Roger Stone - Michael Caputo and Russiagate 930in716 June 18, 2018

Monday, June 18th

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It's 930. In 716. Here we go again with Russia gate and Mahler and Rogers alone and Michael Caputo. Nobody ever asks me Russia. I thought the meeting was ludicrous I have been very short telephone conversation with a fellow who claimed to have something on Hillary Clinton the united they're very tight for rockers don't they revoked and Florida they can beat Roger could vaccine. Information. I'm Tim Wenger 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy. Special counsel Robert Mueller is examining a previously undisclosed meeting between longtime Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone. And a Russian figure who allegedly tried to sell him dirt on Hillary Clinton. The meeting between stone and a man who identified himself as Henry Greenberg. Was described in a pair of letters sent Friday to the House Intelligence Committee and first reported by the Washington Post. Stone and Michael cook food though. A WB and contributor by the way a trump campaign aide to a range to 2016 meeting did not disclose the contact in their interviews with the committee. But they now believe the man was an FBI informant trying to set them up in a bid to undermine Trump's campaign. Let's try to get this all together ABC's terra palm Mary is at the white house with a bit more. New revelations of yet another previously undisclosed meeting between a chump loyalist and a Russian. ABC news confirming the Washington Post story that trumps longtime confidant Roger Stone. Met with the Russian in Miami in May of 2016. The man who calls himself Henry Greenberg allegedly offered damaging information on Hillary Clinton in exchange for two million dollars. We spoke to stone on the phone. I thought the meeting was ludicrous. Two million dollars or just described documents I had no interest I knew he would have no interest. Never mentioned to him or anyone in his campaign. Greenberg had reached out and associated come campaign Michael Caputo who bends that the meeting with down to Bhutto was asked about rushing collusion by Pierre Thomas last month. Did you ever see or witness any contacts with the Russians. No and not at all nobody ever asks me about Russia. Nobody ever spoke to me about what you know how Russia might help stone Teddy ultimately did not agree to pay for the dirt on Clinton. The president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani claiming that the president was not aware of the contact stoning to Bhutto both alleging that the meeting was an FBI trapped. That Greenberg had previously worked as an informant Greenberg told the post he hasn't worked with the FBI since 2013. The latest interaction means at least eleven trump associates have admitted to having contact with the Russian during the campaign or presidential transition since the Muller investigation began the president tweeting. We China there was no Russian collusion. It simply is. Putting them. Or your attorney sent a letter stating. Michael Boudreau in all his own words on WP and with some arrows and Brian has around ski. And our export to get pounded the same thing there's no. Legal exposure credible exposure or simply I forgot something happened importing it means. I could of took over about a minute twenty seconds of my life occur very busy time. End this incident with something that got. Natural have you gotten any feedback from anybody who might have read that letter. But but these crimes I've been contacted by or forty people chose the produces already. Yesterday it spotted there are about 45 orders from telephone I got some feedback. But another thing that are actually getting more feedback. Is. What I posed for the Democrats thought yeah or a Democrat dot com or. When not what I would call this meeting with during a meeting I had. We're better bako we put his. Here's our clients through rigorous preparation to occur during that preparation. And at that anything you and me at all error you know. Are pounding on me during that they're preparation at that time or remembered that I have been very short telephone conversation with a fellow who claimed to have something on Hillary. Clinton. And I respect I rocker known as they were both in Florida. They can meet Roger could bet the information. Now when I I forgot about that and it reverend Al are only draw between seventeen. I went back and how would you might testimony. In February reporting eighteen I didn't look Paula Bennett what Mittal. That it is putting me through rigorous preparation department called. Like came into Ramallah and needing. Are ready to talk about there's Sunday's second. Act in general question with anything anybody could ever offer anything. Are about Hillary Clinton and I answered right away. That is green Bert character had called me and asked for a meeting with Marcus well. They know more about that meeting and I did during my time with more they knew. But he want an American citizen I thought it was an American citizen. They knew that peak and of the meeting. And and they've really paid so from my perspective they argue about that that really raised my curiosity. Oh my god out of the meeting. A week or so later I started. At a private investigation. And two countries and Russia and the United States into the air Kirk. And I found out that he Eddie long career as an FBI informant I proved it beyond a shadow of the doubt because he sign an affidavit. The available Democrat thought it or. Stating that he was an FBI informant and that he is only in the country because of a very important Beazer. And somehow he film country. So it's my opinion of rockers the the FBI is better off with a violent Russian criminal illegal aliens. In order try to get into the carpet and that helped him. So you didn't know until much later that he was an FBI informant. I had no idea until they're questioning as the Mahler investigation. Are setup red flag it was very clear they knew more about the beauty I'd sit. So our I started my investigation fired back here in the United States and Russia to track all this information and you can get it Democrats are you. Did Roger Stone know before or after the meeting that this was a Russian national. Well I think it's not clear why do said that the guy they were active I think that they I would let the guy. I think it was and green Birtley in the war. Didn't seem to meet Abu Russian name. But it didn't really in the end matter repairs. The guy we're trying to insult some information on cultural sort of buy anything and Roger Stone or purely economic I was a lot. Are you worried about the impression that this might give off that. You amended your first testimony because she didn't remember that now you're remembering ended just happened to be. A meeting with Russian national. I mean it the good look for sure but you know remembering him or respect in a local conversation. Two years ago I found anybody especially if the guy is on the phone saying that he's a Russian. Network premiere at the size and orbit when remembered that as you know I would break. I didn't remember it and anybody who now they're claiming racism and an example of me lying to congress for more watching collusion. It is high. Really really hot. Well Michael did this meeting had any significant impact. On the campaign. Zero did not need people not. That big guy offered to sell information about Hillary Clinton Rogers on. Though some of the paper backed everything it and the guy never try to contact the campaign again the only thing that's really. Question now is not yet he was an appearance on record of very clear from Democrats thought it or city is. And FBI informant the question is whether or not and equally. He took time off from his long career as an FBI in orbit. During catalog and go out there who could take a one hour and well I mean it was brought so all the own accord. How often would you say their requests are calls like that one offering up information came into the campaign when you work says there. I don't know about every hour campaign but I got dozens of those requests it would happen when you walk in our in the lobby you know. Somebody would come up and give your envelope and say you know I have information on Hillary Clinton I got more requests and all information about Hillary. During this campaign. Than probably although my dozens of campaign I've worked on combined. I thought it was a indication that we were running against their notoriously hello regime in over Clinton. I thought people because of the Clinton it's been in the public are over the years people work in order gathered a lot of momentum with their hatred. This. Some local call me right above the average. Of all of those thousands of approaches. Earning. Michael we appreciate an and they we should put until he wanna two million dollars right. He hit on it wasn't against Europe occupy would've gotten. Already they've paid fifty plus million dollars to Russian intelligence. Information in refusing GPS thought it. It is in the wrong campaign develop open and notoriously cheap about those kind of things I encourage listeners understand. But the media is talking about. That this as a an example. Of a lack of candor and my art rockers stone that we didn't tell the truth we were interviewed by the house both it was simply forgot and in the end. That amounted to absolutely nothing and rocker so and I have zero from an important legal exposure. People what the media is ignoring. If this guy is in. A one year seventeen year. FBI informant and to try and bet that they were just about an hour. He wasn't conforming to the FBR if dubious. And if so it don't news pact tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.