Sandy Beach Boy Scouts 10-12 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, October 12th

Should girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Staging of this job opening and radio I'll tell you why audience was mentioned some thing in magic things happen. We're talking about the Girl Scouts and so live topic about girls dog cookies come up and I said how much. I like girls are cookies and most of you do too and I mentioned this but as specific lemon flavored that they had a few years ago. End the suddenly started talking about are subject. And Robbie Iraq call that she's a fitness a group she's these fitness guru and expert and said. You know I'm gonna bring over our sent over some can help cookies always had no help. Kelp police so we are aware that we heard is dying to have kelp cookies were lying of course. But everything she's brought as it has been in and now suddenly they pastries have been appearing. The first batch from our goal a bakery you know told that story to owning about my secretary buying 27 boxes. Of luck girls are cookies and I Dodgers is doing it to be nice outlets which used to buy in and and distributed through or family in France. That's who ago that's I don't know if this is a family bakery whatever dollars and pretty common name but it maybe there would be cool I would be vertical. And so I you brought some things that I sampled a lot of them are very very good. And I see you've got other pastries and their 20. Yes rob Lukas I guess not treating us to donuts does he know that apart from a drop them off for him it's before Parker gets here who. We have a test for an action guy exact you left the all right. Yeah I mean note the rulers you don't bring in any pastry into a pocket arrives. It does not be official pastry eating time for Entercom is when Parker gets here. Okay in advance norm Parker leaves. The what does he bring pastries for pocket. OK got them done before. But that then you've got a bigger rate. And so I had one are gonna get back to work but there are you good a plate of for example limit they'll look different Ella good that's. Thank you very much jump. Now a couple of what city. A couple of checks or we don't need. Quote diversity. Close quote in the scouts that already exists. Here's another Kevin from below leave it alone do not combine the boys and the girls as far as scouting is concern. Now this is interest thing. Let's see my daughter found girl's Gaza X I'm in limiting as sixteen she joined a venture crew. And that it says and so did Boy Scouts are co adventure crew has gender matched adult supervision or it's an Togo. As a as the venture which skin died she school would dived she flew the copa let's see from Lancaster area like hands on the controls. As it sounds very exciting. And if that's something offer by the Boy Scouts. I think the Girl Scouts should. I shouldn't say. Okay are we stimulating enough or we adventurous enough are we doing things that people wanted to do at that age. And if not look in the programming and and see what's. What's out there and it can be done it's reasonable it's and it's cost effective and and their compete I think we have to compete. With everything nowadays in the country in my news and world be having to compete for who gets the scout. Does videos scout go to one side or the other. And in that I'm sure both sides are fine it depends on what you want. And depends on what you need but I'm asking are you OK with the Boy Scouts accepting girls. As I said I have no problem when it but I do think you. That we are trying this is just another example. We're trying to blend all of a genders. Footer for a reason that escapes me. Let's go to like Kathy in Allman Kathy you're on WB here. I think for taking my call I got going I was calling because I. I don't think we need to have Girl Scouts. Join the boy scout I've been a girl scout leader for eleven years I have two daughters once in junior high school freshman. And I am also old my son's assistant. We closed. That leader. So. I am looking right now at my girl scout handbook. That I yet they have as a leader and you canary in a badge industry rating. Science. Digital moviemaking. Working special agent. So when people say well my daughter didn't quite out. You have to stop and look at and think well why is that there are opportunities. In Girl Scouts to do the things that people are claiming only the Boy Scouts do. While that's interesting because of things you just read I had no idea other Girl Scouts had the availability they sound interesting and challenging. And how often do Rio scouts as a group. Come up with the O suggestion hands that they get any import from a leaders like yourself first Olympic girls. Oh like to do what they're not interest there their and so that they can stay relevant. They just a couple of years ago revamped the whole program changed all the badges changed all the requirements. You can take a field trip with your girl scout troop and go Whitewater rafting long goal. I we have troops in our area that are used their money to go to London. It's it's all a matter of he'd either unpaid volunteers like I felt right and you