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Saturday, January 13th

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This is your last chance. Take the blame him. Historians. You stay in one. All I'm. Offering is the crux. You want to truth. Sure you've entered the Robertson the only show. Relax. And allow me to lift the video of this false reality. We've been programmed to believe. He hypnotized. If you will. Good morning. Welcome to the walker said he only show uranium and thirty WB yet. Let's start out this morning by talking a little bit about exactly how people are hypnotized. And why they're hypnotized. When they're hypnotized voluntarily. They go to hypnotist because there's something. That they want to change about themselves that they're having difficulty changing. When that in hypnotized involuntarily. Is when. It's an outside source. That is doing the hypnotized and for either. Good. Reasons or bad reasons for either you know benevolent reasons or malevolent the reasons. So most people think that they cannot be hypnotized to think that their minds to straw. Well let's first dispel this because the Smart you are the better your imagination a stronger your mind. The faster and better than most of subject should make. It's people would IQ's under seventy which is five points below forest cop. That are having difficulty being hypnotized and that the reason for that is because. They just lacked the ability to focus. Okay. I'll hit it also says this induction of bullying through suggestion. It's just changing what your belief systems are. All of motion. Is held in the sub conscious mind. Who you are out how you handle yourself yourself image everything about you is in your subconscious mind. And there's only one way to change how you feel noble things. And that's through your sub conscious mind. So why am bringing you this up to you right now isn't because I wanna educate joint hypnosis or you come to my office for business now. I'm doing this because I want you to understand. And I want everybody listened to understood them to understand going to explain it to other people. How they are hypnotized daily. Why these news anchors are paid so much money to hit the tide you specially and a pat on national. Okay. What do you make millions of dollars. And how they use their voices to do it. Now they've trained themselves to some extent and they had training. What I understand it years ago before we had digital. In television. It was analog. And analog well you always have frames flipping TV set and you're taking a picture of a television set. And you would see a frame in the middle that you're making I didn't catch what you caught with the camera. We'll take a picture of a television set and how you won't get that fray. Because it's digital stuff at all. There's no film conducting its all time. You know digital. Recording or digital file format. So it was a little odd. The flipping of the frames on the TV set. I remind us from a beta. Brain waves sent to an alpha brain waves that. Okay we want from me did well. Don't bait Al club. Fate had dealt. Bait is a waking state. Health club there's a light trance. They eat out is that deep trips. Delta. You're route calls. It is so cold here deep sleep okay. The best place to hypnotize somebody. Is that Al thought. They doesn't really good don't give Iran played as good chip. You can do and say what else plot that's where you were to best analysis takes place. That's why they call it television programming. That's when you watch a sitcom are you watch TV. Whatever the show is. The shell has an agenda and has a lesson and has something that they consider norms as a way of looking at things and these writers. They put these stories together. And your you hypnotized while you're watching the show. To believe in the precepts. Of what the show it to believe in it how people think. What is accepted is good what is accepted as bad what. They weren't working and hypnotized to believe the stockpiles are all lines its date that we're doing hypnosis. So what when it was analog and if looked at thirty frames a second it took us from a beta brain wasting two and although it's just a light trance. Ever walked that doctor's office or anywhere else. And you watched people stared watch TV and they had this glazed look over their face them and there are that you could see either trash ever watch somebody watch television. There and trends. So why are you hypnotized okay. But now when it was digitized. When it became digital and then have the flames stripping and flipping. How that to get you to go from a beta brain wasting too little for brain wave state. The answer was simple. Create. Distractions to confusion in the subconscious mind. That's why when you watch the news you have the circle patterns in the half circles inside the circles on this spending. That's why up in the corner and have a flashing like breaking news alert or whatever keeps flashing. Stroll. That's why you have the work toward a process like teletype across the bottom. When you're watching this story you're watching the news you're listening to them talk you can't read teletype on the bottom. You can't read it at the same time if you do read it you can't hear what's being exact issue the whole thing about multitasking. That's a fire so it's not really true. We can only do one thing at a time. That's all we can do. That's why if you're in school. And you're learning something new school if you're taking notes you can't