As the Royal Wedding Turns - Tom Rivers


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Let's go live now to London this morning were only days away from the royal wedding. And joining us this correspondent time rivers atomic. Music hey it's off for you but. This is this is what. I'm meg Marco is going to be walking down the aisle with this deal and we know the song the only question is with who. These guys a soap progressively exactly the beat Thomas Markel 73 years of age as the clogged artery. Reportedly. He's got real close if he wants to be here for Saturday. Really really close in fact he's supposed to be over here a week ago. To meet the outlaws including you know all of the other. Royal members of family odd in a delicate that's gonna happen either so yeah there may be a pinch hitter. In the lineup and if you go down to your local bookie ease the hot favorite right now is Doria Rangel and the mother. Magid Markel so watch your space. On. Saturday that 7 AM eastern we'll find out pressure take it away but what we hearing that she's the only member of her family the mother that's going. Is that right. God got back it was some other members of the family have arrived in London. I guess I guess the bulk of them are going to be watching it in hotels. Interest in its interest it is it is a family with some issues let's put it out she's apparently watching out hotel you make that trip. I at least one of the term person you think rank you would think so yeah exactly or maybe you know flip side of the coin is we can't get and stay well. Now mall I guess they don't really have that option hey Ed Tom we appreciate that updates and I can't wait to check back tomorrow. When it's going to be like her niece or nephew walking her down the trial because it seems to change every single day that's Tom rivers joining us live from London.