don't just walk into a meeting and say hey girls what you like you to bite. I spent half of the day planning my meeting. Because you have to have something worthwhile for the girl. So it's not just crap. Yeah I mean pat we earned the special agent bad. We've borrowed a box from the girl scout council. They had all that supply is in it. We did blood splatter testing we DNA testing on. We we had so much fun with that activity we took two meetings to finish it. Last sounds like fun and go one of the things that. Gives a tremendous recognition. And talking about Girl Scouts is when the cookies are are sold and yet we have idea occur are a few minutes ago. There was I didn't think that was the greatest thing thought that the girls were being used. I don't I I look forward to girl scout cookie time but what's your general opinion about the cookies is an absolutely necessary. I I have apparently I have a very small troops so we don't get a lot of money from our cookies failed we do. There's a big push into an app let your child go door to door anymore I think that's mark. What you can do is have a boot sale and you can set up the table at the mall or outside of a bank. And you know so tell your cookies that way but I do agree that I hate the Girl Scouts should get more money per box they get 65 cents the box. For the cookies itself for four dollars the box but did you ever been hit up I cub scout popcorn. In no because I don't eat popcorn but I know. Becomes go popcorn is a big seller. Yes and it is ridiculously. Overpriced and that the same kind of thing is the cooking. Say I have no problem with either of those I'll tell you why. I think it teaches a little a little touch of business. Of sales are you gonna reach your goal did you. Did you reach your goal what is the proper going to be used for. I think it's dipping your toe in the sales and and I think it's a good idea I agree with you that they should be accompanied different if if if there in an area that they're not familiar whether or not their home turf. But I think I think it's good for the kids are really do we used to be called it stands announced cookies and popcorn. On the other thing through a bit but the Girl Scouts are when you ask if they've revamped their program they have had a huge push over the last couple years. To get the girls involved in the status field. And you can work out badges you can take field trips they have a program guide that you can pick up for free as a leader. And it gives you all the different field trip opportunities. Summer free summer minimal cost. To take your true. To do anything firm ropes claiming. To water rafting. And a lot of them feature something to do with the status field now. You you know you you brought up from avert a short interview. You brought up a lot of good positive things that the girls do that I'm guessing a lot of of people aren't familiar with. It would be nice if as a national campaign if the Girl Scouts started talking up the things you just started talking up on the local level. I think you would bring a new awareness discounting and make it more competitive. They do do that but unfortunately. You. I think you need to be a leader or at this scene that I am FaceBook link states that they I get updates from the girl scout for the Erica. With all their news programs but. I'm seeing that because I'm a girl scout leader I polite. FaceBook page so. If you're not interested. In something you're not going to be paying attention I think is it so it seems like the Girl Scouts are doing anything to promote themselves but. I think there's this theory out there that Girl Scouts work on crafts and boys go camp in and salt and. Right that's exactly right well I think. You certainly enlighten me and I think our listeners as soon. A some fun thing do for our young girls are looking for. I activities that might be worth pursuing thank you are Kathy we appreciate it. Iraq and the Cuba is something about the gold award. I had the golden word is the highest award a girl scout can earn and it is out there with eagle project right somebody texted that there's no. Well equivalent. But there is and if a girl has circle award. It's the same as a boy scout having his eagle project. All right well thank you for Leah import appreciate it thank you very much will be back tomorrow on newsroom I'm thirty WB and today's the day. For my bubble burst is a forty dollars in dividends or Dina is restaurant and elegant bill for just money dollars. For over 25 years now Dana's restaurant has used fresh local ingredients whenever possible. For their delicious breakfasts lunches and dinners go to my buffalo perks is dot com I'll check it out a semi old stroke there. Me always argue well Boy Scouts accepting Girl Scouts. And that's going to happen for it to assume they're gonna start at the younger. Younger. Age group. And then worked the way out. According to this New York Times article boy scouts of America announced that they will accept. Girls marking a historic shift. The Boy Scouts which has been. Dwindling membership numbers in recent years said it would programs. It has programs there could nurture girls as well