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Saturday, January 20th

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This is this chance. To take the blue pill. Historians. You stay in one. All I'm. I'm offering is the truth and. You want the truth. Sure you've entered the Robertson the only show. Relax. And allow me to lift the video of this false reality. We've been programmed to believe. He hypnotized. If you will. Good morning welcome to the Roberts had emotional here and AM 930 WB yet. Another great shoe store it's a popular like it anyway wanna talk a little bit about god. And the world. And our view of god are arguably world that's the question here. If you don't god you're actually wanting to help your fellow human being. You're actually wanted to see everybody prosper make people happy people feel good about their work and what are accomplishing producing. If you are above the world while the world your only interest in it yourself. You're only interest in how you feel you don't hear what you have to do to get what you want. And whenever waste. There are to get them you'll take. And if you are the world you are actually more concerned about what other people are seeing the what you yourself are doing. Now let's take a look at what's going on around us in the country when it comes to the median incomes the presidency in this administration. I look at some Sara Sanders. Who is the white house Press Secretary. I think she does a fantastic job she's actually just like Wonder Woman. And as the bullets were flying after that at her she is deflecting them off just like Wonder Woman and they should actually. Make Sharon Sanders Wonder Woman. You talk about women being in power and and who respects or not Donald Trump. I think. Is the most fair understanding. Level headed man there is around not. That in my view. Let's say he's easy to work with or for. Samantha perfectionist he government ends more than what most people can get he pushes you to your limit. But that doesn't make him bad and because what he's pushing you to your limit or is the betterment of everybody involved. Just think about it. When you look at Nikki Haley. The representative for the United States. Quote from the UN. She. Is doing a fantastic job there. Is it true women and high positions. And his administration. You look at. Television show which of course ridiculous and most people are getting away from you noticed people getting away from program. Programming television shows. Because they're realizing W program. The realizing that even doctor and they're brainwashed by the left. For instance if you watch the view. And you watch Whoopi Goldberg. We're joined there. They're amazing hunger hate. Just flows from their lips. And you know the crowd applauds the members of plus side there that told him to applause and sheer. Hollywood really do it if that side wasn't there but at any off target what we're trying to say in this segment is. The brainwashing has been stepped up its full year to turn the knob the volume of the tent they got this high isn't well. And they are trying to. They're trying to didn't trump impeached. Who's. They're like absolutely wanted to go there and look what he sets an element though. You have people that have never met them in person. Saying he's unfit for office. They've hired doctors psychiatrists this is unfit for office would he had his physical. And the doctor that we've seen the physical cities in tip top shape or health. The price was trying to call the doctor won't lie here. There are trying to find a way that they can make as doctor. Gold hearsay the wrong thing. He wouldn't do it. But they're grasping at straw. I want you to picture them and please do this I mean I really wanted a picture. I want you to picture. If you remember the low with a little mirror mermaid. And you remember when Ursula. What's taking away. Aerials voice. Making that deal that cost her her voice. You remember all those other people should make deals with Kobe shriveled up. And they looked all distorted and that that they can they're small they're reaching liquor grasping at stop. That's what the left just forget to. Smile. Vanished shriveled up people. With no souls anymore. Because they couldn't care less about you or anybody else. They're coming out and there chastising the president. For hearsay. Somebody a private sector and those who want that it was Dick Durbin who private. He says he heard the presidency. Call these countries' names. And that's what they can hide. That's all they have. He called his country's neighbors. Well the last snack parent. Rule in these countries did nothing about the condition of the people of these countries supported leaders are destroying these people. Did nothing about the rapes. The murders. The things that took place that make these confident what trump described the trump and a countries as. The left didn't care about. They care because he called the country and me. Not happy that that Barack Obama. Or Hillary Clinton. They would agree with a. If it's ridiculous. Has nothing to do they have no Tony. Picked up they're calling trump out on. Whether or not help that Rob Lowe over over don't have or someone else's RB Bob somebody trying to move to the front of a lie. Import these things. And even these things that the talk about a particular context. They're not be all that different you know forgive. An argument with somebody. And that the person changes one word in the sentence that you just said. And that word that they changed. Changes the whole meaning of your sentence. You would do