Roy Moore/President Trump Entanglements - Rick Klein


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Now ABC political director Rick Klein is joining us this morning and Rick for this one's really seems to have bubbled to the top the Roy Moore situation in the US senate candidate. In Alabama the Republican clay candidate accused of sexual misconduct. Where is this thing headed. Yet that multiple women coming out talking to Washington Post saying that much more meat eater a lot to actually contact them when they were teenagers. Are right now of meter members of the Republican establishment. All all the way up to presidential and vice president and had said that they want and work on it. It is proven true that the big yet and right now Roy Moore is vehemently denying it he's got its. Supporters and in speed that it sticking by side with the Titanic clash that you thing it's not true. Others think you go it is true and the body can clear that the very mechanism to replace him on the ballot back Alabama law that there isn't. Yet that being said the heat can't be replaced on the ballot what's the mood of Republicans are out there they wish they could. Oh yeah I mean did it did even actively discussing scenarios. An emergency scenarios try to find another candidate it. Senate races of about a mile away it's December 12 and Alabama. Are they knew might be of byte because of remorse controversial past the Democrats have a pretty strong candidate Doug Jones a former US prosecutor so that was already on the radar screen. Now they're very worried about it and it of course becomes a against the backdrop. A flurry of other legislative activity the losses that they just offered in New Jersey Virginia this week. All of that adds up to a very tense on the Republican Party something approaching panic in the ranks up. You know it would look at it from a broader perspective Ricky you know Harvey Weinstein Kevin Spacey Louis CK now Roy Moore. With the climate in this country right now and this and the moral dilemma what's going on here. How well idea that being beaten creeping back to a year ago when that when it's a crack of Hollywood came out and really extraordinary. Series revelations. I think it it let that statement on on individual moral and it is on utility people come forward. I think that's been a lot and our wind speed and the last couple weeks is that people who've been silent for decades and started to pump or an expose them. And truly vial awful. Up and yeah I write I would say I think what you would applaud the idea that people feel a lot more read it to talk about this but it has been quite a wake up all of the country. You Asher has what's your read on the trump trip so far. I I think that that the White House feel pretty good about it I. I think it these it was an effort to cut the escalate tensions with with. With North Korea I think in terms of China that the president paying a much different song books but only about. Well. What he now visas find that to the heart forever on the campaign so I think in terms of the dialing things back half an option. It's been a pretty important trip. Are there a couple of days left including a big summit we're we're we're gonna to shore up nothing that the president of likely to be with a lot of recruitment but that peptide and it's oh well. Hey Rick if we could go back period just for a second on the Roy Moore situation not saying that everybody has skeletons in her closet in Washington but. It is there a mood. Over there were people may be fearful about something from the past being dug up now that were seen this happen. Yeah I think everyone have to realize now that the current public life at any did you daughters that it is their game and there that the current it's not a very lord on the current Republican parties at this was this was 3040 years ago. I'm Roy Moore. He's denying it but even if he debated maybe it's not that bat I'd that the pretty raw or if it out. You know I would fit the particular fear among people haven't done anything and those two. Have done something that they may be ashamed of that not confide in me so artist David well or anyone at any position. Of a power or notoriety in public place. Have to be concerned about any debate that they've done because it does feel like it's a time that people are coming out that the speak very well. Yeah absolutely right that's Rick Klein ABC's political director.