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Saturday, April 21st

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This is this chance. After this news note. The story end. You stay in one. Offering us the truth. Do you want the truth. Sure you've entered the Robertson the only show. Relax. And allow me to little avail of this false reality. We've been programmed to believe. He hypnotized. If you will. Good morning welcome to the Roberts have real shot here and AM 930 WB EN. I was looking at something recently on FaceBook about an umbrella network says Jesus is to have a Stanley. And then I mean Jesus is number one and then the man has to have that family and women. Our apprentices to their man clearly support. To their man. And a lot of people think that. That means that women are less than and they are not. It's the hierarchy. Of life. It's the way the family was designed to operate. Its the way that god intended. Our families to be. And then I look at everything that's taken place I look at the right for women to vault understand that when they're this right came about. Women didn't want the right to vote it was a small group of women that want the right to vote you don't want. Because they didn't want the responsibilities. That came with voting. One of those responsibilities was to fights. To be in the military to be drafted but there was others. But they didn't want to it was small group today we're looking well with a one but they didn't. And people don't understand how far we've come. How much deceitful this is taking place how much evil has taken home as full as they can hold. Planned Parenthood. Came into existence. 22. Lessen the value of life. Used as a way to keep minority numbers to home. To destroy the family. Feminism came meant to destroy the nucleus of the American family all guys that have started these moments wasn't aware that. I think it was one of the rockefellers. Way back when this started. Yes. But in the Bible. It if Egypt's chapter five verse 22 it says wives and husbands. And a sense. Why submit two year old husband's asked to the lower. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church. His body and is himself it's safe here. Now as the church submits to Christ. So also wives should submit and everything to their husbands. Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and keep himself up for horror. That he might say despite her having cleansed her by the washing up. Of water with the word. So that he might present the church to himself and splendor without spot or wrinkle or any such thing that she might be holding you without blemish. In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh but nurtures and cherishes it. Just as Christ as the church. Because we are members of his body. There for a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. This mystery is profound. And I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church however. But each one of you love his wife as himself and let the wife seated she respects her husband not. Just take a look at this. It really. Is wonderful. So women listen to this it's not that you were last year that. Know everybody has a role of like the plot. The problem is people have become if they are not satisfied in the roles that god has assigned you see they believe that they know better than I. They believe that their own selfish will ideas. And designers. Trumped that. Up are more. Not husbands this what you what what responsibilities. Spot on the grid spotted responsibility. Because. If Jesus if you're supposed to love your wife like Jesus loves the church. You have to sacrifice everything for your family and for your for your wife or your wife get to sacrifice everything. He put them cherish her gift to honor her. What you're doing your spiritual reading ahead of the head of the household by. Acting the way Jesus acts towards the church this is a huge responsibility for you to live up to such a thing. And why if you're supposed to submit your thousands of authority because your husband is supposed to have the same authority as Jesus would have exposed to act. Like Jesus act would you be much would you mind if Jesus told you something. No because you know he had your bath and utmost good at heart though because you know he gave his wife so that you we'd live. She may have abundant like this is one of the reasons why women and children first met have to stand behind. This is one of the reasons why men need to sacrifice men went to the front lines men die defending their families. He wasn't when did you when this is hope her version of women serve in the military have been in combat. That is an evil perversion of how life is supposed to be. So when you look at it you look at the hierarchy of the family and once you destroy that hierarchy once it's over. Now you see where everything else falls apart. Now you see white women wanted to vote. You see what women want to be equal amount they were never on any quo. But they didn't want the same things that man had to do. You don't see that you're giving your women now. Well I still I don't think we've chivalry is dead. They still want the doors of this do what the guys the pick they still look the guy to be that guy in the hierarchy. Of courting and family bot. They don't wanna be the girl call. Not less in all women but many women now wanted to pick up here people quality equal partnership with that won't work. There are not two presidents are not too chiefs. There's a president and vice president there's a hierarchy as a role for everybody when you're working accompany. Are you upset because you're the boss do you feel less than because you're not Abbas but you just have a different position. That doesn't mean you're less then. That means your role is different and that's all of means it's. Different. Now if if you knew that the person that you're answering you had your best interest at heart would do nothing never harm you would actually. Protect juiced themselves and put themselves and harm was a way to protect you you wouldn't have following that. But that's what we're taught society. More talk all dolls were being treated Puerto were being slighted. It's not that way. Solar Planned Parenthood came into existence. It wasn't there to help anybody. It wasn't there to Planned Parenthood to help people Planned