Ryan Rockefeller, DEC, on bears in suburbs

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Thursday, May 17th

Rockefeller explains why bears have been spotted in residential suburbs.


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Ryan we're following this story because of reported a bearer citing. In the suburb of Hamburg. And dom. In in general tolerance. How often do bearers going to suburban dwellings are super suburban yards if you. Well. Upn hamburger against the from the first. Report street had been you know on in the few years and I've been with the department. But it I went straight to preminger and common. We've had a reports and sightings of black banners calling up and an actor Tony and. In more the northern suburbs of buffalo in the past. Up up near in Amherst and in things from younger occasions and. Not surprising but not come and then when these bears didn't show up. In these areas of you know well a lot of Serb suburban bailed out. You know they canyon into some trouble is with. Bird feeders and grills or any intent of garbage is left outside. So long you know folks that are more often than live in your country. And you know usually take measures to eliminate the tricked into Bayer's not at a Dalian annual basis had just become had to Wear them. So when slopes are a few bears in areas like Hamburg. Are used to say innocent and that takes some effort to change your habits. You know we recommend not. Putting bird feeders narrative after April 1 make sure your current regime is sealed and bad creek cleanup putting it out on the curve until the morning three over or pick up. And these pairs her. Like many animals but he. They learn from receiving food or awards so. It appear figures very but it can walk through the backyards of suburban area in in in you know consume bird feeder get in bigger ridges. That are easily accessible that's what the going to do. Why is that that bears her coming into places like Hamburg as it. Do this because suburbs like hamburger becoming over developed. Not I would say it's more that the surrounding areas around the suburbs of become a little bit more suitable for. For Bayer. Pierced it at a city eight. You know there force slowing. You know morning and over the years is more farmland has gone fallow and reverted back to forest. Nor bear arranging an expanded and a lot of times these Petersburg are younger males that are leaving that are there's thousand. Core area and been searching for their own area to you know that setup a whole range so. You know these spring time excursions. If you will you know her I don't know at a regular basis. And sometimes viewed these gators range in there here is that typically. Don't have bears and and you know really should not have pairs because. The amount of human activity in those areas. But and yet that's the main reason there are better range than expanding a little bit to the north says some of that are minors. Is on bacon and just provided some better and camcorders. How worried. Should the issue at full speed of these siavii army can a bearer. Coming after people that shiny. Dare you typically each guy in England they become a little bit more bolder because. They're director food that's available there and name it they've done. Grown used to it. And in ways that day they will react to. Two receiving. Food so. They may start to get habitually beat humans sources of food and actually used to the president that human. And that's what we are you know do now on to occur. That can result in theaters showing up on people's porches to use sniffer are grilled Illinois recommend that folks. You know kind of burn off singing access. Voters are again a girl after their don't cooking you know turn Gretzky gets grilled tied for a few minutes and it'll clean out there at. Decrease stand it's for collegiate and but you know over the more food they're a pain. From a from an area inhabited by humans are more used these in the it is to the presence of humans and and that's we have these close encounters but typically bears that are are shy yen and generally nocturnal whole litany scene out during the middle of the day it's well. But in general you know peace he bared it you know enjoy it from a great distance and you know allow them to leave. Under all of this possible sometimes generally means the name be around until after dark side. You know typically don't move on. As long as they're not forcing food so we just edit the main thing you know the message yours to keep food. Away from there's been a lot of them access or anywhere on the Internet that are.