Sandy Beach Boy Scouts 10-12 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, October 12th

Should girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Hello hello is reaching company of sandy beach usually when we do is subject if I have any personal knowledge you're interest in me and I I I do but Belgian on the air. I would like to tell you about my scouting career. Okay wanna hear again. One day I was scouts wonder. What. Oh man. I am that was I lasted one day I I think scouting is great. I'm amber a big proponent though Boyce dozen girls got similar going to be time of that today but. A mine when I was younger said come to one meeting. One meeting and just see if you're like okay. And I went and I never win again I don't know why way they asked him something which was pretty simple for everybody there maybe and not tie and not earth summit. And now that I'd rather play poker. So I did not and I have a distinguished current outing but I I still think it's a great organization. Have you bloggers scouts and how much is done. Well they kind of didn't want me. David Johnson want illegal public debate to a criminal record in Bosnia. How our hours ahead occur right now we've got to girls being able to be Boy Scouts he wanted to be a Girl Scouts because a bit of only beamer reasons to write all yes you know all the I can't go and and got their bad joke Carla real short showed today. No I think scouting is great I really do I'm a proponent I think it's it's nice. And and good and there is certainly there are things to achieve that have yet to be an Eagles that's a bad or really a badge of honor. Very nice on the I'm not that familiar although all of my my ex wife used to be. What issues to be a PR person for the girls and so I learned a lot then. But I I I really off the top line and I think they're both fine organizations electoral scout cookies. Who doesn't like hills and bridges who doesn't like girls. You know they had won a couple of years ago and I've never seen. Duplicated. It was. It was day. NC a lemon flavored cookie. Bought it in Niagara economy. These same day big they do different orders from different places okay and lemon in it was sold Lemony. It was really really good and I only bought one box because I bought several boxes of different flavors. Only bought one box of Mohammed because I never had a report. And it's turned out it was sensational. And have minimal fine it's an ego Cokie do. So day and they know how to how to sell the cookies. And it was so funny. My daughter said when I was programming WQBW. And there she said oh would you bring my sign up sheet and to work so that anybody wants the by big girls are cookies. Campaign gets them. And I said well I'm I sent out by a bunch of cookies for me about it. I'm I'm. I'm really not thrilled about bringing a sigh of she two workers and I was the boss. And is it Abbas says hey would you like to buy some girls are cookies. Yeah bus I'd like some don't forget may write you know a back and I I don't wanna do it but she talked me into. So I brought I brought the sign up sheet into war. And on the end of the first day I looked at it and that was several people. Who butt and start cookies and that's nice to several in my department several a lot of my department whatever. But my secretary. Purchased 27. Boxes of cookies and I went to our businesses and you have to do this why why are you doing I mean we all love girls are good days of a 27 boxes she said. Girls don't cookies and so everybody that I know doesn't. I'd buy him a Needham and demise Gibson Augen so it was a legitimate purges it wasn't just that she was working in my department. And as chief of any obligation. That's what you're dead so I I think my young daughter did very well in the rankings of how many boxes of cook he's the sole. And now people do that you know they bring it. Here's my daughters and appreciate is that both had planned to old and indeed 2000. Marks the parties agree is that. And here I'm worried about sending out a group email seen that I have raffle tickets for sale for four football. As I feel funny about that members I'm Jimmy Griffin wanna car yes. Jimmy Griffin though when he was in the mirror luxury. OK not as politics but I love him as the guy. And does so. They usually hit him up all the time for church raffles and whatever okay. And he would always open his wallet and and buy some tickets to support the local churches and groups or whatever. Well he's just routinely did this for years and years and years. And finally you and a lot of drawings wanna car. And banned ho some do gooder that it would be very not pace of the mayor donated the car. Through to a charity. And he's had no way. I want McLaren I'm keeping it as a reason that allowed Jimmy Griffin yes. I come. You politely declined something when somebody's offering you. Probably rod is offering us and so grave at what instead of coral scout cookies she's gonna offer us. Help cookies. Which is seaweed. Now The Beatles I love the movie count her out yeah somebody. A cattle that she really have helped cookies she sing in two we got the dived for them. It's a dead seaweed. That is C we I'll take a box you argue well yeah like yeah. Well I'd probably glad that I can help cookies owns onto advertising I would try it just to see what it's like no greater love the woman and offering her know you know we appreciate. Our day or shall we accept that and triumph on the air he's cracking up laughing. Because it. Should we say yes why don't we say yes. And and had ever. Have some account cookies and here and we'll try them and give us open wheel to it I I hope with better than the duck beats. But that was hers anyway that the truth about Robby is that everything that she asks you to try. It if you don't try it it's go on the show