as boys and that the switch would make life easier for busy families. Who might prefer to shuttle children to a single organization regardless of gender. I've seen nothing that develops leadership skills and disciplines like this organization says Randall Stephenson is the group's national. Board chairman. Is time to take these outstanding leadership development though programs available to girls. So he wants to make sure the girls get the same advantage. Of the of the boy scout programming by you just heard the local girl scout leader in some I think some very exciting. At things a film editing things like that. And as you mentioned their. We'll be though a lot of fun and the one that I read earlier. That said that her daughter went into a male a program called venture it's part of Boy Scouts. And I had read up to the point where she was in the co pilot's seat. But I'm the next line because this thing scrolls in the opposite direction. It said they even went to a rifle range. Shot 22 rim firing qualified. No problems with mixed genders good adult supervision. By signs in the same group. So I think that the key. Is competition. Competition. If makes everybody better. Makes everybody more creative. And I think if the Boy Scouts are saying our programs. Is should there should be available to girls as well. And the and the Girl Scouts are at a little disadvantage there because I don't think they'll be out trying to promote boys to join the Girl Scouts. But they will be trying to compete for the same girls and so I I think that as I say episodes of the later we just talked to. I get the message out there because it's certainly seems a competitive at least at that level. Let's say Tony give me a couple of a Facebook's gonna go back to the girls. Sandy says being a former rebel who always wanted to do what the boys did because it was more fun I think the scouts should stay separate. This brings up so many discussions the biggest the end of the gross and not be in channels enough then change the curriculum to include more boring activities. Gross are tougher and stronger these days boy should be able to comfortably hang with boys. As you should girls make a new organization and incorporates both so there's a third option for those that want it. Ours is we don't eliminate the other genders and and forget and just college scouts because I think somebody texted me that and that makes a lot of sense. That is you can have separate organizations. You know Berber cultural separate but equal education it isn't legal however separate a separate competitive organizations for boys and girls is fine. Because as I just said it makes everybody a better and indeed there are traditional gender roles. And I think that that word traditional. Sticks in people's craw as well bad word of the lot it's like old fashioned. Is that a fact that's traditional hustle fashion. We don't do that anyway as we go. But to give me an idea how guys can be different let media compare me and Tony. And I'll say one thing. Chick flick. Okay we'll sergeant where to enhance air and I I love the movie somewhere in time. Which you know is supposed to be Jane Seymour yeah Christopher Reeves. It's a it's a fabulous movie and Tony likes things that explode Star Wars that things have. And warriors like loud sounds tool but we. Of every government branch is death race two fouls and nobody is going to raise a question our manhood no. Not if they wanna keep using those duties. But if there's if this alarm in your head you're not gonna question arm around. But the bottom line is we have different taste. So well within the same gender you're gonna have different takes and you can certainly do that with girls and boys some girls from many of the more athletically inclined than others. So maybe there are some things that would attract them it wouldn't attract the other via the other room of people and on and so there's different things. And you have to let everybody know you have to have a a wide Barack a bit of variety of of things available to attract your customers which in this case would be the well look it's some little girl's naked and and as much fun playing matchbox cars as they would doll Barbie doll yeah and now you know it's funny. Because we have the double the double whammy on this. We have let's blend the genders. And and not have a differentiate shouldn't. An army Iago genders remember they haven't had a hit a long time genders they had a couple of years but that was about it. Last blended calendars today. So it got back and yet when you have a baby. And the baby is day a year just a little lesson yours before they're starting to walk. If all of a sudden you see your little baby boy playing with a female things like dolls. It all nervous or your little girl playing live GI Joseph thanks. You're all nervous so we're kind of split personality on this. Are they playing with the rights toys there isn't it right wrong toys my mother tells me I supply were pots and pans and pretend I was a cook. And of course ID I've been thinking of being nice to vehicle or my whole life about the bottom line is at Enron out moment. Our son is playing