Russiagate and the EC Water Authority 930in716 May 10, 2018

Thursday, May 10th

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It's 930. In 716. From Russia gate to. The Erie county water authority are ready to fight them on any battlefield they choose Michael Caputo says the now democratic controlled Erie county water authority board. Is using the rushing gate investigation. And his testimony as a basis to call into question the contract. His PR firm has with the authority. Really I've been in the water authority now for three years I have a lot of information about the water authority I'm happy to share that report walk I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. It seems trouble is following Michael cook food all the way from his testimony before the Muller investigation into rushing gate. To his work back home as a hired PR firm with a politically charged Erie county water authority you never thought would happen back here and in Western New York but it is in me is it really. Caputo in studio is Susan Bryant and spending a good deal of time discrediting the notion. That is billing practices for PR work for the authority had anything to do with the motivation of his receipt. A letter discontinuing his services with a thirty day notice this whole. Thing the whole Russian investigation. Of course is being orchestrated by the resistance we know all this stuff the investigations are being fueled by Democrats infusion GPS. We had a attorney general Walsh vitamin here in New York. Who was a leader of the resistance a national leader who I believe is was leader of kind of pushing that aggression down toward Erie county. You know recently you know I've I've bit my company. Our eyes open communications has been the public relations agency for the Erie county water authority for almost three years recently the Democrats took that over. And in their first board meeting. They brought up him area attorney Tom local attorney Jerry shad who was a Democrat hack it's appointed to the board there. Brought up the fact in the meeting. That somehow might that the Russian investigation has some very concerned about the services to the water authority contract. And that we need to be investigated. And then another attorney at Miller a Democrat political hack named Mark Carney of Carney and Tony walk the recent guy appointed. Brought up the fact that he believed that aren't that we weren't doing correctly we didn't look our bills and look like his bills he hangs on divorce court in his sixties. And and he insists now that we go through all of our invoices for three years and provide back up for everything which is all against our contract terms. And they're holding our last payment. Until we do. This is this is on toward its its its I am momma gassing and the idea that they were hope this to the Russian investigation is surreal. Mike I'm looking at this letter. Right now that is two by your company from the water authority now Wendy Erie county legislature changed hands from Republican to Democrat. Yeah see this move coming with the switches and the water thorn all I did and I think we resigned. And told them we would be happy to. For the transition to the new PR firm. Whatever they wanna do we resigned on the on the second of may on the third of may they passed a resolution saying. That I can't resign but they they that they were gonna fire me. How does this in your mind switch from. Normal politics of what usually happens when something changes hands like this to. I guess something over the top insurers say. Well I think it's tortured by more mark one cars it was a close ally of the attorney general snyderman. In all of these snyderman was the most influential statewide officer in the room in the local. And I Erie county Democrat we all know what's up with snyderman now for beating up a bunch of women you know this this thing to me. It the attack is the requirement for us to do a boatload of work it's impossible to complete. In the meantime with Poland a payment which is what we required by contract I believe these folks they made it very clear in the hearing. That this is also about Russian confusion this is revenge. And luckily. I'm prepared legally disarmed to fight this kind of democratic action. But now this is going to be more legal fees right it is are ready to fight them on any battlefield they choose. I've been in the water authority now for three years I've got a lot of you know I've I can I have a lot of information about the water authority. I'm happy to share that McCourt walk I'm looking forward to discovery and I'd like to told jury Chad. And Mark Carney of Kanye Carney. And mark hole and cards and you and Jeremy Zelnick the chairman of Democratic Party to preserve their emails. Because I'm coming after him on that are require them and what's going to go forward are there. Reasonable. Reasons why they'd want to look into some of these fees from the PR firm are they may be bigger than they would've normally then now I'm not thinking I'm thinking that shoot 2016. All these water main breaks and you were certainly making the rounds then. A lot more the water authority had become much more public key and shortly there than had been the path. So we are firm bid on this against other PR firm as we remove lowest bid we beat we came in at 5000 dollars a month. Which is a very small PR comfort for for a large agency like the authority we were not allowed to bill. Any more than 5000 and every single month we worked about 7508000. Dollars worth of time against the contract. So we actually lost money on this contract technically for three years this is just political retribution. Because I'll tell you why. Mark Poland cars doesn't like hearing me on the radio talking about his administration. And the things that he's done don't forget mark Poland cars his own brother. He says he put him to work at the water authority. It's you know these politicians they control that place and the number of Democrats who control the water authority they think they can send Mark Carney of Carney and Carney. And and Jerry shadow after me they're in for a fight of their lives. We are in studio this morning with strategists and WBN contributor Michael Caputo. Michael you in the last few minutes are calling out local Democrats. Voucher PR job represented Erie county water authority. Calling it revenge political retribution. It is you know throughout the good the Republicans have two out of three commissioners arm is working close with them it's a very divided organization. A lot of information about the water authority that I think the people of Western New York really would like to know. Our end and not when the Democrats won control. Of this county legislature they chose a Democrat to replace one of the Republicans. Now the Democrats are there. And you know we have this guy Mark Carney from hernia current heat basically bought the position at 45000 dollars in donations to the Democratic Party that's how he got him there. And you know Jerry shed light are we don't know what to think him here reminds me Forrest Gump and a lot of the scenes in the movie it's it's really quite. Alarming with the politicians are doing. And ordered to get revenge because they lose elections I think mark Poland cars and your result are very embarrassed that they lost that. A new York state assembly election with pat Burke. As their candidate error on pat Burke in they should've won that race packed Burke is an excellent candidate there's no reason why intentional lost the majority democratic district. Except that they they they Rand Paul race and it was not his fault it was the county. Democrats for their upset. They are up on my arm up convenient punching bag when they started this attack on me or over an hour a week before. On my appearance before them the more investigation. I had no where they knew I was complaining about me legal fees and just put up a go for me. Are on the web the new arm but my family and I were on the ropes and they thought that was a good opportunity for them to come after me. But unfortunately for them since then every 3000 dollars for legal fees. And I they have very connect this directly to what the Russian investigation Jerry shat himself did in the last public meeting of the of them are of the board of commissioners. So the fight is all. And and I and again more Poland cars Jerry shad. Mark Carney of Carney and Carney and Jerry's on the need to preserve their emails is like let it go ahead improve. Just how political they are at the war story. Now they're asking you were to provide kind of specific details. Itemized billing for each billable hour boat right what you Lewis said is that. And none of that should really matter because it was more of a flat rates it was a flat rate also contractually this is a contract by the rate covered by law. In our contract they didn't have any requirements for those kinds of details. I provided more details that required by the contract but you know they want they want me to go back three years and like for example and on our car. Certain amount of hours spent on vendor contact when we're trying to arm. Put advertising together right they wanna know who once speaking to during that time in 2015. That we don't keep those kind of records it's not gonna happen I'm not gonna do it. That really quickly before we let you go out last one on this you mentioned it's costing you money it's not just costing you money this going to be costing the county money further out there attorneys. Is it time to do away with the wonder if Ortiz we know. I don't know I gotta tell you if you for the water authority and the county it's gonna get worse there's a lot of professional people at the water authority. On the rank and file doing great work you turn on your water every day. It's there Malkovich cheapest bill in your mailbox so are what we got to do is reform the way the politicians. Influence the water authority but falling in the county is a huge missed. Always interest thing Michael Caputo. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.