Sam Iraci, Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps

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Thursday, July 12th
Iraci reacts to WalletHub's report Buffalo is among the most expensive places to park in the US.

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And we that Sam Iraqi and Sam. The wallet hub study shows buffalo is tied for the most expensive parking rates in the country a two hour rate of 27 dollars and 44 cents. Your reaction to those findings. I think they're way off. Good good spirits worst and treatments. I don't know where they captor information from. But we don't charge anything near 27 dollars and are we charge two dollars an hour. And information from what I would well. Educated guess Ian much more reliable source. There's an entity called parking property advisors. Which isn't national reading. Parking consultant. Our firm and also sparkle PD up which is believed in parking service provider. Used by millions of drivers. The top forty cities in charge hourly parking rates. Started 27 dollars for New York City maybe they don't know the difference between knew or should be in buffalo. And going down to Saint Louis which is two dollars and towered over the top. Forty cities and buffalo. Is it the week low end of that as far as daily parking rates. It's starch in New York City at 42 dollars and 25 cents. And it goes down to Louisville ten dollars. Ball closer to eight dollars shall we don't troll on top forty readers green. Four a daily parking in the first monthly parking. It starts the top forty cities near cities 616. Dollars. For a monthly parking parents. To Saint Louis which is 85. We don't show up on their leader string you were in the top forty. Are you average monthly greatest PD one dollars so. I think law pop art has a lot of homework to do I think they're doing a disservice. And hard work that the city mayor brown the council. And the beat her parking board. Does to people region's affordable as possible because. Everybody understands the importance harking. Two good business climate in downtown buffalo shall law. I think go. I think Walt hub has a lot of on misinformation out there and needs to do a little bit more well. With special events have we seen a parking creative at twenty dollars whether it's flat raider. Per hour. The most we do. Time is this ten dollars. Now again everything that I have sad. Yes we do a group of the public parking. Did is owned by the city of buffalo I can't speak for the private guidance. There have been since since we're. You know for conflict PNC AA. When rates of 304050. Dollars. Were being charged. This city and all these facilities. That did awful civic managers are owned by the city. And then mayor brown in the council and to beat her board. Watch this. The issue very closely. Tumultuous which hard it was kind during the NCAA and people would make a point to say why are you guys urgent so much collapsed. Than others and and we were held up because. We want people that are involved wall unit work here or visiting here in a good experience. And the rates that they pay for parking that's a big part.