learn. You can't learn what you're taking not only if you can only focus on what you're doing if you're taking notes you're gonna focus on taking notes a good learning and focus on what the teachers saying right. If you Hornbeck at fort you're gonna catch what they're saying when you're not writing while you are ready and that's what they're saying. That's what you want I think golf is best record. Lists that go back and take those off the recording I don't think twice to tie him but that's the best swimwear. But why they bring in this while bringing it up because I wanna make this simple. Our media. Is instructed. To lying. To the people of the United States of America. And its destructive to lie. To further an agenda or a bully. And not only do they lie. But the lines are blatant. There caught in the life many times. Well because you're like traits because you're being hypnotized. Even when they're caught in little. And it's exposed as well line. People will still believe that it's true. Although except it has alive and conscious mind of the so consequently that's true. For instance recently. And CNN portrayed Donald Trump. As being. Ignored. By. The it's the president of Poland his wife. They said his wife would not shake hands when Donald Trump. So they showed a video we're about trump shakes hands with the president. The the president reaches panned out as to shake his head to shake hands what with polish president's wife. But why push straight to Gilani intro. And doesn't shake out of Trump's hair. And they showed that an ACC. She doesn't want to shake his hand and that's all they show up. Well. The leaders in Poland were very upset they called out CNN for lying and call them they knew was that we have other countries calling CNN fake news. Because if you see the rest of the clip. You see that after she shakes of a lot of Trump's hit she shakes Donald Trump's the president. What happened was she was going to shake. A lot of trust him when when Donald Trump reached his hand out. And she had already been moving towards. His wife. So she politely shook the white skinned and immediately turned and Donald Trump and shook his hand. Up doesn't matter watching idiots reports that so widely repeated this story Q down one reason and one reason only you have. A new ones out there we're supposed to trust. Always mean lying on purpose. In order to get the people of the United States. Could just like their own precedents. This is not reporting Lewis and this is making news op. Now CNN has the worst I've ever seen the wrong. But CNN is the worst I've ever seen. Ed when you talk about a place nobody should watch news unless of course it's worked show. There's a place you should avoid in my opinion. But it's like this all over the place so how can you trust anything any news network access when there are all lying to some degree. Yep we rely on this to make our daily decisions. We have to give our attache. WBE and 9:30 AM is buffalo as an ice scraper you've tried losing weight and nothing worked you tried the diets and supplements counting calories pills acupuncture even starving yourself and nothing worked hot this is Robert Sevilla with buffalo hypnosis and you've heard my clients telling their amazing stories on this. Stay shed about how easily lost waited buffalo hypnosis and I get the skepticism I did the doubt I really do the thing is that. It also is really works to lose weight and it's 100%. Say. Eight with no sign that backs none. And it's nothing like you think it yes. Call us now and we'll talk to you personally 87490. Get these for your freedom and also consultation. We even offer reservist guarantee. Look we personally help thousands of people in my office and you can be one of them you know I can he thinking. I can't be hypnotized jumped to smarter strong well from a lost cause or what ever. We heard it all just come in and find out what we actually do here you can lose weight. This is about you and your work it. Buffalo hypnosis. 87 or 9058749050. News radio 9:30 AM WBA. And. Welcome back to listen to the Roberts have emotional purity and thirty WP yen. You know I'd been watching a lot of what's going on lately when it comes to social media. And I see that the left has really lost their minds and I hate you total offering paradigm. Because again. In it. In the you don't national government I don't know how strong enough right really is. I think it's helped get me conspiracy apparently do. I know there are some people that really one of the policies. On the right in the left. Bunker overshadow. Because they're puppets to people that have more power than. What it comes to us the people of the United States. There is a real left or right. And the left or right is an ideas. And how we approach different situations. Am noticing now that the gap between the left and the right is becoming huge. The right is actually still sane. And most of waste anything. The left on the other hand is totally insane. 