So here is sponsoring. Agencies. When asked by air reporter. Does this cut down on crime. It doesn't disagree what that it doesn't look. The way it is a spend money on any thing even if it has a little bit of value you'd try and if that right. Hello always says that he they did not. Contest the lack of evidence and academic or surge that buybacks. Do not have an effect. On on crime so that says we know it doesn't work. It's never worked it's never edit word will support it. This is New York State there's a lot of telling it like going on this diet. Eat dirt for a overweight and now we know eating dirt along loans anyway but doing anyway because it sounds good. We'll be back toward moral Beecham company. Under Israeli and I'm thirty W via C.