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But. This is this chance. After this news and predictably. Historians. Take the red. You stay in and. And the trucks. You want to truth. You've entered the Robertson the only show. Relax. And allow me to lift the video of this false reality. We've been programmed to believe. He hypnotized. Good morning in a sense of the Robertson we'll show here and AM 930 WB. Well you infer rare treat of late because. Quite frankly I just been keeping Tom about a lot of things but this week while a little bit riled so we're going to be talking quite frankly right now. As far as the Helsinki summit with. President Donald Trump and prudent. I am just unbelievable. Lee. Enlightened even more about how well how evil publish speckled ball left can be. This is ridiculous no matter what trump does. They are gonna hate it. They already have their narratives of what they're going to say written before anything takes place on both sides. If he says yes we're gonna hate him for this and he says no we're gonna hate him for this first they said they needed to did not want him meeting with who now they'd all be you should help. Then when he went what do you look there they're pissed off because. He said he didn't call up quote get a couple a liar he does say you're fired he did it because truck was diplomatic. They said the man had norm and no foreign policy skills no diplomacy skills yet nobody is diplomatic and he does go right bait. In front of a world stage collect calls a muzzle loading liberals that the we asked. About whether or not. He believed his own intelligence agencies. About the Russian interference from the election. All he said was he was briefed by his own intelligence agencies that there was an appearance by the Russians. Who has been that would deny it and he sees no reason why who would interfere that's all sat. He did say he didn't believe there's intelligence agencies he didn't say he believed book and he just says you know why put. Would interfere that's all set it was a very diplomatic answer they got off the hook so anybody would think who has common sense are happen. But as you know the liberal media has no right whatsoever. Saw they changed I have no reason to to think that who would do it too. I don't believe my intelligence agencies and of course the lap comes out and says this is treason as he's thrown his own country under the bus. He's they're ridiculous what with the let's say it changed the changed around let's say trump would say I think that my agencies telling the truth. And potent line. And they set it on great from a boot right there. Without being diplomatic. Would that help the United States would deal won't rush at all would that give us the outcome that we desire. No trump is a man about outcomes and what is useful of what is not useful that would be not usable but then again the insane thing to do the thing that's not. Useful is exactly what the liberals want him to do because if he would say. That the liberals to sit all my gosh can get bullied. That trump called I'll quote the front of everybody this event is ridiculous he's up fool he should have never done that so no matter which way he turned. He was gonna be a loser. Now mind you this is the same. Liberals that are okay. Way. Saudi Arabia. Beat cozy with them okay with China. Being cozy with them they are far more threats to Austin the Soviet Union at least the Soviet union's a Christian nation. Oh my gosh I can't believe this and how well that they're talking about if you're appearing elections. Isn't the liberals that want all of these illegal aliens to be able to vote so that they can interfere with the elections. Or people just forget that help Ed one other thing. Have been we interfere with elections of almost every country that has an election on this earth. Serious. I can't believe it the lunacy is so far gone. So ridiculous. A what I hear these people talk and they second guess that's me and all of my. Let's think about this for a moment just for a moment let's just think about this for a moment. That beat the DNC the peak RNC that beat the media. That the everybody against him. He surrounds himself with. Wrote people he makes brilliant decisions. He tells the American people what's really happening and save it for thirty years. He's elected he does exactly what he was elected to do and the liberal media. Is calling for tree for impeachment on every grounds. Every grounds. What's the job rather that for former CIA director he said. It was a high crimes and misdemeanors. Impeachable offense the same god usable Communists say in this. I think I'm beside myself with public stupidity. The utmost stupidity don't liberals are now mob violence that's what the they're mob violence that make no sense whatsoever it is. Is the mental disorder I don't know what anybody says sit to their base point your finger regular basis that you sir are an insane idiot. And say it took that. Because they are there insane idiots they have no clue. No clue about anything that they say matter that they're so stupid. That if they were drooling of their old meal