it's it's hard summarized as the ingredients or the name. Make sure you know. In my cookies. You're in the middle of a snowstorm he wants and he wants them glory hoses them. Or some chocolate chip cookies cars and your daughter peanut butter or raise an okay now. Nobody goes rubbing their tell me going moon I'm in the mood for cal is chocolate chip helped I. Well Robby his answer yes we would like to try. Veeco cookies but that does not mean that we won't meet other cookies where. Was just it's an alternative I think dipped in fudge if help would be a good transgender cookie and a I don't know what will be a plane and one would have moments you have one. We have them on without that than. To get their beds sometimes you feel that I can and sometimes you go out and of course I'm allergic to Allman. Why can't be allergic to help. Hey help you might say send aid to tell you this. You're allergic to go and hail and and anything grain you have to eat chocolate chip and double fudge she says she's back at tell us what's in two laughter we try our best bad that is really bad because it does prejudice. Because we have certain images of things that we like yummy yummy. That would be cookies and can open aim on the list. A Robbie if you Ottawa is n.'s Amanda brings them in that a veto it will be welcome and we were trying to win a BR well about Louis we will be honest but. Again that's talk about every other things regarding big Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts on news radio 930 WB and. So let's. Drives. And it's amazing we found a very first words. This Hillary Clinton ever said to Harvey Weinstein. She and every became good friends over course of time because. RB donated a lot of money to her our our campaign and also to all the Democrats. But their relationship started on a little kind of mole like a rocky start but these other verified first words of Hillary Clinton. To Harvey Weinstein. Back up you creep now. I don't chip. And what it's like we're any ago there's nowhere undergo blood in the wrong direction. The agency that five children last night it seemed fox. In a few weeks I kind of the amount and the same stuff okay. And so. But they ran some video for those who claim always ev parade but they know it in Hollywood men under his command said. Only. It was a deep dark secret and then you know 83000. People have come out of the woodwork and in two days to say yes he would you agree that the game on to me that's it. But I didn't bother to tell anybody in the and that's that that's act of those who say that. That it was an open secret I think that there. They're pretty close through with this they mention bad Seth MacFarlane the guy who goes Family Guy OK I'm. Now I understand I was fourteen years ago beamer it's only fourteen years ago it doesn't seem that. That long ago. When he was them seeing me cameo parts. Now keep mine the Academy Awards are a huge draw at least they wore for a long time drawing over a billion people. In the well alt the worldwide audience. And Seth MacFarlane. But it was a announcing. The nominees I think for best actress. In a back problem there are pictures of five different actress's. And he turned and he said through the pictures congratulations. Of these ladies now they don't have to pretend that there are attracted to Harvey Weinstein anymore. Now. Police academy or does everybody laugh to whatever most of about it because every wasn't exactly. Brad Pitt I'm not exactly what you would call a chick magnet. Buddy said it that long ago and that people wouldn't pay attention to and now it's coming out of the woodwork as I was watching fox. Am. Of box last night was devoted to Harvey the other part was and almost an hour long interview we have the president was asked to drive some of the other networks raises the ones that hate them. The ones that camera every time they get a chance. He did it was Sean Hannity did nearly a whole hour. And not only did it all power he did it in it looked like an airplane hangar or something goes a very large space. It would people in Pennsylvania. Who adore him so everything he said that the housing applause. And it seemed almost like a campaign stop at the drive NBC nuts. The midterm I was shutter release which deserves its I think that that they are so bias it's incredible. So his order and talk about today Boy Scouts. Are now going to accept. Our girls. In the scouts. So that that will be available through them. They'll start with the the youngest division of the Boy Scouts excepting girls and we'll tell you exactly what they have in mind. But the question I have two questions one on courses where the event is a good idea. Florie young girls to be joining the Boy Scouts instead of a Girl Scouts. And our audience said the last time I saw the audience poll or heard it it was like 85 to 87%. Against. The noun not a good idea. Now I don't have a proposition either way either for or against it I really don't however I have a question that I think is even a bigger question. Then a view think it's good idea. Why are we trying to until blended genders. Is there something wrong with having two genders. You've got mail and you got female. There are different they come with a different parts. By and large thought processes. Might go on gender lines where one gender doesn't understand. The both sides of another gender because they don't have the same kind of thoughts. You can understand that there is a difference. Now I think where we're in the process now. Of saying that anything that has been accepted. By mankind. Hookah since the beginning of him. Well that can't be right. Back every right I wish that was things that are obvious and I'm pretty simple. You know you want equal rights for Bolger and they should have. Equal legal a legal rights whatever. They