that I've seen people do this. And that's repeated the others that you said this. And everywhere the sentence that they said he said is true except for one. And that word changes everything and how you're viewed pot or how you're viewed. That's what the left does mean they came out and said. That. Poland the polish president's wife would initiate trumps hand and they show a video. Of her. Passing president trumps outstretched hand to shake the hand of Marley a truck. If you with a shoulder rest of the video they would show that. Told president's wife. Was already in the process. Of moving towards Trump's wife and as soon as they shook hands should trust him. Very very very cordially. But don't look well. These they've lied about the people of the inauguration. It's a little bit it's a non issue but PP yeah. On issues like the bottom so that when the president tells the true that you call the president a lot here. To trump tells the truth and everything. That I've seen. And that the media won't take the most insignificant things and called a liar on these things of them say that he's a liar. He's a compulsive liars they said I'm sorry the only compulsive liar I see anywhere is the media. If his nose at the start talking there. They're lying to their lips are moving their life and wrote a book hopefully the page number. That's how much dateline. And they get out. There and they hate this man so much that the same or do anything he did terrible down. Now this little bits of all the progress that's been made in this country in the past year. I am getting us so well box for trump right now because I cannot stand it she's somebody. Destroyed even it was justly I can't stand. To watch them get raked over the way this has been raked over but this isn't even just the man deserves a lot of us. There's a reason why people park two to three miles away from work trump was speaking and walk it's a pilgrimage. To where he's speaking to hear him speak it's there's a reason why I've always places were filled beyond capacity of people waited outside. I just know that he was speaking in sight. And there's a reason why nobody showed up on Hillary Clinton came to speak and I mean figuratively in order nobody not literally you know. Let's face it. Let's face it. You are being programmed if you watch the news. And the programming is much worse if it's a liberal news station. European program if you watch Hollywood movies. I watch Hollywood movies I'd love movies. But. I know when I'm Ian program. And I see that things they don't agree with. When I see programming taken place every checked and there are many movies that I won't we'll see because of their agenda. They got a movie coming out about this guy isn't that admits he's gay who wants to follow normal guy I won't PC and that. No you don't promote that in a good light. To two young people you don't do that. Why because it's wrong to teach him to do something that's considered wrong. A home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon to injury news radio 9:30 AM WD. 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Buffalo hypnosis. 87 or 9058749050. News radio 9:30 AM WD. And welcome back you're listening to the Robertson shows here and in victory WP. A lot of talk about this tax cut that just took place. You noticed that the left was screaming from the rooftops. That. This tax cut was gonna help anybody. And now we're seeing. Company after company corporation to corporation organization after organization. Pass these tax cuts down. To its workers and I'm not to welcome you all the hype and raking executives are talking everyday Joes like you would me. Throughout their working. And they're getting this money. And companies operating their business back in the United States they're going to be building factories not as a company is building a factory in Michigan. A car plant in Michigan can you believe. It's supposed to hire what 20000. People. We're looking at so many jobs now being created we're looking at. The minimum wage aside these corporations moving up to at least fifteen dollars an hour we're talking about tremendous. Movement in the right direction. Because we elected. I savvy businessman. As the president of our country our nation. Isn't that amazing. I'll show you something I think you can fight quite interest. Let's take a look at. Have you ever wondered why the Clinton foundation folded. So suddenly after Hillary was no longer a position of influence. Perhaps the summary will provide some insight. They list 486. Employees. It took 486. People. Who are paid. 34 point eight million dollars at 91 point three million in fees and expenses. To give away. Five point one million dollars. Well this is really good check the return yourself. 348. Million dollars in payroll. 91 point three million dollars in fees. To give away five point one million dollars. The real heart of the clintons can be seen here staggering but not surprising. These figures artificial copy. Of the bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton foundation for the tax year 2014. The copy of the tax future Edison is from the national center for charitable statistics web site. You can obtain the latest hit futures had any charitable organization there that Clinton foundation in the number of employees. Four and 86. Total revenue. I don't know. I think it's 177. 1304612. Dollars. Total rest to charity. Five million. 160003. And 85 dollars. That's less that 3%. Of what was given tape given to them. Was given in charity. Total expenses. 91280. A 91281245. Dollars and those expenses include salaries of 34. 