64. Different gender nationalities in there are. 64 woman in the amount I have no clue what he can mean but that's the number I don't know how they come up what it that's the number. C a 64 different genders. Then you have people ought to be seated or not we have these protesters. And one as a woman with this little fluffy like you know Holland knew who would be accurate the pool. The yourself afloat but something that's much less tense. Very very light could do no harm to anybody. And this woman is used in this. To beat a police officer overs had hit him in the face with it. He's she's not hurting the police officer in the please I was very actually he's. But the police officer moved his hand. To touch it to move it away from his face. And the woman. Starts gleaming like a ban G. Crying hysterically. Turning around bending down claps into the ground screaming. As other protesters come to her aid. I am beside myself. I really am. I've never seen anything like this in my life and numbers you adults act out so much. We're seeing video is now of grown women and grown men. On YouTube in diapers being treated like their little kids because this is how they identified themselves. We're talking. Really sick things. Yet we have a mental establishment. And I mean like psychiatry. Psychology. We have politically correct people in these fields. That are claiming that this is not a disorder. That these are normal ways to behave. You you can't trust the people that you're supposed to be able to trust any longer. Because your eyes are lying to you. You RC people act out you are seeing people that apply to deepen that lost their minds. Take it a step further. And again let's mention CNN. Watching CNN. And I'm noticing that they have people on there saying that president trop. It needs to be. Impeached. Because he's psychologically. Unfit. For office. So we have people who play credentials. Who have never seen him privately. We're talking about talking privately making. Diagnoses. On a person. Without ever having them as a patient. I think going I'm on national news network to make a proclamation. So that these other new liberal followers. We'll repeat this over and over and all war I social media. To their friends. To their family. And arguments. This past week. I had a woman contact me. Through social media she talked she called me up. And she's asked me she said. You're not. You're not a supporter of trump are you. And I said you know I want to say I'm a supporter of anybody. But I like what he's doing I don't know how much power he has who's controlling him or what the situation as. But I'm listening to what he says that sounds right and I like what he's accomplishing. And she says how could you trust such a compulsive. Lying here. Such a horrible human being. And I said how do you know is lying. To what makes you think these horrible. What you should know can't you see what they're saying it. So before even addressed that I said do you think Hillary doesn't realize it until I realized you think Obama didn't tell me why it's. As soon as I said that the woman started sobbing on the phone. And she said to me. She says I. Am getting very upset. I don't like when those conversations headed I have to go and I says yes she Jew and it shouldn't be to get some professional help. And this wasn't and won't come at. And I forgot what she said she did I think she said she was a school teacher. But I I can't remember much war. But if you see what I'm saying here are your understanding what I'm saying. We have people. Whether they're doctors or Reuters or schoolteachers or police officers won't they are. That'd been hypnotized. They have now lost their ever loving minds. And these people are in positions of power. And they can. Actually wreak Havoc over your life. So when people say well not interest in the politics it doesn't mean that politics is an interest that it you know if you're not interest in politics you wanna talk about it it doesn't mean that. That later today you might not end up in jail for something you need to do wrong. But because of political correctness your daughter. Earlier today Els listen to. Don Rickles. Do some of his humor. From 3040 years ago. That I. Hubert today would not fly. I was listening to it and I couldn't believe what we got away with it but back then nobody. All the races laughed nobody cared it was a joke everybody who was a Joker that shirt up quicken can each other he. He joked of himself he joked and everybody else took that every nationality he joked on the sex as a joke and the race is he joked on everything. Nobody was is that everybody laughed. We were happier people we were saved our nation. We were saying. We are insane now. I have jokes. That are against. Not against but it used. Different as necessities and ask the punch line. People sometimes say that that's horrible that's racist that's. Bigotry. In all it's a joke. Don't mean it definitely word chill readings. The coastline makes it funny. But people get upset. And I'm wondering how long it'll be. Before you say something. Whether it's Joker or anything else. And it's breaking a law look at Canada hate speech. If this is. Hate speech isn't something about inciting a riot or killing people hate speech now is saying something that the left doesn't like. If that if they don't agree with that they consider it hate speech. And people are being banned from speaking places albeit ever entering the country of Canada. How long does it will be. Before saying something. That a liberal doesn't light becomes illegal. It was a good shot. I was over this already. It's insanity ladies and gentlemen it's total insanity. So if you buy into it at all it is he won't yet you shouldn't tolerate shall Joker and that that show. That you bought into what you're hypnotized you're one of the lemmings. If you think that you should be able to say your opinion because somebody else I can offended. But you bought into it you're you're human hypnotized to one of the lemmings. So understand. This is a