Sandy Beach Boy Scouts 10-12 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, October 12th

Should girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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I am back where the region company is he a young girls are going to be able to who joined the Boy Scouts. And that was announced yesterday were asking how you feel while the boys God's accepting younger girls. As as would be equivalent to a cubs go. Okay and why are we trying to blend the genders. I mentioned that I have vote I have no I have no problem we have Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that. Competition. Makes you makes the world better and do it the Boy Scouts one is willing to accept girls and they would prefer to be. In there for some specific program or maybe trying to earn on an eagle scout badge or something like that. That's why I'm the Girl Scouts are very competitive too and they have good things so. I I think this could turn out to be a plus but I think anything with tradition attached to it. People are trying to unravel now and that's why they're blending the genders I mentioned birds of feather intend to stay together and flock together. And at least that when I was in school for girls were over there in the wars were over there causing problems. And whatever and I mentioned at a Christmas party. You see the department hang around together the salespeople will be without a salespeople management will be another management. On the air people will be what other on the air people and that's the way it isn't somebody with a dark sense of humor Texas then you're right sandy. The guy the company Christmas party doesn't auto introduces life. To his girlfriend at work. Now that's dark I like that kind of humor and on I mean. Let's code to. Who would be next I think it would be Carroll in Boston Carole on WB yen. I think Andy and I thank you thank. I have a perspective and both of those. I have three sons that are Ali looked out my daughter's. But I have a dire or not. Who. Went through scouting pro line timing got her gold award. Period now an actual. I think he's enjoying the white areas and boy scout other than. You had hit downtown in voiced doubt that that council put. And they down low tech she laughed and how many Boyd PK add them. He Kennedy. The awards they can win and to get up to. Eagle scout. But women. Don't quite yet they yet have an opportunity. They get the mothers to cut several other street grandmother. And get together and say they want to have a true been able pancake. C a local girl scout group and hand them they can stared at true. Now my daughter I also had a true for about five or six years. But then. The she hit another woman and they would need it I got and I home and they were doing different tactics. And like bait he and that kind of thing. A lot of the girls kidnapped no matter how old when you don't have to sit threat at. Didn't match no measurement of that table anything like that or even how to do it. Does she count them that this is a wonderful baker. But baby. They're not as organized is that is that what you're saying. Right right. But they ended up I have that twin granddaughters. You're now last nineteen. But and they ended up getting into an adventure group. They get the woman had been up for former. Europe scout leader. And they get into this adventure group but the Girl Scouts I don't think it was a sanctioned type thing. But they went hiking I know the purse hanging they went and I. I think they were eleven years old and they height fourteen miles. Why oh and take take Omaha on our troops in Europe because everything in your bizarre bill and while walking. Yeah yeah you know I I I think that maybe this is a wakeup call for a V Girl Scouts to promote more of what they have. And be an add some things that they think might be an attractive to the young girls. To try and Eric I keep them there and I guess there's nothing keeping you from being a member of both. Now I never heard I I was younger girl scout I did you know. Because we have the three boys I have been bad and the leadership quite early. Yeah how does that feel to have three boys we're vote. Would those kind of awards eagle scouts I mean have people are pro out of those with their whole lives. Definitely definitely. And other things and bad point out they have. Which you can greater weight act from a boy scout troop into. An explorer group. And he had a leader who. I decided to leave it it. Going who at the explorer mode and I think we hit hybrid sick girl but aligned to that. Our leader he had a nephew an effect on who lived in. And they both can't scout troops school so we traveled over to England. And Natalie went to act France and Switzerland Germany and we can't I'll let lapse. Honestly what are what are great bunch of memories of for the people involved would that say that's what Scott brings about it's about it's about doing some things you might not normally be doing meeting some new people of maybe going some places things entrance. I'm glad you're involved congratulations to all of your your sons and your big cut ambassador for scouting thank you appreciate it. Yeah see that sounds the sounds good you know I'm thinking that with the natural competition we have in America over everything. We have competition over everything. I'd there's nothing wrong with the competition between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to attract those who want again and discovering. And it probably at a very young age which is of the Boy Scouts wanna start accepting. Girls very very young age in men a work them through the process now because. This was just announced they haven't. There has shown us what the process is exactly what. I I think for competition and gene might kick in and you find out that this is a really better for everybody. But my my major thought on this is we are trying to blend the genders is no question in my mind. And