they'd be about tiger IQ points higher than we are right now. Can't take anymore these people don't matter what they say. It's beyond the pale I thought trump was brilliant. I thought he handled it was awesome you choose to the body language which would pool and him. They look like the old high school friends getting together isn't that we want. Did you see the body of which were Kim Jong-Il on and find a president trump did seem like bodies. We want. Where we want. We want to up pissing contests we want a war. Is that what they want. Because I don't care what this man does they're gonna take the other site. It doesn't matter if trot cures cancer he they're gonna talk to Bob. Millions of people out. So on many millions of dollars of billions of dollars lost the people out of work because truck cures cancer if trump as we can't get secure doesn't tell people. They're gonna talk about how trumpet a saved everybody but he refused to do it no matter what he does. They are going to be against and they have a narrative written up from both sides I kid you not you can see it. What I think just. Happened at oh by the way and everybody everybody on the right that both sides what though the liberals. There's your traders ever watched the godfather. To remember when Marlon Brando which. His son Michael play by Alpa chino. Please know he's the person that comes to you the person comes you want you to have a meeting will Arsene he. He's gonna he's in a promise that you'll be safe. You'll be assassinated at that meeting that person is to trader. Obama tell you right now. The people on the right to the people that come Q and they tell you trump was wrong. And they tell you that. Truck has the changer isn't doing the right things. There's the trader. They're trying to assassinate the country that's what they're trying to do. They're the ones that are the traders need to be weeded out. Every time you hear someone call our country a democracy. Anytime you're somewhat to our democracies of our democracy. Even if president trump says that. That's when you don't doubt president trump when he says the word democracy anybody said that miss that. We our republic there's a huge difference if you don't know what the differences and look it up. It's huge. Democracies gala always sort of oligarchy east. You know every single president since I don't know when. Has met with the leader of the Soviet Union or Russia every single one. Would bush. Met Putin. There was both bushes the senior and the junior and a picture lefty and causing up to him was he ridiculed for that no. Generous he would Obama's team put my boot and they're both sitting in which it shares with a blank stare. But they did not like each other at all. Trust making friends with gluten and that's a Fred we need to have right now. If we can make coup and an ally and we can work together so it's mutually beneficial to both countries. We could be Kim Jong ally we can make you beneficial both our countries. Doesn't that strength in the United States of America. Doesn't that make us look better but look at all the idiots that are seeing that trump was doing wrong. These are the same idiots that must have been fine with the direction the country was headed for the last thirty years that's fine with that. Because trumpet actually breaking the narrative and and breaking the mold and doing amazing things in this nation. And yet we have the people that are just want the same old same old politics that are crooked. He sees some of these people you paid a 170000. Dollars a year in congress get there with millions and millions of dollars. How is that possible. If they're not selling you out every one of us. Meanwhile. Back at the ranch trump is donating his salary. Here's a man that's a multi billionaire decided to leave his life. Private businessman just enjoying life and take out an insurmountable task like this you don't think this man has touched by god. I don't know I don't know what can convince you. He has no reason to do this. Yet others will think that may be it's just a ploy what possible but up target it's not probable. Could be a ploy I mean everybody was against them maybe that was that. It sure looks like it's not great. Now though. WB GN 9:30 AM is buffalo as feast on black I am chases eve from my salary cap. I tried everything to quit smoking. 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Welcome back you're still listening to the Robertson he'll show uranium thirty WB. OK so we need to start taking a look at where we're headed as a country and what this national divide is and how deep it goes and what's going to come down the pike. And as we look at things right now we see that regardless like I said in segment one. Regardless what president trump does people are going to hate him. Now. Could this be it. As in biblical prophecies. Where they say that would be any price comes there's going to be three years of peace. And everybody's gonna get along. Followed. By three years or more of forgot how the prophecy callers now. A horrible things that are gonna happen. So. Well it could just just be the props he's playing well