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Saturday, March 17th

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But. This is less chance. It is there's no. Particular group. You stay and offering us the truth. If you want the truth. Sure you've entered the Robertson the only show. Relax. And allow me to lift the sale of this false reality. We've been programmed to believe. He hypnotized. If you will. Good morning welcome to the Robertson he'll show you earn him thirty WP yen. This show today is probably going to be one of my most. Informative. And hard hitting. Deep cutting shows I've ever done. So I sure hope you're paying attention and I sure hope. That she did miss today's show what you can always you know listen to it in the archives. But I'm gonna cut rates of the truth here and it's gonna hit hard. But it's gonna make you understand it help you understand. Why you feel the way I feel about everything that's around us. First thing we must understand it that we will never be free. And we will never have our own minds. And until we realize. That everything we think we know. It's all lives. You watch the matrix. How the matrix movie. That was actually a huge metaphor for how that movie. Show humans. Be harvested by machines. And used to feed the machines. Ed and you think about how people are concerned about AI. Artificial intelligence. And that AI. The artificial intelligence one day will take over us we will have them there to serve us and they will conquer us. And that's what many people fear. But what these same people including myself to recently failed to understand. That what we fear. Is the past and the present. Let me explain. You see this is already happens. People form governments to make human life easier and safer. And governments. Always add up enslave humanity. Debt which we create a surplus. Ends up ruling us. And it's always the same way. The government body and for the people mountain. Prison millions of people. Takes half the national income bite force. Over regulates. Publishers. Torturers. Slaughters. Invades countries. Overthrow governments. Inflate the currency. At crash this future generations what. Massive debts. Think about it. Has anything that I just told you. Ring false. The government. By and for the people now imprisoned millions. Takes happen national income by force. Over regulate punish is torture slaughters invades countries and overthrow governments. Inflate the currency. And crashes. Future generations. With a massive deaths. All you have to do is give it just a little bit of five you'll understand that when actually it's true. It's amazing how far we've come. It's sad. But it's still true. And if you don't think so all you gotta do is try to. Break out of it. That which we Corey to serve us currents up and ruling us. The probably the state. S server thesis. Is that it has historically completely false and Perry can only have logically. The idea that states were voluntary and that it voluntarily abetted by citizens. To enhance their own security is utterly untrue. Before governments. And travel times human beings can only produce what they consume and so there was no point to owning slaves. Because the slaves could not produce any access. A vehicle grew up Bruce any access. That could be stolen by the master. When agricultural improvements allow for the creation of but access crops. Suddenly it became highly advantageous or human beings. The industrial revolution did not rise. But do not come into play because the ruling class wanted to free their serfs. But rather because they realize how additional. Fault of liberties. Could make their livestock astoundingly more productive. He sympathetic house. When house replacing confining stalls that beat their heads against the walls resulting in injuries and affection. So farmers and I'll give them more room not because they wanna set their house free. But because they want greater productivity and lower costs. The next stop after free range. Is not free don't. The rights of state capitalism early nineteenth century the United States was actually. A free range serve them. Additional liberties were granted to the human livestock. Not what the goal of setting them free. But rather than. Goal of increasing their productivity. Not course intellectuals. Artists and preached. Were all and are well pay. To conceal. This reality. So they were having our well Hague conceal this reality. They're there to make sure we stay in lockstep. You ever look at it in the universe. East. With the professors the stuff trading the children. Trading the kids. How about actors actresses. For liberal ways trading on trading on trading him. How about a lot of clergy. Same thing. You see the great problem with human life stock ownership is the challenge of enthusiasm. State capitalism only works on the entrepreneurial spirit drives creativity productive productivity in the economy. However. Access productivity always creates the largest state. As well the ruling classes. Other dependents. Which eats into the motivation for additional productivity. Taxes and regulations rise. State that. Future farm increases. And an extended slow indicate. Depression and despair began to spread. As a reality of being all of sets in for the general population will we realizes that a conscious level or not. Many people understand they're just slaves to a system. So the solution to this is additional propaganda. Anti depressant medication. Wars. Moral campaigns of every kind. The creation of enemies. He would tell occupation of patriotism. Collective fears and so on. And think about that. In allocation of patriotism. Why do we stand for the National Anthem. Why did we salute the flag wise the National Anthem played in front of and before every sporting event. Was all there to install patriotism. So that you protect the way of life you path. So that you're happy slain. This is why we Feingold awards. This is by wars waged all over the world. Because this happens. From one side of it from one side of the earth to the other side of the earth. It's amazing. And this is essential to understand the reality of the world. He C. When we look at a map of the earth we are not looking countries. We are looking at farms. What should have run through that for us. We are looking at firearms. Because everybody's a slave. But when I get to the next segment. In more depth about this. But I want you to understand. That we have owners. And we are living a lie. And we have no freedoms at all just the illusion of freedoms. There were delusional to think that we have freedoms. We are free we're delusional. Because this is not. The freedom that god envisioned for us. This is the devil working. When I get back I'm gonna explain more on this. But watches state Toomey is gonna get much deeper. As we call law. Our home is Rush Limbaugh and. Weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WBA. And I am curious to see about from my salary cap. 