Parenthood. There are people I'll percent while only 3% of the money don't give it a plan apartment for abortions that's outright lie I don't care what statue quote anything it's an outright lie. People think stats don't lie Jackson figures don't line we'll tell you something. Facts are supported by lies. All the truth is told in parables. Understand this. But dozens is that there look at marriage nowadays it stopped for love it's an economic partnership. It's not a death do we part people don't even need a reason to get divorced. Look what's happening around. Lives how many women are doing the horrible things. Moving in a boyfriend is cheating on her husband just wanting a divorce taking them I think in the house to give the kids to get the targeting alimony. Everything and work for is gone that's why this marriages and marriages destroyed now I'm not seeing some women haven't been slain about a matter hasn't happened Delaware around. But we all know that the laws of divorce are definitely suited for the woman. The man is the ones still being treated like in the under the umbrella but yet every other area if you some people wanna cherry pick every other area it's not. He can't cherry picked either wanna be part of the roller you don't want to be part of the role you'll play the role and you want to play the role he'll just picked apart you want. And and and and and just over all of that should be what god wants. Should be how god says it is. I don't offset and we investors since they got but should be at least drive to do the right things in areas that we can. This is how evil it is this is how god has given it earth for the double to rule and he ruled in his time is coming in the Washington Post time is coming. Because it's getting worse and worse and worse. People are losing their minds look at what's happening in the country. We have townships Danny weapons. Telling people they cannot defend himself throwing them in jail that don't don't turn their guns it. This isn't a freeway and this is a free country this is an oppressive government. This is exactly what our founding fathers warned us against. Think about the old wholesome shows. I mean it wasn't long ago. Even in 1950s and sixty's still had the hierarchy in the home even as well as some of the seventies. This is all within the last 2030 years everything this fall apart. Many are now wearing dresses women and now wearing the pants. Everything's messed up. But when you look at it in Fiji is chapter five verse 22 it's spelled out. How we doubted the word of god. And you know what. All I got on the FaceBook post and I tried to help people. Was. God's not Ryo he doesn't exist. Menace to mobile 4000 guns the Bible was written by man. They all know better than god they all know more than what god notes. And as I listened to these people speak. I can feel the evil and hate through the words on the on the texted page. I can feel it. I can feel the evil and fight them and they don't even though he's being evil hateful. They can appeal the majority joy of what it's like. To be a child of god and apple holy spirit and down side. Residing inside. That they don't know what it feels like because they're not children of god. They're children disobedience. Corporate. Here's sandy beach weekdays nine to live on that news radio 9:30 AM WBE and. I am trees deceive from my salary cap I tried everything to quit smoking. Nothing worked until I went to buffalo hypnosis I quit smoking right after the first session it worked immediately and I did not gain any weight people come to us at buffalo at. No sense after they've tried to pills and the patches they're ready and realize that until their mindset changes they won't see lasting results Daniel call Lotto consulting hypnotist led buffalo hypnosis is his subconscious mind that controls our habits cravings and emotions the brain and every thing it is mind over matter. And their proven programs put you in full control it's not least CN TV it's modern hypnosis based on science linguistics and relaxation and the results are fantastic. For anyone trying to quit smoking lose weight. Handle stress or packer fair. To see diagnosis is right for you call 8749058749015. I highly suggest buffalo hypnosis it's the only thing that work call 8749. Buffalo hypnosis be leaving. You've seen news radio 9:30 AM WB and I'm back and listened to the Roberts have initially Iranian thirty WB yet. Something about everything that's taking place right now a walk us in the bond market the bond market selling off. The Fed is trying to buy up all the bonds that to keep the stock market propped up. But so far they haven't been able to do at this time couple days gone by we that's what happens. Whether you think this all falls apart and put. If the bond market falls Pollard the stock market will follow every single time there's always been a major crash that's taken place. I don't mean to scare anybody but I noticed that precious metals started pre op. When that creeps up that means that I was getting weaker and something going on plus critical currencies are creeping up. When that happens from watching that rise so I just wanted to make sure that you're aware of all this stuff that's going on. But here and I'll watch what's going on in this country on the that was gonna liberals lose their minds. We have CNN which is the all stormy Daniels perk. I can't believe it is actually issues in this world we're not hearing about it. You know we couldn't get over the left to talk about. Things that were really important Barack Obama who was Hillary Clinton. But we have these trivial which consequently dontrelle. Now. I don't know if cornered essar was the right thing and not have conflicting in that in information. But pain and we'll have to wait to see what pans out but one thing I like his satellite. That were respected now in the country in the world production more respected. But I don't like that we still have a president that cut calls us a democracy I don't like when I hear other people see where democracy is bad for our democracy. You're being hypnotized to be brainwashed you know it's not a democracy it's Republicans huge difference. You know that every time you look at that American flag you know look at the American flag you look at them for flying you look at them Marshall lawfully. It's got a yellow fringe around