because everything I see from trop is good. I see him making friends when everybody. As far as other countries are concerned I see him doing the right things for this country I know we don't laugh they demonize him. And there's a lot of demons that are upset with them. So are these demons fighting each other's trump really wanted to demons they're fighting each other or struck really the real deal. Or something's gonna have to worry changes in three years there's a lot of questions here that need to be answered. And we don't know what's going to happen what we do all right now it's the traditional government that week. For the last half century. Does not like this man. Maybe more than maybe a full century but does not like this man and the things that got them where our countries but had it. Over the last so many years has been the wrong direction. Everything in our country's backwards upside down I want to pay attention wanting radio that I think makes a lot of sense. Illegal activities that Roman empire even before. They had a second let's. See the role had a republic. And it's all in when they open their doors are open their borders that they were they were overthrown. Because that's what happened they were overthrown from whit bit. They had the exact same problems we're having now. And they did not combat they actually open their borders so that the people in that we're gonna kill apartment site. And that's exactly what are left wants to do here but when you look at Rome the problems they had the problems that we face today. We're the same exact problems. So through all the politicians and all of the promises and all the campaigns and all the you know we have a solution. In over 2000 years. Nothing has changed. The banking problems get worse. Now there's a simple solution. For just about every prop. And it works but nobody wants to deploy the solutions. The only person that's ever been out there looking to actually solve things has been trump he's the only one. Now some people have you believe that trump is just another shell another puppet for the big banks and maybe these people are right. I don't say they're not but I want to take a look at what has taken place for that to be right. First stop. As we know trump beat the RNC to DNC that mainstream media. Does late night talk show host the actor's Hollywood. He'd be a long. He beat big business didn't want him there nobody wanted him there. The fact definitely doesn't want to there be bankers don't want there he beat a ball. And people need a pilgrimage to hear him speak. It was a just a handful. So what's your allies to us is w.s at the inauguration very few people there lion through there to just like they like through their teeth and every other thing that they talk about. So the people got him elected and then you hear while he'd when the popular vote I don't believe that. I don't think you can count all the illegal votes it happened on the on the vote on the left I don't eat out all the votes from the deceased people or that made up people. The fictional characters. I think would it with a smoke clears your look at at least for a million votes. Because if he noticed truck had the lead in the popular vote right up to the very end at the very also what people come from. Kind of like that with Gary call on the with Coleman to Africa his name. He was the guy running for the senate Minnesota. He was the senator there on the Republicans. Al Franken ran against. Coleman beat up. By about 233. Votes or something like that this is Barack Obama is running for president. Well. All of a sudden they found a box of votes in a car. That had just enough votes to beat Coleman. And at a presidential wacky election the only. Box that was checked. For the little people voting in the race we're just for Al Franken. No other raced all the local races the the president race nobody voted for the elf just a one check mark one box. Well Franken gets Coleman even though they took at the court the court upheld. That Al Franken beat which was absolute farce. Just a statement is. Congressman west. From the military next military forgot his first name now. And eludes me but anyway. Great congressman here Donna Florida buddies Republicans. He had a four million vote lead going into the end all the sudden it switched. Wouldn't switch from everybody all the sudden voted the other side there's so much. Fraudulent voting out there like Mark Twain once said if voting actually made a difference that would let us do it. I would also mark trains the Mark Twain said was it's easy to fool someone than to convince them that they've been fooled. And the last thing the Mark Twain said that I'd like is all those others it's one of mention now. If you don't read the newspaper your uninformed if you do read the newspaper your misinformed. So that's go to Shelley regardless of its radio television or newspaper. You're misinformed. So we'll look at deaths. What is happening did duck. Did the real bad guys that wanted to trump and make it look like there was a fight was it just a contrived fight. That the left really throw in the towel was Hillary not