we get the cross messages all the time which is what that oppose secession. They want you know they want diversity. Which means different OK and yet. We want the same goalie. We want the same if you're having a protest. You want to be surrounded by people who believe exactly like you'd go to you do you don't want you don't want diversity of opinion you want the same opinion. And this is the same like the NFL players right now what they're going through now. The NFL players if you if you went in front of Ramallah. Taking in me and said you know I have a different take on this I have a do averse viewpoint on this. You think there was since I was eight when I hope somebody would verbalize that and how do you feel about error due back at. Because they don't want to hear your opinion they want their opinion to be your opinion and so keep those cross message that it's. These separate but BO like. I mean what if what if nick came to you don't because and every once our comes up with a doozy of a question and so is your daughter. But let's say in agony and the and the gist of the question is how can I be different but be the same. Because I don't think there's an easy answer to that you have to be yourself. And however that falls that's where ago. I at whether nick. I'll recognize their map but he already is different from. Most kids and as just. It's a tough thing to explain the difference between his more sensitivity yeah them more sensitivity. My a monologue are refers to him is an old soul are. Thinker yeah aren't so he's you know he's not your typical hey let's go play. Army or war lets you know climb a mile and he's nothing wrong yet another era and a rather read a book or something like that. Sentinel he recognizes. You know I've though what what's good what you just on me is he probably analyzes things he things things were all around his mind and he probably. Thinks of this aspect of it that pastor reverend. He couldn't verbalize it as his young age but that's what he's doing and that's good products child psychologist on obviously but that's a good thing I think that's an excellent. And it's who you know. All right. Take a regularly back Lamar newsreader and I'm thirty WB so I tell a story earlier about them lying secretary at the KB when I was working there. And I brought in my daughter's a sign up sheet for Girl Scout Cookies. And my secretary go lovely so go low bottom title home. And it and apparently is she like scout cookies and she's on the line so how nice that it's not the door again. I'll like that he would be a great spot. You know I thought you oh did you ever finish those girls aren't you but ears and out. Aren't they yeah. At. Police say have a good time and and it was very exciting to be it can be in your doll everybody like do. Not everybody like whatever I view and we we had a good time. Killed but hardly had the lead shared. I after the accident you have you wouldn't be any we're making elite Palin is that they are expressing AT&T wouldn't call me gullible golly the believe I would say it still putted. Well we're going on a trip to Europe would Danny again this is likely a fifth trip with him. And he's always good time Whaley here's that I got a chance to talk to you because. Your name has come up in conversation from out of time everybody liked working with him we have a pleasant memories. Ottawa it's. Oddly it's no grade are billed or dollar short sighted I can't tell you being really Larry. Now somebody sent us a little care package of pastries from go low. Go bakery is is that a relation deal. I hope you're not I don't know we've got lack of count unrelated to a lot of those so they could see somebody tell bill hi Maggie good. Orbit as their vertigo and if I were you I would go there and tell him you're related to the owner and get some free once a I don't started many times of how I ask you to bring the picture file in the me. And I put I I took good John polls those picture out and sent it to radio and records as many. And very you brought them there and mailed it out may play they publish it mean there's a picture proposals and says sandy beach under the so. We we had a lot of laughs and I I miss you. And I really do miss you bet. You know you get relationships and people you work where men everybody goes through a different place at a different time but you'll always be in our hearts and I'll tell Danny that I talk to you and he'll be very jealous. All cleaned still clean feeling give everybody and I loved it is both sides are you. You really brought it. Welcome yeah believe me you earned every accolade. That was ever thrown matches though and I never threw anything at luckily it's. An epic didn't. Ever here in the your sweet and thank you for calling you really made my days. Are you you're very welcome really and I you can't have great. Okay take care. Eight. She is so nice she is so nice. And Adam you know oh well it can be very competitive we have everybody and then very high I power that atmosphere. And know what kind of mood you program. When you walk pass soon follow in her desk. You felt that. He's just did it kind of just major feel like you know what. Not a good mode now but I just saw her and now amid a good food so if it was a wonderful relationship. And we had a good good time and we were very successful though and I so a lot of cookies year. I gotta be this complimentary of shoes and by the cookies that you are by raffle tickets for next thing and I don't know see yesterday at some meat row I don't own shoes and meet a year but what we have meat raffle and we have all grapple to his life to meet flavored cookies and so. It's. And I'm 301806169236. Iron I'm thirty Boy Scouts are going to accept girls young girls that they'll start up as cubs. I only if they'll change. The names the the new cub scouts. And then you graduate to the bush announces start young as a cub. Then you become a boy scout bene I guess if you're really. If you