with Watson and what's wrong about. And and there you have all kinds of stories like that so and one case we don't want any gender in the other case we want a specific gender. So how does that work gossiping that's kind of a mixed message. Yeah. It's been a mixed message how about you know the one the story in California. Or we're gonna let our child decide whether yell what general they're going to be in the job they're gonna let the child decide. I think that child's decision. Was made before the child was able to make a decision. By the big decision maker in the Scott thank you. Well let's say I got a boy here boy here and we mean couple calls here and then that's one. Let him make up their own mind. We'll be back Lamar how it works that way on the Israeli and I'm thirty W via. Boy Scouts are going to accept girls and discounting anything that's a good idea or bad though while we're on the poll which has been all morning about 8587%. Thinks it's a bad idea. And why are we trying to blend the genders. Because it seems like that's what we're trying to do anything that has been a traditional. Role is seen as little fashion went onto a power anymore. And now here is Hillary doing now. Sometimes better sometimes is worse budget all want the same and I think that that's what. Big word tradition means. Is you know we would like our traditions otherwise they wouldn't be traditions. In this becomes a sweep Samoa way we have to look at that. He Thursday at a Texan and I can't stand the contradictions. Every day I feel like my head is going to explode. One day it's all diversity diversity diversity the next day they want everything to be the same. And do the same things. And that's exactly right that's how that's how cross messages that cross messenger it is. They tell you one thing I like for instance everybody's in favor of diversity. Until May have boast some kind of a protest. And that there and I assisted in diversity. They want you or reward them and that's dollar historic if they're protesting something nobody goes up the protesters who says. I have a different opinion I represent diversity and they say you're gonna represented knuckle sandwich unless you get out of here. And that's the way it works you want diversity if it agrees with you you don't necessarily welcome it. If it does. Let's go to charity. In Texas area on WB yen. Aren't there and holds not. And blunt fact of I'm it kinda comical how it far away than a lot of energy. Trying to keep these kids hired you know boys and girl. But I'm ninety years all of apparently has hired by going to be able to. Keep them alight from one another command. Yeah you have to get a garden Rosen and host. Up on INS now lawyers saying that I think the question is should there be separate things because they offered different things that would be. Of interest and and the book is just saying we got more things and then as some of the girls wanna come over and participate in these programs. And the big triple at the agri what bad I think you're if there are all want to go to the boy scout to learn some skills that shellacking that. Go out. A two mile that I want that we're coming into a time right now lawyers and the women in combat role in the military sure. I mean they're picking up different skill and swayed along their path like the flooding at that point but one thing I wanna say it. I'm still young parent my kids are eleven and twelve and and I have not my girlfriend daughter lives that she's sick here develop. And when he gives a lot to play without the other kids in the neighborhood tabloids go well white black brown doesn't matter. You know what I've learned from watching and I'm a certain amount that the chip player with whomever is blocked and there have been spot. All the time the kids don't wanna play with a specific person doesn't have to deal with gender or their color if you could because that person either not father Vietnamese tour. Well that's sure choke I don't find relevant as I recall but I birds of a feather you know a school dances and stuff for girls to be a one area boys have been the other. If you go to our our company picnic or company parties at Christmas time. Vivid group from this department their altogether this department. They never they never seem to blend in those kind of social lot. Happens spears. I think it because that there could become the awkward at that point when the kids can just be themselves and but I have Bynum learned angered you know even just. Played basketball at some and sharp you know they're not thinking about awkward yet opposing players gender you know who have while I mean. They just haven't fired him up think your girl wanna go to the boys strapped learned. Good skills and not have to sell cookies point four hours a day or whatever the case I'm not yet been anybody I don't know much about the Girl Scouts or boy. Jerry I think you've come a big race song titles girls just wanna have fun I think they're going to be a big it's Eric. Regular might say here. I did you find the same thing. I mean birds of a feather flock together you can talk about diversity all you want. It is natural princes of having