1838206. Dollars. Fund raising fees. 850000. 803 dollars. Expenses. Fifteen million. 431851. Dollars that's expenses. What. Travel eight million dollars beating these twelve million dollars. Net assets of the fund balances. 364000. Flow through 32 million. 471000. Through 49 dollars. So required port 86 people who are paid pretty four point eight million plus 91 point three million fees and expenses. To give away five point one million. And they call this a chairs. It's unbelievable. It's alleged that this is one of the greatest white collar crimes ever committed adjusted. One of the participants was a former president and what. Cast wanted to be elected president of the United States if justice was truly serves. You think people would be locked up. That's the question if you hear now. People don't understand what the left truly represents. It represents evil greed graft everything that's bad. Now let's say that the right is perfect but I am saying it's better. Let's say capitalism is perfect but it's the only good system of government that's ever worked. And I'm sorry but if your dollar a constitutional republic you have no shot of making anything work in the country. Stop flawless democracy we're not a democracy democracy is a what Marie Antoinette had she had more than a sore throat with a cutter had to. So as far as I'm concerned. You have to open your eyes you have to educate those around you because right now other news and everything. They can and it becomes far more critical when you start breaking down when people are left are actually doing and saying. If you don't believe me want to start listening to bad Shapiro. Look at Ben Shapiro. Go on YouTube put his name and the start listening to the man speak he makes a lot of sense. A lot of sets he's a young guy. And I like Camelot in if you listen to his arguments. Wow does he shut the left down and he uses common sense and reason to do it and they haven't been able to you know yet. So all the stuff that's out that it makes you makes you wonder remember the movie. The shining. With Jack Nicholson you know. Here's Johnny that kind of want. Remember I went there at the hotel all the people running around having sex in the peak faces Donovan there all who dressed horribly. That's what the leftist or did you. They're teaching our children of the chips transgender. Guinea go to drugs and Jules looks horrible things. Those people who the leftist. It you can imagine a hill and what goes on in hell that's exactly what they'll left off parts. Now I'm telling you liberalism is about the disease its of mental disorder. And they and then they need help. Because they have lost their ever loving mind let's. And it's one thing to come here and expose things that are lies that we've been told by the media. And by the past governments. But I'm not seeing much of that happened now. I'm not seeing a lot of bad things and a beer can from us now I don't know this is temporary I don't know where this habit but right now. You can call trouble Paul I'll pulpit and still works from the mainstream. Pop. Big banks. And he maybe. But I like what I see when it comes down to the American people it's like that will be great showman with Hugh Jackman and you haven't seen negotiated the most amazing will be. Definitely worth the money it's going to be taken down soon you'll wanna get your sequence at ten days. Don't walk one to the nearest theater because the pearls of wisdom insight this morning. Go back to even centuries. And you need to see yes it's a new musical listen to the earlier X they keep you pearl don't look to be laid before swine. But if you listen to the movie. You'll our annual are a lot of things. And you'll see how words are written things orchestrated. How everything is it true. People want this for shore. They said that PT Barnum. Keep people what was state everything you PT Barnum game what can keep Byron do you skate it was a real. Yet entertained it puts smiles on people's faces. But I'm telling you that people are now that you that is real estate. A lot of things that we think are real estate is the stock market via pro am propped up the bond market we have propped up. Our crypto Kurtz is now being manipulated is called sober be manipulated it absolutely 100%. Yes. The rigging is worse than ever. Right now people are properly in the stock market that's a good thing for everybody involved but is it right we'll be inflation will be collapse of the dollar the dollar is already under huge pressure. We have a lot going on out there and I don't know where it's gonna end up in the long run and maybe this is all just temporary what we're seeing is that seems to be good. But one thing is for sure. There's a plan out there and I sure hope it's not Mora to separate people from their money because that's what it's been all along. Americans are beginning pour for the last few decades. Ever since Ronald race in America have Americans have been getting more. And I think it's because the bush is the clintons. Knew Obama's. All of the same boat. All in the same boat Obama look bad about the bush is when he first got ahead. But you see the bush is go to Obama's side when trump ran. They were pitting us against each other Baghdad but even the bush is now. That trumpets a threat to them. And Donald Trump like him hate him whenever you feel. He's in your quarter what do you want to be or not. He's a president that looks like he's got your back. More than any other president I have ever seen. Including Ronald Reagan who I admire you you have no idea how much I admire