really paid attention and then do a good job you become an eagle scout which is that. A badge of honor for anybody it's done a blessing in this article by the Julie board's men and mirage. Show. How do you pronounce and CH OK SH I. Whatever. It's just let's just say the New York Times because the worse than it was getting harder pronounced. There's there's seems to be Irish of vowels shortage. Lot of shortage evolves. I think we need more evolved than me by lines I like to buy any clean like yes give me Randall white telling you vol thank you very much. So tentative plans for the idea of upcoming transition. Next year girls will be allowed into the cub scouts program. Which has been limited to be young boys a program for older girls is expected to be available in one in nineteen. Giving them a path to earned the prestigious rank of eagle scout. The Boy Scouts have offered girls limited access to some programs before. But it's never welcome them into the core cub scouts and Boy Scouts program. And the introduction and the girls still does not mean that the Boy Scouts gatherings. Will necessarily include both genders as women have the big together in this rallies. The smallest groups to cub scouts will continue to be single sex so that's how they're gonna start it. And some quotes from the girl scout people said that they were blind blind sided they did not. See this coming and that now perhaps that maybe you'll have a new era of competition. Which are made everything better. Let's go to Carroll in Lancaster Carol you're on WB in. And I care Ol boy scout leader of Al leader okay and I'm. Cure all heavily in a and yet I was. Brothers a unit and that is younger and net in the sixties. What camp and what is different big difference between Girl Scouts and it counts as we count she actually. Am. At that girls are your heart stopped it at meetings. Hard they're girls I've heard. Saudi if there Brothers were and had been Minkow my route and they either become part of its own. Great day today. I'm even now that's derby if they hear it out as they. I Lichter Ers are girls. Why is he has. Cub scout and we've got more out. As a Stanley thanks Boy Scouts. More older pattern on a lot but that's the only is all about worker looked out. Being what I girlfriend girl dark it was mother and daughter her other daughter eight Beijing. There was never at that they are being worked the only orient thanks. And the acts were the girls why it could be a cop out my daughter and there have been exploring. At that moment but for. On exporting their believes there are scenes and there are many there's ventures darts which is on. They do adventurers guild and then there's exploring which goes into different occupation. There's these out. It's not a girl and boy and they actually going you are failing. There's a lot of different there's fire at a group they're well well. So you say there's no it's a wide variety of things and end. They've always been a part of it because the family goes a part of it okay thank you very much appreciate that. The girl scout people seem to be a little. They said they're blind sided by and see it coming wanna know we just heard a nice agenda therefore. Four Boy Scouts and the woman says that via the family kind of deal and though she described it I think both. Well are certainly worthwhile ventures and I hope that fares are competitive in the future I have no problem what is happening. I think there's room for everybody on newsreader I'm thirty WB end. All day is made since I got a chance to talk to us who go again those great well what a wonderful images. Today's of today from a buffalo Burks is a forty dollars it to begin to Dana as restaurant and Alec are built for just opening box. For over 25 years now do in this restaurant has. Use for local ingredients whenever possible for their delicious breakfasts lunches and Indians. Go to my buffalo perks dot com. We're asking if you're okay would Boy Scouts. Allowing Girl Scouts do was urged to join. Allowing young girls to join in on this Girl Scouts or girls young girls are gonna start as cubs. And work you're from there now when they were running our WB and web poll all morning. The numbers were astronomically. Against. Like 8785%. Against. And so I I would like to know how you feel about it I have. No problem would have per say but I look beyond they have line tool why are we trying to blend the genders. I really don't know and I think the only thing I can come up with is anything that's calls traditional. Is being swept to the curb. People in the adult appreciate traditionally. Think of traditional as. Or fashion if its traditional must be not a today. It's not boot coolest way to do it is not the cheapest way to do it who knows what. But tradition. Dozens I have a via a big of a big part. In today's thinking they want to know something today something. From tomorrow but nothing from yesterday. And so I think that's part of the reason because there were. Just generally. Accepted. Roles. Then yeah you could break outside of that normally acceptance and that was fine. But generally Whitman and gave birth of his child and they still go as far as I know I Amanda missed and if it was in the paper. But yeah sure they do that but generally women stayed home. Looked after by house the man went out to work whether it was in the field whether it was in the office whatever. But then that started to change announced men and can stay home and women in long work army we got a lot more flexibility now but the generally. Followed. Rules are rules at all there was just this that's just the way it was done and we started questioning everything. And now or downs of Leah bare bones ethnic. Of questioning. Well maybe girls a better off and discussing Girl Scouts and they've always been tested athletically. But this is something the social. Educational. And I think there's room for or reproach. A four girls and Boy Scouts but I don't think it's