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Welcome back to listen to the Roberts have the social security and thirty WB EN. And so we left off the last segment. Talk about the map of the world and how. The map of the earth really isn't looking at countries were all just look at that farms of the human farms to humans or livestock. You see we are allowed certain liberties. Were outnumbered the limited property ownership. That's about do you really on the property. Are you taxed on your property. Do you actually believe your tax solely so that you can contribute to society. You're taxed on your property. So that you never own it. You can have a bill. For school taxes or whatever that add a property tax you can have a bill that is for other things and get a bill but it wouldn't be attached to your property. But taxation itself is the lack of freedom. But the reason you have property taxes is because you do not only your property you only have an illusion of only your property. You don't believe me look at your deed. You are not listed as the owner you're listed at listed as that Tenet. Look at it you don't believe me. See our rulers still. All of us through taxation. Movement rights without work our rulers are only read it with permission. So we can even go anywhere. Unless we get permission. And only wine after all the paperwork this this has been satisfied to the discretion. You know passports. Applications. Manifests. Things like this. Freedom of association and occupation. Well. Depends on where you lock. That's not because of our government a proven. Of these rights group for the people of principle. So about the government that wants to give you writes what human. What rights and amendments are like that. They don't want these have you to have this at all. He wanted to prove Kia what do cots that we are violating those rights. But violating them all the time and try to take him away all the time and kidded others offering speech. Comedians will be a locked up all the time. Because of what they say they're jokes are considered hate speech or fads of and so they go to jail. Look at the United States was the First Amendment freedom of speech second government. Right to bear arms. Well the reason why you think you the freedom of speech because you can bear arms and protect yourself let's get such a radical government particularly right to bear arms away guess what happens you're free speech follows. And people are dumb enough that they are screaming for it. Now the reason the government doesn't like I said it's not because they approve of these rights that's the cost of the violate them but rather because free range livestock. Is so much more cheaper to all the and do much more productivity. There's so much more productive. It's important to understand the reality of ideologies. State capitalism. Socialism. Communism. Fascism. Democracy. These are all livestock management approaches. That's all they are. Some work well for long periods. Like state capitalism. Some won't work. We'll sit somewhere very badly that won't work well at all like communism. They all fell eventually because it is immoral and irrational. To treat human beings is livestock. The recent growth of freedom in China India and Asia is occurring because the local state farm. Hours have upgraded their livestock management practices. They have recognized. That putting but how is it a larger stall provides the rovers more milk and meat. It's that simple. The rulers have also recognize that if they prevent you from fleeing the fire. You'll become depressed. And hurt and unproductive. You see us serve. As most productive. Would you imagine is that he is free. Such as boating. He shall rulers must provide us the illusion of freedom in order to harvest with a effectively. Let's listen if you wanna harvest us that the we are allowed to leave. But never. Too real freedom. Only to another fire. So it could be one country to another eagle from one livestock farm to another livestock for. Because all of the earth does a far. And they will prevent us from taking a lot of money. They'll bury us and endless paperwork. They will restrict our right to work. But we have creative. Quote unquote in. A mean. We are free. Quote unquote free to leave. And during these difficulties urged people to leave. Because it's just so tough to do. But no illusion of mobility has maintained. It only one Ottawa thousand houses eight. The illusion. Of escaping raises the productivity of the other 999. House. And it's still remains at that team for the far. Sort of step. If even one per one person out of a thousand. Moves out of the country. The other 990 I think where you can eat and there are happier to produce and produce better for the brewers here. Now. We also kept on the farm through licensing. You see the most productive lives buck. Are the professionals. So all the rumors that double and electric dog collar called a license. Which only allowed them to practice the world trade other roam far. That's why you doctors just from what country are not allowed doctors stuff from another country's unity for chiropractor is. Architects all kinds of things offered the people move around the globe. They can't use your profession in the country because they're told by again that they're not allowed. By the rulers. To further create the illusion of freedom of certain farms the livestock are allowed to choose between a few farmers. That he's investor present like politicians. At best they are given only minor choices and holly are managed. They're never given the choice to show up on the farm and be truly free. Government schools are indoctrination patents for livestock. Featuring children to love the far. And fear true freedom and independence and to attack anyone who questions the brutal reality of human ownership. Just like myself try to talk you that you being hypnotized and you did that's an illusion. How many times for one attack