Ryan Burrow- Las Vegas Massacre Latest


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And we're going out to Las Vegas this morning. Joined by Bryan Burrough and Ryan there's an awful lot of debate over that time line that's been given and that man shooting. Yet and that big big space shuttle when the gunshots were fired and when security interacted with the shooter Steven panic there's been some conflicting reports we've seen even from the investigative side. Initially we were under the impression that the last person who shot. What's that security guard at Mandalay bay who was shot at the end after following the exit admitted to firing into the crowd and then police. Late last week said no that wasn't the case that actually the security guard was the first person shot the security guard responding to even texture and after hearing drilling. And then that was shot. It's now a little bit more information 911 call audio released showing that police were not notified by hotel security. In until the shooting was already under way they'll. You know beat these timeline seemed to be cute and hopefully by tomorrow please give us a little bit more information. The people would have GMs say that dealt what police had initially suggested or at least. The second time around suggested they not have been the correct time. Now how does that timeline figgins to a lawsuit filed against MGM live nation and even a bond stock company. Yet that's one of the things that this lawsuit seeking more information at 41 year old victim was shot at the upper body shattered who ribbed. A laughter raided her liver she's the college scene you're expecting to graduate from Sonoma college this year. It's doing she's seeking information they hope that the lawsuit also a brings about some kind of new safety procedures to these concert venues. A bomb like to at this point. They just want information as to pride people on the press and I'm sure many of the victims as well as people Las Vegas. Has sheriff slump Pardo then out of the media spotlight lately. He adds I daresay under. Fortunately without much information to be shared publicly at this point they've backed down and some of these press conference that they were doing them every day multiple times a day. Abbott now they can be backing down and doing them every few days at this point all we're aware of it when it's coming up tomorrow. So and updated timeline potentially out of that tomorrow what anything else we should be expecting. Well we know candidate Ted there's been more. More. A crucial search on the had a girlfriend they should stay in her travel in her whereabouts they continue to question her. Mary Lou generally they continue to question her and said now if put pfc restrictions on her travel. Basically what that means is when you and I go through security we're checked were scared now when she goes through security these points. The FBI is notified of her travel in her whereabouts. All right that's Ryan Borough reporting on the mass shooting at Mandalay bay.