necessary. That they don't have become Girl Scouts either depends a module depends on what's offered. What you want your availability to. But I'd like tonight you feel about it and why are we doing all his blending. I was code to Mary and Lancaster merrier on WB CN. Well good morning merry happy Columbus Day continuance and naturally the thank you very much the statue is still up or feeling good. Position you know and eminently clear. These. That thing if it doesn't bother me but the fact is. What an idea what it's like. You know what I have a Girl Scouts why can't the Girl Scouts just adapt our program. That the girl could use. And you know based on what the boy scout to offer because like I told me that. I think those campers can get together up there are even you just some guys get together. You wouldn't sit around and light of the bunch of women sit there and discuss how much he wanted to Scott. At what age we have. Well our kids. What were kids we all the guys that together and that as we got older we found out hey there guys and guys what they went on a more inches and it's untrue but yeah I understand Ortiz and. Certainly and it felt like the social media to now analysts said it is fitting and they're acting you know. We see each other you know like they like we have a conversation and a friend or about shirt you know social plans. Nowadays online again he couldn't really do all this stuff and I can't handle it just think I can. You know guided again higher fever and welcoming and open up when they're with you know their own. Yeah I think you feel more comfortable where I I think US the first thing you ask was who's responsible and I think it's the bush Gaza responsible from what I've read then number of enrollees has been dwindling. And so they were looking for art if you mind to attract new people to scout to boy scouting. Where would we go well okay there's there's girls during girls currents of electric concept of scouting. Maybe we can against some of them to come over and join us that's that's my thinking because would scouts quoted in these articles that I have. Say that they were blind sided the agency is coming so. Maybe that's how the Boy Scouts intended to stay afloat or two are even prosper. One thing that you mentioned it'll psychology of the journal reported then they ask our find out John Rosemont have a beautiful column this past Saturday. About you know the old way of parenting and stuff. And why didn't read him like you know like. About something like this. John Rosemont is a genius. We have him in studio. For a full day are all three hours and I was an author I've read every column he has. He is such a common sense rational guy. But see he John Rosen funds a bit of a throwback. He believes in in traditional. Ways to raise children which were more effective than the new wage away we have it now. But I mean he was in our legacy. I wish that those sessions when he was here because it was great that they're normal indicators. And extra sessions with him because. They have some of the people responding yeah that's the thing our department and I like him getting his perspective. Yeah I better be good in fact I I do have gone that members form that's a good idea to go home thank you Mary thank you very much. Yeah I Rosemont is a no nonsense kind of guy. And the big crux of what he believes them. Is of course you can't put a thumbnail but basically what he says this when he was growing up. Certainly when I was growing up and probably a lot of you are growing up. The child. Was via adults in training. They had become an adult yet they won not the center of the universe of the family. They didn't get a say in what mom made for dinner. If you went out for ice cream dead ordered your flavor. If you're going to visit and to and Lil. You that you just sat in the backseat and when the president Lil. A mom didn't give you menu selections when he went out in other words you portray inning to be an adult you are not the center of the universe. Now if you see a child basically everybody jolts on the child. And the adults are almost neglected. And that's the gist of what he has to say is that. There's been child as as a child grows and earns its place in the family. Today it gets more responsible or whatever and now. We just know the op as we go Google moved back now from the time the baby is born until you know forever. And that and see things you have to be apparent. And before you have to be a friend of the movie. And so that's ride and it works. But odds are with the new wage parenting that we ago with the television doctors coming on so I think you know those things your mother dead they're all wrong. Here's a way got a good. And it hasn't served as well. We'll take a break on news radio 930 WB at about one week from today right about now should be exciting for me. Because of the in New York. And for the New York State. Broadcasters hall of fame awards. And starts at noon and seven minutes and now by the way the show will be on from of that location. I'm Jim Langer is going to do this and nine to noon shift. And I'll stop him and a and and see him and maybe grab some people's names or voices you might recognize and I get a chance to interview them through book. I'm would be about seven minutes away. From the year ago materials. Systems that it's well. Policy Tonys awards that's Thomas Starwood that they'll love that and go yeah exactly like that. Dreamers and towns. So yeah I got stuff I wanna include due to fly out by a ceremony and wanna give credit where credit is due Tony does not like some more in time. So he has no sensitivity at all actually I think FC solve it. It's it's very it's about time travel. And I'm not a time to have a guy. I am like well if you could time travel you'll love somewhere in time because that's what it's all about but nothing blows up. See I kind of know what you like for films nothing you know explodes how about cool cars. There are no cars