Roseanne Canceled 930in716 May 30, 2018

Wednesday, May 30th

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It's 930. In 716. Roseanne. Need I say more. How did you have proven to you can't heat jobs Jackie said she thinks and look at Rosie and I called greens that look generated. Look better. This was a very. Tough decision you bread financially for ABC. What this is I believe for most of us. It's an opportunity to have a conversation. So much reaction to this one on the podcast I'm Tim Laker powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents. Offering affordable living in a country setting Roseanne Barr showing no signs she'll remain quiet about her firing former popular ABC series and has highlighted supporters tweets criticizing the network. ABC canceled the reed booted Roseanne over racist tweet by the comedian attacking Valerie Jarrett in advisor to former president Barack Obama. Bars post firing tweets included an apology but also read tweed of oppose that juxtaposed. An image of Jarrett. With an image of a planet of the apes actor. The background first now from net got men. It was the comeback that reflected the times 27 million Americans to get to the premiere but Roseanne Barr's own words so crucial state. The comedian posting eight since deleted racist tweet about a former advisor to Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett. Writing if the Muslim Brotherhood and planet of the gates had a baby. Equals Vijay. Bar later tweeting forgive me. Mike joke was in bad taste but less than twelve hours after that first week ABC. Pulling the plug on Roseanne the head of ABC entertainment Channing dungy saying it was against Twitter statement is at port repugnant. And inconsistent with our values. Announcing that we decided to cancel her show Disney CEO Bob Iger sued adding. There was only one thing to do here and that was the right thing to show it successfully portrayed a family. Divided by its political idiots supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Sitting around the same kitchen table. How could you voted for you can't. He. Said he should think and it with a show premiered he also talked about those ratings and look at rose and iCloud greens that. Look at our ratings look better. But Roseanne's Twitter feed had become notorious. Filled with hateful tweeted conspiracies. And even before the show was axed producer Wanda Sykes announced she was leave. Refusing to remain silent executive producers Aaron Gilbert calling those comments abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs about cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. Michael pitchman saying he is devastated for all those who pour their hearts and souls into our jobs. The audience that welcomed us into their homes adding to sit back or remain silent. Would unintentionally endorse statements which I find true we think it's. Valerie Jarrett responding on Aniston BC. I think we have to turn into a teaching moment. I'm fine I'm worried about other people out there who don't have a circle of friends and followers who come right to their defense. Even though she said that she was getting a Twitter. She's been tweeting up storm all night that's right the ABC entertainment reporter Jason Nathanson was up bright and early from the West Coast and chatting it up with Susan and Brian. First post its since the firing was last night at 8 o'clock here our time. Saying don't feel sorry for me guys they just wanna apologize to the hundreds of people and wonderful writers that she called all liberals and talented actors. Who lost their jobs in my showed due to my stupid tweet. And saying that should be and Joseph Rogan podcast on Friday some movement to get some more from our. But you can stop there. Blues seemingly blaming the original tweet about Valerie Jarrett on Ambien. She re tweeted post from supporters after this apology and she apologized again to Jarrett. She tweeted I mean that place Jarrett photo side by side of the planet of the apes actor. And a post about chair wanting to make America a more Muslim country opposed which has been proven not true. Several times and she also went after her TV kids who disavowed her yesterday. Sara Gilbert it's that criticized her. They're over the one pleased are lean on the show and is said to have gotten the reboot back together with everybody Serb she called her Gilbert's criticism of her on real. And her TV son Michael fisherman who DJ. She says he threw her under the bus so the tweets continue. Just how surprising is it that ABC made this decision to cancel Roseanne I mean this is one of the highest rated sick coms in what the last decade. Yes it is it's the highest rated sitcom on ABC. One of the highest rated sitcom on TV today so I mean this was a very. Tough decision you've flipped financially for ABC because it BC doesn't have a whole lot of hit shows. Getting hit show on network television these days is very very hard so you have to look at not only is it season Q. And micros and set all the people the writers. People who do set design and things like that. They hit show could go 456789. Seasons