slippery slope of the worst slippery slope but just for a reason because we have so from Saturday all the way down to totally insane. My job TU. Is the goal out all week in San the most it politically incorrect things you could say. And watch the reactions of people's faces and we there react that way ridicule and behavior her being insane to think think such things political correctness is seen at all. Do you have the guts to do it. I will I do. But you. Are you afraid what others will think. Ask yourself there. Question. WB EN 9:30 AM as buffalo as the peace bridge if you're tired of that nagging problem of excess weight and you truly want a solution. Buffalo hypnosis is your answer lesson. It was so easy I mean I lost thirty pounds it's just like she's nothing never experienced a floor I was getting married and lost the weight in the time for the wedding and I had the confidence and it's the Communists had to get. Through all of it how much weight are people losing at buffalo hypnosis and I'm still ahead. So how thirteen pounds fifteen pounds over 25 California. It's 43 pounds even though results vary at buffalo hypnosis we always guarantee our work with a written service guarantee. I tried all the other diaspora here I give ball pollutants. Struck thirty pounds later I feel a lot better. This is the program and I definitely work for you work for me O worker for anyone it's easy tunnel programs great I'm Robert Seve all of director of buffalo hypnosis if you're serious about losing weight. 8749050. That's 8749050. Call now. News radio 9:30 AM WBA. And. Welcome back to listen to the Roberts fabulous show here in WB. Yet. AM 930. So let's go to that part of the show that we like to go to in between. Right suspension a few things. From Jesus. To help carry you through your week. Try to view each day as the venture. Carefully planned out by your guy. Instead of starting to the date that is ahead of you attempting to programming. That according Q. Will be attended to me. It's all I have prepared for you. They meet for this day of life recognizing that that is a precious. Unreasonable gift. Trust that I have with you each moment. What do you sense for president non presence or not. A thankful trusting attitude helps you to see if that's your life from my perspective. A life lived close to me will never be dollar predictable. Expect each case contains surprises. Resist your tendency to search for the easiest routes throughout the day. Be willing to follow wherever our lead. No matter how steep or treacherous path before you the safest place is to be by my side. This is the day the lord has made we will rejoice and be glad that sound. Chapter one team vs 224. The new king James version. So do not fear for IM with you. To not be dismayed for I am your god. I will stray you would help. I will uphold you with the religious right here. Isaiah chapter 41 firsthand. Two this year we're call because Christ suffered for you. Leave you an example. That you should follow the steps. What Peter chapter two burst when he won. And I'll go to that was Jesus calling and now we're gonna go to started here Dave writes. Don't be too busy. It is because of the lord's mercy of loving kindness that we are not consume. Because this tender compassion it's Thelma. There are new every morning great abundance is your stability and faithfulness. That's the applications. Chip to three vs 22 and 23. If we are too busy to spend time with god than we are just too busy and we are asking for art of disaster or like. We need to ask god to show us things we can get rid of it are like that are there any fruits. In his work obsess. Awake or sleeper. That arise from the debt. They Christ shall shot me a dawn upon you when give U light. The purposely. Purposefully. Making the very most of the time. Buying up each opportunity. Because the days are evil. The Fijians chapter five verse fourteen through sixteen. God wants us to be strong in the power of his might. And it should be ever filled with the holy spirit. That's so true. I tell you I go to Bible study each week I love it I absolutely love it. Because. It's a grounding time. And even though. The days are filled with tons of research to figure out what's right path to take it's best if you say prayers in the morning upon waking me. Because when you awake and you say your prayers give god with you all day. And you can see things clear and have your temperament better. Then of course I would say my prayers unit night for you honestly. Because is got who wakes us up each day for the new day and age do day's a new chance to be productive and do the right things. I enjoy coming she'll hear each week on radio. And for those of you that get up to listen in my show you know kudos to you. That it's great dedication and I am forever humble and appreciate the fact that you do these things. So I'm here. Just tell you what I noticed for the past week and if my words help in any way whatsoever. I'm glad I can be of assistance. If there's any subject you would like freedom to talk about. You can write to me and Robert Sevilla. Achieve health conscious Robert said the Obama and Gmail that now. And Seve all diseases dialysis ourselves. Passes and Sam page views and Victor hi all day. Other than that if you need to speak with me you can call awful hypnosis and it's a. Ford 1950s. And if I don't answers some home. The next 2000. CHD three Niagara Falls seen on TV and I read about it tomorrow or hear about it now. Radeon nine dirty W.