have to be treated a little differently because they're different genders so you have different procedures for. Of this or that you know I'm from China because generals I can't. But there's there should be no favoritism. Of one gender over another now there are certain things. That one gender might excel at that others wouldn't then they have title nine came out which says you can't. You can't just forget about female athletes that colleges have to have. Is that equals or or comparable. Amounts of money dedicated to his athletic programs for women as well as as a man. I'm not sure but that's title mind basically says that. So you have that Emanuel is have people. A whole or excel at some thing and water Billie Jean King movies out now Billie Jean king and Bobby Bobby Riggs. Alleging things fabulous that is where but Bobby Riggs in his prime was a good tennis where Joba. Probably not as good a tennis player among men as she was among women and so he challenger and it was kind of a tongue in cheek kind of a fun thing. And Toshiba and did not surprise me did you date him. She was excellent obviously. And that that was a good moment for America. It was fine it taught a lesson or whatever and so occasionally. You'll get is especially in athletics Uga girls will say airmen and I can hit his quality and or I can catch as well as Sheikh error you are you get him back and forth. And so they wanna I wanna try out and see if if they can compete in athletic competition. With the other gender and be as good or better so I understand all of that. But what I don't understand is why we're trying to just blend everything. Is there something wrong inherently rock on was having two different genders. And with two different genders. You have different requirements. It's like a car. OK you can have a share V crews. And you have a Corvette. All right they're both voted most series. But they're different and I think they have different. Different needs for engine maintenance. They have different tires. They have different transmissions. They're built for different purposes. I mean I'm trying to be as neutral as I can be in explaining why why is there something wrong with that I don't get that. That's what Laurie now. So I wanna know maybe maybe you're a deeper thinker and I am not maybe you'll probably are deeper thinker and I haven't can figure out why quietly trying to blend the genders. And do you favor girls being accepted into the Boy Scouts. Australia and I'm 301806169236. And start 930. I know. In. And it's. We have Macrovision governor is a breaking those Hillary Clinton. Says she was appalled by Weinsteins behavior and she is giving. Any Weinstein drug donations. To her or her campaign to charity while its good. I'm I'm glad she's doing better the Clinton foundation via the ITI exactly avid that over yet of abuses and see where she he would donate it. Law a city a so it's there is pictured there she is smiling happy happy we're back. We're happy Kia mr. Weinstein. So that's that's that. By the Boy Scouts are going to accept girls. And that's part of award talking about today they announced that that they will starting with the younger scouts and then work their way up. But I think I don't know if you liked are not most of our audience doesn't like to know why you think it's right or don't think it's right. But bill I think the bigger question is why are we trying to blend of genders. Because. Just my observation. I think the real story here is as we look at things traditional. We want to change it. We don't seem to want to stay with tradition. Because what everybody wants to be. More auditor and today forward thinking and there's nothing wrong with being all those things and frankly should Albie. Oh issue probably thinking like that. But the bottom line is it seems like any traditional roles. I have I have to be changed and I'm just wondering. What the what causes these chains is that because. They wore traditional roles and people wanna change that for instance lewis' throw some out there are some we can't change. And we don't wanna change and we can't change. Women have children. They actually bear the child now as far as I know even short it was Stephen King novel men cannot bear children and for Matt. I say to side. Thank you all actors so much I appreciate there's a lot you know so women can bear children and can't sing can't change that. But you can't change some traditional roles. Traditionally men's women stay home look after the children. Men went out to work well that's been totally change now we have funny amendments they Obama look after the children and women who want to work. And I don't have a problem would be the one. But did that happen because it was traditional. The other way and people want to break tradition was a natural evolution I I have no idea there are women certainly capable of low working in the workplace the same is same as the man maybe even superior to a man. But it was not their traditional role. And that as these things come up we will not come down but I'm just wondering why. We have to have. Why we can't have. Two different genders who have different tastes and different different challenges and different pluses and different minuses. I don't understand why were true why we're we feel obliged. To change everything. And about women and men do think differently about certain subjects. And a certain attitudes and things like that. But you have to ask is that a result of tradition it's always been like that. Or is that a result of as some innate nature. Of being a man or some innate nature of being a woman. They just make them different. What do you think is that is it just traditional. Or is it innate it's it's in the gender. Because we would we wanna blend agendas now who wanna pretend there's only one gender