you're talking billions of dollars about point in syndication money. And other fees so this was a very very tough finance of the trees chase and this happened with great speed you'd admit. It did it really did which makes it shows you how set they were in this decision even though is a very tough one. What happened within hours bros and made the original offending tweets. Oh overnight. On Tuesday morning when everybody here woke up on the West Coast and sought and it started to create a firestorm. You know starting between the hours of 7 AM to 10 AM it was that three hours that Disney management met. Decided on strategy. Fired her contacted her up apparently and her publicist. Fire her. And got the ball rolling. You know lots been made about say you mentioned to kind of the other people who worked on the show their jobs kind of lost it is this definitely the end for Roseanne is there anyway I know it seems kind of crazy that we're seeing could continue without. Roseanne. I would have to think it's the end I don't know that anybody wants to be a part of this series anymore at all it's got such bad audio on it. That can imagine the actors continuing and really I mean she is the heart of the show. So without her take her out of it you have something very different I don't know if people would watch it I don't know who beat. The same success that it was wit with her out of it so you know it. I don't see any network really wanting tactics even with her gone I would imagine some would still try to boycott. Yeah I'd I don't think we've heard the last of it though with nick continuing had to tweet overnight as much as she has as long as there's Twitter we're gonna hear from Roseanne. And I think that's we're gonna hear from her for you know for the rest of time it at this point I don't know that any networker TB. The company will culture. Again give her another show. Maybe should get out there and do comedy shows on her own shall do podcast certainly with Joseph Rogan podcast and Friday so we'll stop here for mark. But remember before this we didn't hear a whole lot from arose in except for on Twitter anyway. So you know she could I go back to her magazine Nina farm in Hawaii and with a populace. We noble world and here we didn't just meet error. I'm a few weeks ago in the middle of march. The reverend kinds or point here is a leader on discussions of race and race relations here in the 716. This is the same broad band. That we've not from the previous generated based iteration of the wrote an impartial or shouldn't have been any surprises to. What this is I believe for most of us is an opportunity to have a conversation. To recognize each other's humanity. And that could be out of I Bol what is deplorable. When it comes to language. And the way we talk about other human being. Reverend Joyner and kind of guessing from listening to you that. You don't think that this show should then revived in the first place. I never thought there and their roles and are. What someone who we should make this centerpiece. On the television show dead arms uses material. That they're trying to be out there. I guess I just didn't believe that was a Smart thing to do and certainly not Smart thing to do in our current social climb. But don't think there's a big difference between maybe the tone of her show the tone of some of the things she said that on TV and other places and the tone of those tweets over Memorial Day I mean some you can consider. On media is stirring the pot a little bit while they're on her show whereas. These tweets I think a lot of people look at and say it will that crosses the line into racist. What I think there's. What we are. With the wrote an impartial and with these suite is early and it and it's now I'm. So glad Al. And the upper. And when wheat other. Other people. When we make them. And then are so I don't think there's ever place and and I don't believe that they're a great big gala at different. Between the other thing we saw under the Arab world and our show. And that fathering in Andy's tweaks that were highly objectionable. But for all intents and purposes most of beyond. They want predictable and that tragic reality is is that we. And as a nation we create platforms. For these kind that things when we don't eat too. And then. I'm you know we all rushed should be outraged and no real outrage here it is eight predictable. As. That we should have been expecting. Admiral Anbar. It over every point your. Is or double standard today though at this seems like a lot of our listeners think there aren't you know some topics are completely off limits. And then some other offensive remarks. Are allowed. Especially politically offensive wants. I don't think there is. I don't really I don't live with a double standard I believe that we ought to respect and honor. What. Others think and believe but at the same time we've got to be very very deliberate. About not making an effort. Guys actually say and do things that are designing. That do harm another human being. More on this one to come for sure. Back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.