supposed to win. So I don't think I don't think so the fight was so fierce against trumpets the list itself fears some people say well you know what it's just an illusion. They're just showing you that this beat you think there is a big fight so they can get all the people that other conservatives. To go along with whatever trump decides. Is it possible absolutely. Is a probable no it's actually highly unlikely. Because these people aren't that Smart. They've done so many things are stupid the 9/11 inside job. Stupid poverty applause how many holes there and it. That's sandy hook shooting still at how many flaws how many holes or edit the pole night club shooting still but how many followers how many holes there at the Colorado theater shooting stupid how many flaws how many holes there and it does Las Vegas shooting. Stupid comedy flop how many holes aren't they make mistakes were trying to see if they make mistakes mistakes mistakes are always caught this would have to be the first time they never been a mistake. I don't believe it. I just felt sorry so if there's anything it's gonna go wrong when trumpets gonna be the for filling of some prophecy in Trump's going to be the Paul the upon and it kind of like Judas was. Why would come to Jesus. When he when he had betrayed Jesus so. As we're looking at this we have to come to terms. That right now on face value it looks as if trump is doing all the right things so we must support the man. Until he starts doing things not write a dead. We turn against him. If that's the case if it ever happens. But to sit here for me to sit here as don't know I'm definitely trump too because it's all bad it's awfully well that if you believe everything the state that you happy that nothing. And he can't snappy and god if god is actually Bennett trump has actually been anointed by god. Because of it if god actually anointed trop and put trump in his position much like Osiris. If he's done that. And then you're against trop well that you're caught against guy. So it. You gotta be darned sure you know what you're talking about. CI I think it makes everything so confusing now. Because we have the Internet and with the Internet so much harder for them in the light of us could cheat steal because we can actually find out things but then again. With technology. It's easier to fit things to. So it's kind of like a catch 22 you have to be aware you cannot just go around every day not paying attention. He can't so at a time and it was comes out especially if the liberal media and they say anything I immediately had your default position to be opposite of whatever they say. Regardless of what it is the opposite. Because most likely you'll be right and you'll definitely be right far more than you'll be wrong and be just take that position and every last thing they say. So as we look at this we watch the next few days and hours and weeks and months and come up here. We're gonna notice that things change what happened to gun control atop the site and they want to let the kids to be in detail what happened and that's off to the site now talking about. Helsinki and talking about food and they're always gonna keep changing changing changing it's just what way can we hate trump. So. I mean he might put the toilet paper work goes under instead of overdo you and have them shot their ego is going to be a piece such high crimes and misdemeanors. Is that the north put a roll of toilet paper. On. Set the world total paper operates are gonna have the original there always have a reason the ridiculous reasons if you wanna weapons somebody. Go after Hillary go after Clinton there's tons of evidence against then you have nothing on tropic you wasted tech taxpayer's time and money by going after him of rape. WBE and 9:30 AM is buffalo as ways I am trees deceive from my sciatica I tried everything to quit smoking. Nothing worked until I went to buffalo hypnosis I quit smoking right after the first session. It worked immediately ignited not gain any weight people come to us set buffalo hypnosis after they've tried to pills and the patches there ready. And realize that until their mindset changes they won't see lasting results Daniel calavo consulting hypnotist at buffalo hypnosis just a subconscious mind that controls our habits cravings and emotions the brain and every thing it is mind over matter. And their proven programs put you in full control it's not leave CN TV it's modern hypnosis based on science linguistics and relaxation and the results are fantastic. For anyone trying to quit smoking lose weight. Handle stress or packer fair. To see if hypnosis is right for you call 8749050. 