the intercom Christmas party. Are right. The on the air people see in in the business were called the talent but that sounds. It sounds a little obnoxious that people outside the business but the people on the air that the on the air people being together. These sales people will be together. The engineers will be together. The news people will be separate from the on the air talk people. As a so it is and that's that's how it works in a social atmosphere it's not like you're not gonna find. The group's mixing is much as they don't know each other and not friendly. But usually with a party. They have their wives or or run husbands or boyfriends or girlfriends win them through. And why aren't in the business so you can don't wanna get your comfort zone people who talk the talk that you're talking. And I I think that's natural that's not divisive or anything else like that. Nobody wants to sit next to me. And you know why because they won't get any refreshments or had a stretch and I and I tourism. Abut that you're right that's been that way since day one now when I was growing up in school you go to a school dance. And the girls never easily mix with the guys. And girls were together. Bigger the boys were together. And the boys are together cause mischief from problems as we got older that we're together trying to figure out how to get the girls of this worthless. So that's I mean this is the way it is there's certain natural things that go with a certain genders. And I don't know if that's changed maybe it's different now. And I've been to a dance in a while you know why am I dancing shoes or at that you repair place what was the Mayo. Jimmy shoe repair Jimmy sure. Terror that Jerry's word you know my on my tap shoes he ends MMI ballet shoes slippers that might take a little longer in my toes are just dying for new pair of slippers. Here's the Allenby inclusive will be back we're more even though I do love somewhere in time I'm goes straighter and I'm thirty WB yen while time I'm getting some parts here on the tax board. This and I loved the movie somewhere in time the music track is the best I've ever heard PS I hate Chick Flicks. Among though solo. On Mon doll like somewhere in time to and where both manly men Tony so it's not just me and regardless I'm tragedies argue about. As soundtrack was oh by John Barry but it is a from rock mom and so it's classical. But it is if in my mind. When your time comes and you grow and Europe where if haven't had a soundtrack. It would be. The music from somewhere in time it's unbelievable in the eyes. It is so beautiful. And if you even if you don't like the movie I don't know anybody that's like music. It is great and I was into it a lot it's on it's on all my devices and every once in awhile and I have to kick it down that's what I do. A meanwhile are asking him for boys Dodgers have girls I know that. I know that. Beamer kind of wishes they had done that when he was that outrage. Because his little black book his first one was was a Barney Barney the dinosaur and and he would've gotten in their names out trusses are learning to prints. So that says bear organized buys that you missed all that. The America Heath you think sadly it's a sure Barney little black book would be interesting to read. Yes or at. And now Boy Scouts excepting girls is that okay and the Boy Scouts seem like. Bear. They're kind of aggressive it is it's almost like fair and this is just my observation like they're recruiting. Girls to come over too good to have joined the Boy Scouts and they're gonna start a very young age. But the president. Of the boy scouts of America. I quoted him earlier. A city. I've seen nothing that develops leadership skills and discipline like this organizations that Randall Stephenson. The group's national board chairman is time to make these outstanding leadership development programs available to girls. And so it seems like they're they got that going form. Meanwhile would the Boy Scouts are facing declining membership and I think that's sad that it is declining. Because I think it's a good thing to get involved with that probably both a scouts and a I'll forms are our guards do and I don't think I think that competition. In general is good for everybody. So if a major rethink your curriculum ever make you rethink. Your. Attraction and I'm what you can present to get people to join your group. It's it's it's better for everybody let's go to Allah in west Seneca Allah you're on WB yen. Thank you Andy. Guess what I thought everything that created out of this thing could be get even increase here. Boys and the girls does now where you ever girl's got Alan yes it. I beg your good ones we've probably earned a lot of badges. Get Girl Scouts we we're being taught to be good life great mother's. And I think they get I think women have a relative light and then have overload of right and what they're trying to do is mix them together and make one. They say they will be a very thing that you'll and I cherish it's called tradition. Is seen as old fashioned if you if it's a tradition must have been down this way for a long time and it has been done as liberal