it is not an American flag. The dimensions are right the color isn't right what else do you need. Just because they admitted ebersol subtle. Doesn't mean it's real. I mean you can make a replica of a car that doesn't drive one drives one doesn't it still looks the state are pretty close to this day. But it's not the same. So be careful out there that's when she the president stand with flags that are about to write this the dimensions. And have yellow fringe around the collar country a democracy. I can't help but think he must be in the thing too because he's not a stupid man. So I look at Mueller still doing this investigation and and Jeff Sessions till around Rothstein around when Rossi to Raza misty river's name is still being around I don't know why these people are fired. What a different and we protest is that as a lot can hate a more who cares. He got a fire these people that are hindering what's going on and move forward you can't just stayed that we stay at. But there's a lot yeah. Happening here right now. And I'm seeing people get very upset. I'm watching the Second Amendment people and they're starting to get upset you know how come everybody is a listen in town halls I listen people speak up. They're not happy. They're talking about marching. With weapons. Now I listened to the it lieutenant governor of Ohio wants to run for governor give them to a speech. And she's got a a rifle. Over her shoulder. Speaking pros Second Amendment but everything in her speech was I did this I did that I voted for this have voted for that nobody cares about that. What they care about is what you think how we think these matters and what you're going to do not what you did do which he did do his history. What do you do now. I average a run for office to stay in the race. Everything I said we have nothing to do with me no matter how much they accomplished I wouldn't talk about what I did. I'd be talking about the ideas I had it right one in this country to go and then if you like did vote for me if you don't. Don't vote for me. I don't win that I know you want something different than what I offer. That's how I would look at it would be refreshing if you've heard candidate talk about issues and not about themselves. I'd love that. But what are we gonna do. You see right now it's very interest in what's taken place. We're not fighting other man. We're not fighting other women were not fighting anything in the flash. I'm watching you don't want to say here. At preflight we have announced a spiritual battle. There are demons in these people these people are possessed. They've been brainwashed hypnotized. Com and scammed when every one of color. But they believe whatever that television set tells me to believe. Now you look at. I'll be Asians chapter six verse ten. It says. The whole armor of god. Finally be issue long in the lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of god. They you may be able to stand against the Steelers on the double. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. But against the rulers against the authorities. I guess the cosmic powers over this present darkness. Against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the holy armor of god that you may be able to withstand in the evil day. And having dogma all to stand firm. Stand there for having fastened on the belt the truth. Have been put on the breast plate of righteousness. And as for shoes for your feet. Having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace. In all circumstances. Take up the shield of faith. With which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation. And the sort of the spirit. Which is the word of god. Praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer in its application. To that and keep on work will call perseverance. Making this application for All Saints. And also for me that words may be given to me and opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel. For which I am an ambassador in chains. That have made it clear boldly as I ought to speak. The Dow's up. Powerful words. So here's 1 I am going to say I think we should do. I think every morning when you get up. When you say your prayers. You should imagine. Putting. The press played a bright just missed the belt of troop. You need to do this. Put on the shoes of readiness. For the gospel of peace. That's what we need to do. And you know what. Take the helmet of salvation take the sort of the spirit. Take the shield of faith. To put out all the flaming darts of the evil one. It's very important if you want to have instruction what to do again Fijians chapter six verse ten. It's very important. Do this every morning when you arrives. She can fight off evil one. Remember. He the adversary columns to steal. Kill and destroy. And Jesus came so that we can happily. And have been bonded. Now all these battles that we're having our spiritual. She should pray we get up in the morning. And then put out your shield your government. Then pray every time something happens to you. If it's good thing category if it's bad thank god for. Because it's a gift all of it. And it night before you get with a bad. Pray again. And thank Jesus for this wonderful if you have. And pray. That we can't rule we come through office. If you are truly. Believers and our lord Jesus Christ that you are children. Of god. You have the holy spirit inside you know power of holy spirit. And you. Can do all things. With the power of the holy spirit. And the right words will come out at the right type. But it's very important you understand this is a spiritual battle that's extremely important. That's who we we can win. For one thing you need to know we RT one. I cannot be defeated. We have already won how nice is it to know that would all the stuff going not all these protests all these things that are evil. You know we already won. There's no fear. They can't be fears the opposite of faith. Nothing is more powerful than god god is almighty. And just because of me and says something no matter what they try to prove that where. They are not wiser than currency. It makes sense doesn't it. Some saying this because regardless what you watch the new stay away from it. Just keep aware of what you need to do when the time columns. Remember. When it comes to push or shove when it comes our Second Amendment Rights that is the time that we need to take up firearms and march. Because once you lose the right to defend yourself. All the other rights woke up. Your freedom of speech every right you have will be gone. Always remember that if you can't defend yourself you can't defend your family and you really substantive ruling. Idiot take that away from you on some board room. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WB EN. I am chases eve from my Seneca. I tried everything to quit smoking nothing worked until I went to buffalo hypnosis I quit smoking right after the first session. It worked immediately ignited not gain any weight people come to lessen buffalo hypnosis after they've tried to pills and the patches they're ready. And realize that until their mindset changes they won't see lasting results Daniel calavo consulting hypnotist at buffalo hypnosis just a subconscious mind that controls our habits cravings and emotions the brain and everything it is mind over matter. And their proven programs put you in full control it's not Lee CN TV it's modern hypnosis based on science linguistics and relaxation and the results are fantastic. For anyone trying to quit smoking lose weight. Handle stress or packer fair. To see if hypnosis is right for you call 8749058749015. I highly suggest buffalo hit notes says it's the only thing network call 8749. Buffalo hypnosis be leaving is seen news radio 9:30 AM WBE and. Welcome back to listen to the Robertson he'll show here 930. WEP. Anybody who wants to spiritual conditioning book that I that. My buddy pat shed Tomas who wrote he's a pastor is a pastor and in in the NBA. What a couple books as the four of us spiritual conditioning others too but he's that you have that are came back highly recommend they're twenty dollars each if you want an amino. Right yeah Roberts Abiola and Robertson purely human dot com and he will gladly send it to you. Also has a prayer he wrote that I read every every morning that's beautiful you want that sending copies for pre. So. For April 21 and to Jesus calling let it control your mind. To mind is almost restless a ruling part of mentally. Luck you've learned the discipline of holding your top your thoughts. Defy you will have set themselves up against me. Man is the pinnacle of my creation. Of the human mind does wonders for complex. High risk all by granting freedom to think for yourself. This is god like trip which forever setting you apart from animals and robots I need you in my image precariously close to. Through my blood revoke my blog has fully redeemed you your mind is the last bastion. Of rebellion. Open yourself to my radio process. That he might like permeate your thinking when my expert is controlling your mind you're filled with life in peace. For you have made him a little lower than the angels and you have crowned him with glory and honor. Sop chapter 81 five new king James. Then god said let us make man and our image in our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea in the birds of the air over the livestock overall the error. And overall the preachers them over long ground to god created man and his own image in the image of god he created him male and female he created them. Genesis chapter one verses 16 through 27. The mind of sinful man is death but the mind controlled by the spirit is life in peace. Romans chapter eight verse six. With that now critical to starting your game right. By choice miners. And let's go to April 21 today positive change. There endure carry one another's burdens and troublesome moral faults and in this way for Phillips are perfectly the loft Christ the messiah. I complete what is lacking in Europeans to it. Relations chapter six verse two. Our happiness and joy are not dependent on whether or not other people do what we want them to do. We may never be able to influence anyone else to do what we think is right but with God's help we can change yourself to bring about the results we want in life. I have discovered that if I change a positive way and if it is a permanent and stable change it almost always provoke change in the people around me. If you want your life to be different and ask god to show you how you need to change except others truly are. And see how god works in you to complete your jewel. It's that not. Also. In case you forgot. To have that machine and told you about before. It's wonderful. I feel better than I've felt in years this is a commercial for this is just me sharing information to you. It's fantastic. You'll feel. So much younger your body will heal and wage don't think you could heal. But I'm gonna tell you something in this is a true story that happened to me just a couple of months ago and I'm assure yourself what you very personal to me. When I came down here. I was sitting around enjoying paradise so much that let myself go I was eating poorly I was putting on weight that was carrying I was enjoying life. Well. Couple months ago public doctors. They told him inflammation was at six point zero was should be under two point zero. They told me that I had stage three kidney disease that it was incurable. And the best I can do is maintain it. And just prolong it to one day when I would need dialysis. I see you sure it's incurable they said yes. I went to a functional medicine doctor. She forgot all kinds of application of supplements and stuff this year. Also said it was mr. I use this machine on myself. Every day. I changed my eating habits. I prayed to Jesus every single day and thanked him for touching my kidneys and healing them. Four weeks later I had my blood test and my kidney disease was gone totally gone incurable disease was secure. I'm down forty pounds. Used hypnosis whether I feel great I looked great and life is great and if I can do this you can do this remember. Once we argue for our limitations they become yours when you say I can't because it's already a done deal you can do anything you set your. Any traveler. The same local financial guys and tax lady you've come to know and trust me now they're on longer don't miss the financial guys showing local financial experts Glenn wiggle and Mike Lomas Saturdays from one to three followed by ask the tax lady with Esther glorious from three to four finances and taxes from the local experts you trust Saturday afternoons from one to four run news radio 9:30 AM WBA.