which is not true we have two genders and they have different attributes on the left likes to do a lot of make pretense Dobson may be. As this small ball. It is as some some things are natural right if you have an outstanding female athlete. Who says you know I'm as good as those guys are doing this sport whatever it is okay. You see them trying it and seeing if it works or not because. They've reached the top of what they can accomplish so they wanna go further route they wanna. See if they can do it it's always been a curiosity. But that that says that's not common there the common things are these are two Jewish traditional roles that women. Usually do and they don't wanna be shoehorn in there about any more than men want to be sure apartment there. I know that when we've talked hockey on and my Saturday show. And now we hear about corals. That are playing in with the boys down it while they still have a girls. Leaked. And the where I'm told is that. Some girls are so much better than the other girls they're not getting challenged not to not only the competition that they want so they get their competition over on. And athletics is a good example of that is simply because they're different sizes different weights different muscles different way you know. Ways to approach of sport there's a lot of differences in sports that would say that one one gender might might dominate the other gender if they were to play one on one we understand that as that's really nothing brutalized. But it just seems like we're reaching out now. Finding things that we can put together when they used to be I expected the of the color musicians club and Buffalo's mention his name to reclaim musicians I mean it that we want any. Any special things. We women have special attributes men have special attributes the front. They're different and why they wanna blend everything is beyond me is that it. People caught up and they you know equality thing. You know and yet there should be equality brought. There should also be a separation. Well yeah I ended the bottom line the example I gave what a show every Christmas Chevy Corvette they're both cars we're both you know both genders are human beings. But they have different needs and different uses and and a different outlooks and their use for different things and so I just don't understand why we are pretending. Then everything is exactly equal if men have five women have five that's equaled. But men have five women have for us not fair. And if women have six in men have five people cheer them on. I don't understand any of that I really don't I think it's a coming of age where certain expectations. Where there. And unity either and may be like those expectations. If if and think of beginning our country. If you're a woman you're expected to have a child and or more than one you were also expected to stay home and take care of children and take care of her husband. The husband was expected to go out in the fields although women wound feels so. That the bottom line is everybody had the expected. I expected. A goal and and that and things that they were you told that this is your role and they want to break out of that I can't blame him for bad. What I'm saying is doing at just for the sake of going of those amendments that. You girls are playing football may have been playing football and baseball for a long time with the boys wrestle I see and I'm Ali beyond our weekly basis you know already wrestling through yet in effect I have a cause and who is a very good. Wrestler and she plays football. In our league with it will port. So she doesn't she feels like she's not challenged. And should not be able to those seen Jackie do with the boys you can do and I can do a better and in some cases she does and. Those that most of those are physical and nine. Not live with between the years I mean it's it's OK physically I can hit a ball further than you can. All right can shoot the puck faster than you can. And things like that but those those are not things that are are given to somebody you have the home those skills. And basically. You have give you have a different outlook on life to. Now vote that's different so that might be traditional. On non on on the position of of a dating and things like that. And go home base for the wedding things like you just have been one way for a long time. People are trying to say that guy that's not fair that's not equal so we've got to do is we've got to straighten out so it if it's five for him it's hard for her. Life isn't like that. Now if if the Boy Scouts offered things a bit and rich young boys. That girls thought they would like that tool. But they don't have having Girl Scouts is it necessary for them to come Boy Scouts or simply for girls counts to a to adapt to find out. What their customers which would be the young girls and probably your parents. What they want out of scouting. Career. All right and then isn't that easier to to make sure that that those same opportunities are there. Exploring the same things that they think might be missing in in one or the other. To me that makes a lot more sense. Then just a saying okay. Here will will now accept girls in the boys because. I don't know. If they're going to ever push. For boys to be in the Girl Scouts but you've seen boy at athletes before. Wanting me because they're just Smart arrests and you know. Wanting to compete in the girls. Will waving that Tony have you read that discussion because they are it doesn't work that way. Because of physical side ways and things like that so. It doesn't work both ways all the time it works both ways. But not dollars. They own door a society now where we like to pretend. That everything is EE lo. Well that's what that is it's pretense. It now I've if you Robbie brought buy into this studio. She could do a lot or anything that I can do against this tell you that right now but. That is her dedication that is her profession isn't what she does it's not what I do and even if it was I bro we're going to vote would ever. So there are instances where if you dedicate. You know now effort and work. And a day you know just goal setting you can you can perhaps could attain your gold but it's not automatic and it's not necessarily. 