8749015. I highly suggest buffalo hypnosis it's the only thing that worked call 8749. Buffalo hypnosis be leaving the scene. WBZ EN 9:30 AM as buffalo as lake effect. Welcome back and listened to the Robertson we'll show here in thirty WVU. Had. So. Let's go report today which is of course July 21. Would Jesus calling. Rest of my presence when you need refreshment. Resting is not necessarily idleness as people often perceive it. When you relax in my company you are demonstrating trust in me. Trust is a rich word lady with meaning and direction for your life. I want you to leave and trust and be confident in me. Wouldn't lean on me for support I delight in your trust and confidence. Many people turn away from me when they are exhausted. The associate me with duty and diligence. So they try to hide from it presents when they need a break from work. How this saddens me. As they spoke through my profit as I have in returning to Meehan resting me you shall be safe. And quietness of trust shall be your strength. He evil dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty. Psalms chapter 91 verse one. Mean god trusted and be confident look in the lord with all your heart and mind you do not rely on your own insider understanding. Roberts chapter three verse five amplified by. For Abbas said the lord god the holy one of Israel and returning to me and arresting me you shall be saved. And quietness and in trust and confidence shall be your strength. What you would not. Isaiah chapter thirty verse fifteen. I. Why is words Jesus called Colin I don't recommend you get the free phone if you don't know half. So let's go to study Mickey Wright's choice in my ears for July 21. I was always working. Furthermore brother and we bag and admonish you and virtue of our nation with the lord I'm sorry. We in virtual over unions with the lord Jesus that you follow the instructions which you learn from us about how you ought to walk. Solis to please gratifying god. As indeed you're doing and that you do so even more and more abundantly obtaining a crater perfection and living in this life. What theologians chapter four verse one. In one theologians chapter two verse thirteen Paul wrote. When you received in the message of god which you heard from us you welcome it not as the word of your men. But as it truly is the word of god. Which is of the actually at work and you who believe. Exercising its two people in power in those who adhere to and trust in a reliance. The Bible says think God's word works and those who believe it. So no matter what you see today I believe that god is working on your breakthrough. And that's you know that's the amazing thing regardless what happens if you like if you wanna turn to god. Drop your date if you get upset or angry while you're driving or anything immediately. Ask Jesus for your forgiveness. And so the people you're upset with a little prayer that are safer there out of harm's way that he's protects them from being injured. Because. You'd hate to see them get an accident hurt somebody or themselves. He may be man at the moment but in reality you don't want to see anybody hurt. The same thing whether beepers and our country. We get angry whether we don't we agree with people on the opposite political side or not but we know does he hurt. Would want him you killed. Sometimes it writers that absolutely hate my point of view. They're very far left they think everything they say is idiotic stupid. They agree with everything the mainstream media assets. And I think that anybody who agrees with me has been tricked in the cooler it is just foolish. I don't understand it takes a lot more faith. To believe that nonsense but I mean in the mainstream media tells you that the simple common sense of understanding. What you see in front of me and what common sense seems to tell you if you have any street sense at all that you be a lie to you know it. So as we go through this day these days and weeks in the news stories breaking in new things that trump did wrong and how they wanna. You don't get rid of the man just understand it doesn't matter what he sets. No matter what he says they're gonna say he should decide the opposite. And he turns around and does the opposite they're gonna say C can't make up his mind. He's flip flop or he doesn't always doing he can't win but the nice thing about president trump is he's brilliant. And what other people think of him as none of his business. Just like when other people think of us and none of my business tablets each and every one you see you next. I am chases keep from my sonic I tried everything to quit smoking. Nothing worked until I went to buffalo hypnosis I quit smoking right after the first session. It worked immediately ignited knocking any weight people come to us at buffalo hypnosis after they've tried the pills and the patches they're ready. And realize that until their mindset changes they won't see lasting results Daniel calavo consulting hypnotist at buffalo hypnosis just a subconscious mind that controls our habits cravings and emotions the brain and every thing it is mind over matter. And their proven programs put you in full control it's not Lee CN TV it's modern hypnosis beef and science linguistics and relaxation and the results are fantastic. For anyone trying to quit smoking lose weight handle stress or packer fair. To see if hypnosis is right for you call 8749058749015. I highly suggest buffalo hypnosis it's the only thing that work call 8749. Buffalo hypnosis be leaving the scene. This is Peter and upon real state. 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