Rosanna Berardi, Berarid Law Firm

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Wednesday, June 20th
Berardi discusses President Trump's change of course on family separation.

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Our president trump says he will sign something. In a while to address the spike in the number of migrant children being separated from their families. Homeland Security secretary Nielsen have been working on eggs executive action that would and the separation process. Are your thoughts on this action first ball. Well I'm happy that he would act in a very very crap we are all about it the United States and world light. Don't want to keep pictures of children. For their family. Aren't happy with me Democrat. Has. Decided she's an executive order. Armed with respect to this issue he did say. In the crap. That that you're now back you know there are going to be very happy for pink. Bat he's going to immediately picked the preparation actor. And that goes against at a court he basically act. That children not be eighteen but apparently he's queen Oprah will back by executive order. He's going to be back in order because that's we have congress were current. Situation like their picnic spot Aaron. I think given that the main concern that we all week. And as far an hour is. The children were all ready separated how likely would they be reunited with the or parents who were. I've taken a Wii at the border. Well I think they're going to have an executive order that perhaps we'll go back and I don't think they're gonna analyze. The Stanley that. And church and and the kids that are separated right now it is a huge problem. And unnatural to just quickly how will hand out and hoping that. We are. It being any of the children with their family. And moving forward how all of this help. Those whose families are caught illegally crossing the border with your children. The directory ripped away from the parents. The time for a missed. Well we've got battleground because what was happening before all that is back. If you answered the united state unlocked or with which idol the government would secretly propped you pay what you are you. Gal. Arm in the re proud and happy and proud parent and the people utilizing it attribute the United States and breaking the federal ration. So we at one extreme and we went to the other cable or our children. In order not to deter this context so I'm hoping going corporate and you know middle ground there think that having a chat is not automatic. Welcome an entry to break the United States. But at the same time to family gathered so I'm hoping to expect it or will you that. There's also to act immigration bill before the house this week Carol. Think we think had been waiting over twenty years for urged important and I think we might be getting there.