Royal Wedding: Instant Update - Tom Rivers


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It's 835. On WB ENM we our you know we have. Royal wedding fever as we have for the last two months and months and months ever since it was announced ever since it was speculated. The compared to being caged and Tom rivers has kept us up to date every step of the way and Tom. I mean new breaking developments this morning I statement from Megan Merkel herself. Yeah we're kind of reached fever pitch now because events and on the fence for the past few days Kensington Palace few hours ago came forward. And quoting meg and saying Thomas Markel will not will not. Be attending the wedding on Saturday got some health issues reportedly had three stents put in yesterday. So obviously and can't fly at this stage so. Chris is who's going to be walking down the aisle and everybody thinks are going to be mom. Doria right. So that's kind of a hot favorite food up to watch and see for delivery comes Saturday. Ari and things are getting it quickly getting put together very sounds like they're doing some rehearsing today. Today's rehearsal day you know just like real people. So you gotta go through the motions. And you know and and it's it's it's a lot of it has to do with the technical. There's something like eighty. International broadcasters with a slew. Camera positions are wanna check out video. Audio. And then experience is hunky dory on the day yeah I mean we all hate getting that wedding video back in you know something's wrong I how do you let. There you only have one shot at you gotta make sure it's perfect year absolutely right but yeah Beatrice is incredibly guy around the world so. It's going to be a huge event. Yeah wind into that. William and Kate's does son and daughter will be in the wedding now. There are kind of old pros at the age of four and three. George you Charlotte. They were in that Middleton wedding last year Kate's sister. So they they know the drill and there they're going to be a page boy and a bridesmaid. Along with another. Group of kids. Friends somehow the of the royals or other going to be out there a page boy yeah. Is that he grooms dinner ring bearer what is that. I days it's easy to hang around the Q. Operate. Then then it's good enough good enough for me Toms rivers says thank you so much Tom joining us from logging keeping us up to date every way. Along the royal wedding journey.