5050 all the time. As you so you never come on your eyes will show you not tried. You know talked about any guys sharply. Against the women and Maria actually girls in the girls' sports no because it really hasn't come up I've seen it on national. Bright but that you usually a stunt. Yeah that usually something that happens you know you have a female. Goals go there you know you have such thicker than in football well that's right. Does away she is muscles he has coordination she'd given to try and if she has. The to the right technique in the right power in that light and the right approach maybe she can kick as far as men can. He had seen highlights of girls flat out late aren't just destroying boys were hard hit its job so it's its interest things so we're asking Boy Scouts Stewart's girls are you okay we're bad do you think it's a good idea. And why and maybe you can be more articulate than I am why always trying to blend the genders. Why are always trying to pretend bed every thing that each gender does has to be exactly equal would what the other gender can do. When that's not realistic under Israeli and I'm thirty WEB. Go to the phones of the site of the first a couple of attacks than you can Texas heads of 3093 go early show up on the giant X green right in front of me. Sending girls used to grow up and their husbands took care of them now they raised the kids alone. Things changed let the girls learn what the boys through. Well I have no problem we're of those learning what everybody does and so that's at the thought. Here's another. If there was an equivalent to eagle scout in Girl Scouts they stay in Girl Scouts there isn't. That's a legitimate point I I did not know that there isn't but. Certainly if you achieve the rank of eagle scout is something you work hard for an and it's a good achievement early in your life and some things that is what you. I did I did not know I'm not familiar way of what the Girls Scouts have. That would of the equivalent if anything. Sandy is called sale would mean now divert city thank you Mike and west Seneca he now I hate the word diversity. Not because I hate diversity. That's because I hate the artificial way they do it they figure just put X amount of people this color or this or this ethnicity. In what other people of this scholar in this a in this city suddenly they're on ago oh. Right surrendered first then. Let's spend our lives together. Promoting democracy and he. Probably works that way I believe diversity works one person at a time. One person at a time somebody who would. You would enjoy spending time with somebody who enjoyed being married to somebody who enjoyed going to a game. And that's how it works one person at a time. Not artificial numbers have floated by usually educators. I'm Norma in Taiwan and normally run WB yen. I. Live pleasure and our what do you think about Boy Scouts saying. Girls girls are welcome and why are we trying to blunt the genders. Well I think degrees. We adopt around agreed. They've made a fortune off these poor little girl selling cookies are like pennies to back. Three years. And if you ever look up the salary of the head of the the Girl Scouts it's a phenomenal. Absolutely unbelievable like they get somewhere in the million dollar range. And so these little girls they're out peddling cookies you know feeling bad if they can't sell enough feeling you know. Feeling on top of the world if they beat everybody else that. In the cookie jury. I I don't we don't need to work on bringing boys and girls together debt comes naturally even at the age of 67. You are curiosity natural attraction or whatever. I don't a lot of groups so used. Sales like of cookies or popcorn or things like that for their individual teams or their individual clubs or whatever. So why would that be particularly particular to be a girl starts. They only get them back a little debt you know they they don't make enough to look at it as being. That the girl had talked to babe you know they may well be in Bangladesh you know what I mean what is this where teaching them to go out and and console. I don't know my daughter was a girl scout in the and though we accompany her when she was out in the neighborhood. And I brought her sheets who worked in people signed up for an. And there are people are doing that here and intercom as well so okay but I I appreciate your side and as you think that. Because they they kind of used the girls is some difficulties. Another thought I'd like to get is the only thing I learned in Girl Scouts was how to parent stop. And nobody even diamonds are. A if I reminds the people darned socks anymore. I used to remember when you have a hole in his shoe what did you do you put cardboard bezel we've been. And yet all is dark my money is a social arcs but. I can't remember seeing a person's soul sucked in along time we just took issues to Jimmy shoe repair. Because my cousin with facts on events as Sox throw him out because it was a heel I know him. And yet no soul. Those surveillance and jokes and do it. Sure he's listening right now on the shop Fisher house don't have a lot of comedic opportunities for that it. He's my archenemy. And verbal I've failed. She jokes without even every good thing about it that's why the comedy nuggets keep rolling off the table here are cousins you know what we're back after that. If.