always an easy easy it is always talk about self so far fetched popular these conspiracy theories be true. They've been trained to attack to want to not see the true. Furthermore they create jobs for the intellectuals that state propaganda that the state propaganda relies on. The ridiculous contradictions of sadism can only be sustained through endless propaganda inflicted on helpless children. The idea that democracy. At some sort of social contract justifies the brutal exercise of violent power over billions of people's patently. Ridiculous. He shot rulers through trade offs to attack anyone who cares speak of true freedom. Anymore. That is why so many people won't doubt. The truth. And believe me these people you see that new moves are paid handsomely. To keep you fool. Many of that purple still. What they're able to move around freer this kind of. But if all of this is a lie. But where do the life stop and what is the truth of what is a lie and how do you distinguish between what is true it was a lie. Do we say OK well maybe the shooting wasn't true but you know we did go to the bowl. Or is that a line or is that truth. How do we know. When a person's life you have people like you constant how. Out of Reno anything is true. Think about it. Everything is a line. Every day you've been talked is a lie. And why. Took control you to keep you asleep to keep you productive to keep you look hot in the real. The key proof that don't mean that. Happy. And fighting anybody who will dare. Try to set your mind free. So it is ladies and gentlemen you can accepted it about it but still true. Read the news online. At WB EN dot com. I am chases it from my son. It I tried everything to quit smoking. Nothing worked until I went to buffalo hypnosis I quit smoking right after the first session. It worked immediately ignited not seeing any way people come to us set buffalo hypnosis after they've tried the pills and the patches they're ready and realize that until their mindset changes they won't see lasting results. Daniel local auto consulting hypnotist at buffalo hypnosis just a subconscious mind that controls our habits cravings and emotions the brain and every thing it is mind over matter. And their proven programs put you in full control it's not Lee CN TV it's modern hypnosis based on science linguistics and relaxation and the results are fantastic for anyone trying to quit smoking lose weight handle stress or Parker fair. To see if hypnosis is right for you call 8749058749015. I highly suggest buffalo hypnosis it's the only thing that worked call 8749. Buffalo hypnosis be leaving. You've seen news radio 9:30 AM WD and welcome back to listen to the Robertson BO show uranium and thirty WB. I'm sorry I had to lay all that odd you in the show but. It was time you have been listening long enough. And my children. It's time for you to know. Now I don't mean that in a demeaning way at all I mean that in a way that have love every one of you and I would have said it. If I didn't care about myself and only care about you. That's why I said it. So let's go to Jesus calling for today. And of course this is the seventeenth. Of Rome march. Come to me for understanding since I know you're far better than you know yourself. I comprehend you at all you're complexity. No T tell your wife is hitting for me. I think you used through Isaac grace so don't be afraid of what it's an awareness. I'll allow the light of my healing presence to shine into the deepest recesses. Of your being. Closing healing refreshing and renewing. Trust me through to accept our trust enough to accept a full forgiveness. And offer you continually. This great gift which cost me my life is yours for all eternity. Forgiveness is at the very core of my abiding presence. I will never leave you or proceed. When no one else seemed to understand you simply draw closer to me. Free choice in the one wonders to your shoe completely in love you perfectly. As I fill you with my love you become a reservoir law. Overflowing into the lives of other people. All lord you have searched me you know me. You know only when I sit. And when I rise. You perceive my thoughts from a far you discern my going and my lying down. You are familiar we're all my ways. Before awarded up right talking you know it completely or lower some chapter 139 verses one through four. Now what does god makes all of us had used at Furman Christ. He annoyed at us second issue of ownership on us. And put his spirit and our hearts as a deposit guaranty and what is to come. Two corinthians chapter one verses 12122. No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life as I was when Moses so I will be with you. I won't never been nor Percy you. Joshua chapter one verse are. Not a starting your do you write with Joyce Meyers. She's always to search. So today is rededicate yourself. All lower earnestly. Remembered now how I have walk before you were faithful this at true. And with the whole heart entirely devoted TU. That have done what is good in north side. That's two things shipped twenty verse three. And Jacob awoke from a sleep he set surely them orders in this place and I did not knowing Genesis chapter twenty verse sixteen. Many times the lord is with us that we don't even know it. God is there with you even when circumstances he out of control. He is already working everything together for your good. And Jacob perot's early in the morning and took the storm hit put under his head and he set it up for a pillar a monument to the vision and his dream. And he poured oil on its top and dedication. Percy T. Likewise we should rededicate ourselves to god every. Morning. And that's true and I do have a more intimate partners. So. Let not your hearts be troubled. And for people who feel stressed. That feeling of dread depression. Understand all these negative feelings come from the adversary. The king of lives. The ruler of the earth that god has given rule to over over the earth. Until he comes again. And understand we have been like to as the adversary has said it out frost of fall prey and victim hood. While we think we're freeing once had a slaves were still mostly. What anybody says people need reparations is selfish let's Avery. Look in the mirror all of us. We're all slaves. Who all have bad and we all will until Jesus comes again. Because I don't see anyway. The farmers are gonna let us off the farm. God bless each and every one of you. Who I hope my message sinks in.