Roy Moore Allegations and Ties to GOP Tax Plan - Dave Levinthal


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Did Leventhal is with us from the Center for Public Integrity in Washington. Did we talked to congressman Chris Collins this morning about Roy Moore. And tax reform he told us he's not taking a stand on more because it doesn't impact him does that sound like CYA response. Others on here Republicans. Two are hurt and taking certain middle ground or pay it right more is not telling the truth that he needs to step away a truck met there are. Beat the fact of the matter or order received fact of the matter. What really matters is that is what the people of Alabama and the polls are not going to wreck where. All right more amber Republicans all the submerged on all we're trying to look for some sort of contingency plan at this point that got a couple of options one option is to once somebody has a write in candidate act in this race just let. Shut the actions the attorney general is that being bandied about somebody who might at EU bill. That belt very very risky at rest of course that splitting the Republican ticket. And flooding downtowns Democrats. Why end and a very unexpected side of the circumstances that it is the senate seat itself. About the weight before we have the election the other thing that could happen here is more and more want to get electorate the the senate would have the power cute potentially expel him. They felt that he didn't meet the ethical standards were sitting in the senate so a lot of commutations of what can happen about a lot of senators sent. Congressmen on the Republican side who were so trying to figure out how to navigate the very air the situation. Still a ways to go here before that election takes place a couple things can happen right you can have public opinion continue to. Mounts against more or. Just because of this crazy new cycle that we've been on for the last year may be more. Is it possible that this whole thing even blows over. It's very unlikely this whole thing is going to blow over and there are your folks in Alabama who wouldn't app. Absolutely voted for Roy Moore under on different circumstances not a couple of weeks ago I do our. Now reconsidering their position because I just don't like the idea that. Earth and now I women gone on the record and plenty more inside outside and by name. The pick they say hey. Were more his pursued children it's in a sexual way. And a lot of voters just camp can't stomach. Epic can't stomach voting for Democrats. Either perhaps. Huge conundrum it is state alum to erect a yen. It is a vote for a more anyway it's very very fluid situation and that. Yep I mean a month in politics these days today is like yet. A year in politics just a couple of years ago so are so much can happen right now and that the idea that the Republican establishment where it. Actively running another Republican against the Republican who has abomination. Is that pretty extraordinary even in the arms politically. Now if they lose the seat the Republicans. There are gonna lose that much more then majority won more they only have a small majority anyway in the senate right. It would have questioned and that that does something that is that you'd queue up from a political standpoint that they just don't have that much Martin. Our air that the he'd let the let 28 democratic seat in Alabama something that was almost unthinkable not all Al. LB huge huge blow to the Republican. Especially going into the 28 in mid term elections where you a couple of eat that are competitive between Republicans and Democrats in the senate Democrats haven't won those seats could potentially let. The senate yes it's single seat like that makes a huge difference other small margin of error an outside much Wasilla side. What are you expecting to see with this tax bill over the next week and a half. While here we're we're about to be talking about accurate form AM and day out and and yet it and almost over overcome by. You bent down and Alabama has yet so little plot forward and ask on the calendar Republicans still want to get this done. By the year's end but that it may become a little bit more difficult especially if they have set it there the political particular set down in a straight special election. In Alabama but a lot of controversy at net you a Republican House and the senate dealt only agree it despite science. What the expulsion even look like and a lot of respect for special interest to. And Governor Cuomo has said that this plan would be devastating to New Yorkers congressman talent on the other hand this morning said 95% of Erie county residents. Would get a tax cut who do we believe. While he you can you can believe vote with them some extra winners and her aunt also at that particular note that it got by that by the bank. A changing day in and day out now what they'll look like few weeks ago current somewhat. The that propelling bill at this point looked like but in the house and the senate felt it Eric. Respect it happens in order and come to some agreement after a long way off here in the south very very fluid very very moving target now. Our Dave Leventhal is with the Center for Public Integrity joins us every Tuesday morning Dave thanks a lot.