that man. But president trump he's got teeth he's got power and you scary in the back it down to him. The man does not know how to lose and the only way they're gonna stop them as the killer but I hope they don't ever get hit. WBE and 9:30 AM is buffalo as ways you've tried losing weight and nothing worked you tried the diets and supplements counting calories pills acupuncture even starving yourself bad. Nothing worked hot this is Robert Seve all of with buffalo hypnosis and you've heard my clients telling their amazing stories on this. Stay shed about how easily lost waited buffalo hypnosis and I get the skepticism I'd get that out I really do the thing is that. It also is a really works to lose weight and it's 100% safe with no sign that backs none. And it's nothing like you think get this call us now and we'll talk to you personally 87490. Get deep for your free hypnosis consultation. We even offer reservist guarantee. Look we personally help thousands of people in my office and you can be one of them you know I can he thinking. I can't be hypnotized jumped to smarter strong well from a lost cause or what ever. We heard it all just come in and find out what we actually do here you can't lose weight. This is about you and your work that. Buffalo hypnosis 8749 B 58749050. WV hand. Welcome back to listen to Robertson he'll shoulder that he WB. And we come to that portion of the show or another we've talked about everything else that there is talk about. The we might as well. End up doing what's right brain at all yet again because it's all of his hands anyway. So approach to stay with the awareness of who is boss. As you make plans for the day remember that it is who Summitt who orchestrated events of your life. On days when things go smoothly according to your plans you may be unaware my sovereign presence. On days when your plans are thwarted. Be on the lookout for me how many do something important in your life. Something quite yet. For what you expected. It is essential such taxes in communication with me. Accepted my swing is better than yours. But try to figure out what's happening. Simply trust me it did you know this for the good that will come out of all. I know the plans I have for you that they're good. As the heavens are higher than the earth. Sore my ways higher than your ways in my thoughts than your thoughts. As the rain and the snow coming down from heaven and do not return to a without watering the earth and making it but and flourish. So that you don't see for the slower Bradford either. So my word that goes out of my amount that will not return me to react. But we'll accomplish what they desire to achieve the purpose for which I accepted. Isaiah chapter 55 verses nine through eleven. For it all the plans I have for you declares the lord plans to prosper you about her quest to give you hope for the future. Jeremiah chapter 29 verse eleven. Now let's go to Joyce Meyers starting your day right. And we're going to today which toys that you races don't fall apart. But he's set to meet my race my favor and loving kindness and mercy is enough for you sufficient against an. Any danger enables you bear the troubled man. From my strength and power be perfect for film and completed. And show themselves most effective in your weakness. Two corinthians chapter nine. Verse of chapter twelve verse nine. 12 here. Come apart and spend some time with god before you come apart. No matter how strong and healthy wire. No matter what your ages. No matter what you think you know with al-Qaeda. You're going to get we're entire. God doesn't get tired. And the words says he gives power to the fate in theory. And Kris is straight to those who have no money. But those who wait for the lord who expect look for hope in him. Will be renewed. Says I chapter forty vs twenty to 31. God is willing to appreciate strength. Get along with them any time we need to be strengthened. You know it's funny how we can take up for grab it every day. How we don't see the good works and he's doing around us. I for one say a prayer service in the morning wanna get out. That I read my cheeses calling happened night start starting your day right now. And then throughout the day every time something goes well for me I immediately think Jesus for. When something doesn't go well. I think that for knowing best. And wonder what could he hasn't c'mon that's. Leaving it stuck in traffic the so you're trying to make something in your being delayed. I always feel that the latest for good at some point. Whether it's immediate cause that's something that would happen from word to me or just to teach us patience. And understanding for others. I think if you look into the hearts of the people that you consider your enemies. Or your follows. If you Trace it back you can probably see what happens to them that caused them to be this way. And it kind of makes you feel bad. And not mad at them anymore when you look deeper into it. As far as I'm concerned. I love you all that I wish nothing but the best for him. I will tell you though that a concern for many people. That they're turning away from that we need to be turned toward him. So I pray for you that you find god in your lives each and every day. Good luck to everybody here this week. Keep your eyes and ears open. And remember. Tell your friends and family. That they have any issues from smoking leaders stress. The cost of buffalo hypnosis. We do a great job and we're here for you. That's because of that business going to be able to do to show. God bless each and every one you take care. WD EN buffalo. Yes he.