because it takes place on Mecca and island. And there are no motor vehicle. Favorite Barack if you wanna see cars at the beginning. They show Christopher Reeves. He's in a sports car. And he drives up. To the grand hotel which is that hotel with a huge white. Porch in the front noon except for the fact that they wouldn't of let him take the car on the islands okay is that there's only two cars on the island American. There's a police guard and an ambulance and that's yet it's horse and buggy for everything. In the winter the people who live there can use a snowmobile but that's nothing during jurors nine and nine so he drives up in the car. And get a drives up to the grand hotel. But that's the only time you see your car but it is about time travel. And it's great ego and bring an end and you if you promise to watch it. OK I know you kicker to the curb and watch somebody eating. Area giant hog sandwich or something like this. But Allen's barbecue. I think you've given out. But we tell you something. Jeanne you'll sense that your more sensitive. You know to get my drift in Maine a more sensitive man who cares about feelings of others. The bond bonds and hood and all hey guy you who cried together and have been nice Japan now. And he's gonna get nailed again and again I want I just last week. Well I try to new caller are you out there that looks good news thank you Wear well. I'd give me a couple of phrase bush caught on. Obstacles to concentrate. Rarely times. It's truth we know probably more of an economic move to consolidate. The two programs I see nothing wrong with American scouting. However I believe we should remain to separate divisions. Some of ads could be combined but not all have to keep Girl Scout Cookies. Well they are two different organizations. They're not and then two organizations under one roof. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts at two different groups and from what I'm no expert on this but from what I've read. And from the attacks and things that you sent. The Boy Scouts were in need to refresh their ranks. Another words yeah if they have like go to the super bowl of awards and that would be an eagle scout. People even running for president newbie you find out that if there eagle scouts that's that's in their presentation. It's it's quite an eyesore now the Girl Scouts have a gold award. And that's nice so. Not as well known perhaps as the Eagles got so you have them but their numbers have been dwindling. May be seen to be as old fashioned or whatever or are kids just don't have time. Also remember. When asked thing was at its peak. You didn't go to work you know a dozen different things every day after school. And mom or dad didn't drive you here there everywhere. Get a job at 5 AM the suit against our rink time on the ice and stuff like of ice time a great group we better. And all that stuff so a lot of competition so scouting was a nice opportunity to do something socially get together with friends and whatever now there's a lot of competition for that. And so there are numbers were dwindling. And apparently they decided the best shot we have of increasing the numbers would be to and maybe get some people who might some young girls. Who might consider Girl Scouts. Let's see if their interest in him being in the bush style program as cubs that's the youngest group. And does so that's where that's where this came from I know there have been consideration for some time. That this sort of remove might happen now via a good the girl scout leaders in the article from the New York Times that I read. I seem to think that they were blind sided that was their term they didn't see it coming they didn't expect you're coming. And then you heard. 01 of the top officials of the Boy Scouts saying. There's no reason we have these wonderful opportunities. There's no reason that young girls shouldn't enjoy them. As well as the young boys that we have and so that was their foot in the door meanwhile the girl Scots I'm sure. And I'm going to be buying any popcorn and of hook on the door to door sales from the Boy Scouts we'll see lord knows but my attitude is. I don't really have a horse in this race I don't really have great position and it except to say that when competition gets fired up. Everything gets better does it worse it gets better there are more opportunities with a gun position. There's more creative thinking with competition. You have to do if you're the only wanton. And you are monopoly much like the NFL anybody ever heard of the Sherman antitrust act. And then indeed you think you can do anything you wanna do and the and I'm going to lose any customers or whatever but. You well. Though the point is if there is competition. You well. And so that's that's probably my position on as purposes. If you really want to lose as say what you got work harder at a get more creative. And let everybody know what you got. Another one Tony pleased. That's the Mike says why that maybe it'll teach boys from a young age to respect women and value their French and you're not a good point. Let's face it when you're young boy your mind is screwed. Up I can tell you that are right and you don't have proper perspective. Is just wanna have fun and play football and he the only junk food and stuff like that you know whatever sleeper and that's the kind of stuff and then later on. By the time he gets old I don't know. Before junior high school you start going what these guys are hanging Broward there okay. Look at those are the girls over there maybe I should. Learn to advance and go over there and Sar hang around all of them. And so back Cooper via a good thing forced out right. Could give it to a new war appreciation. For the other gender. I think about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine and thanks assumed all overhauling Gervais made my day we'll see you tomorrow. Well. Which they never to music he's certainly let you know I do given him.