on time surely we can do it better and that's the thinking I think with this sort of stuff. I agree with that they maybe we should look backwards and kind and say what we head to. Yeah as a matter of fact it does or resent that when people have memories. The memories are what happened yesterday. The memories are growing up usually and and learning and ending and you look around the the planet in wonderment. And as you learn you get to appreciate things and so those are the memories as they would view and then suddenly. Some to somebody who wants still have history start the day they were born sees it as old fashioned and the traditional. Values that traditional memories are not cherish their kicked over curb. Now I have though that crazy is thought that entered my mind is that listening. What are they couldn't do it next Andy when a baby boy upgrade to make sure they have both male and female organs. Well that's interesting. I'd go 1 thing I am very happy. Is that women have children who movement me because that is terrifying to me by the women do a great job of that. They're being left open but it's scary a little scary and beautiful and good. Why can't we all wish I would bring them all out the window. Because we all. All wanna be like tomorrow Lenny oh we all wanna be in the very moment that is today we don't wanna be considered old fashioned. We ought to be considered behind the times. Because today's a generation can do a better faster and cheaper of them. Previous generations and that's that's all thinking people change their clothes to a different kind of close because they don't wanna seem out of date. People like to be aware of what's going on now. And that's why sometimes you see mature people dressing like their kids and it doesn't look for ago. Well it. The same thing is this theory you can't be appeared you know would be a friend to your children it don't work. No it doesn't you know being a parent and media. And yeah absolutely you'll get an idea of merit badges when you're girls go. I. What you are have very pleasant memories. Of the whatever it is where the additional non traditional modern I don't care what it is we love Allan thank you thank you very much. Good book. Guys you led. My sister named is I forgot the name of the devices but you know series. Tony are you familiar with series yes. You know my sister named theory she doesn't she doesn't say Siri. Give me your double property. You'd you'd didn't she tell you know oh my sister named med device bitch. Are trying to think what sister jobs well then why would have won it once again I promise it is them. & Associates a you know bitch play the Michael Jackson's. And at her she's very much like me and my emphasis is nice. Sandra is edgy it's as earth on the house because you just never ago I told you about the guy that is that her husband was in the store getting some one big box stores. And a guy came over and started to wash the windshield of the car by you you know springs and she don't get away. And and the guy kept going and don't go away and they're doing and me and she makes them. In New Hampshire. Geneen I have a last stand idly I think the word gets around them as was sent no incentive. And I Israel 1061692. Visits are 930. I I have no problem. Per say. We have the girls joining the Boy Scouts I I have no problem but what I'm saying is the question I have is why don't we try to blend the genders. Certainly if you look at sports. There are some outstanding female athletes. Who are no longer challenged by the people who would be in her class or grade or her age or whatever. Who want no who want to see if they could compete against the boys in certain sports of the boys would have an advantage. And so I understand that I can totally understand that people wanna stretch their legs they wanna see. What's the best that they can do the fastest time. All of those sort of things. But beyond beyond sports. There are are reasons why we have two genders and I think it's not about as the 6% to about diversity. Two different yet equal the genders treated equally. Is some of one gender has an advantage over the other gender in this area. But then the other agenda is surpasses the first one in this area. It's not meant to be 5050. So in some you have an advantage in some you have and at this at a disadvantage. Depends on your thinking. But the but I tried to make someone like government a term used to be unisex. They when they first started selling clothes that would be worn by both sexes they call them unisex. And I don't think they do that anymore and a column anymore but basically that is the basic premise. Of the avoid this. Gender bending is about they wanna blend both genders and icing on the floor there's funny or room for both. And there's plenty Iran from a girl scouts of my hero for the Boy Scouts. And I'm thinking the competition is good it'll make the Boy Scouts better and make the girl's house better so I have no problem that. But if you can explain to me I'd be happy to listen why are we trying constantly now too bland both genders. We'll be back for more on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah.