Robert Hoatson- Sexual Abuse by Priests

 A victim's advocate weighs in on the Buffalo Catholic Diocese plans to unveil names of accused priests.

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We're joined by Robert hodes and of the advocacy group road to recovery on the day. But the diocese of buffalo expected to name names of priests accused of abuse or Robert thanks for joining us and so what do you make of this development so I'm sure your thinking it's their right thing for the diocese to do. Oh it certainly isn't worth a step in the right direction however we've waited decades for this and it is outrageous is that. A courageous victims like Michael Whelan. And then even up an alleged pedophile priest father Norbert or split of the reasons. Actually for the for the calling of this action today. We did we have four bishops at least four bishops who could have done. Yeoman work in and revealing all of this many many years ago and even in the past five and here's the position along. Well Robert how significant is this. Toward transparency. Well to step in the right direction but as we know the church has never ever ever really been transparent and we're not going to have transparency today. There's going to be. Dozens and dozens of questions that arise from the information that will be released today and I don't expect. Bishop Malone to release all of the information. Well what does this give sued the victims give to your group voted them naming these names it is it any sort of I'm do you take it as any sort of gone good faith effort or is it just in your mind. Mounting pressure finally led sued this most basic step. Well the church usually doesn't do anything unless it's it was forced to kicking and screaming. On the and that even in your own progress regarding any issue. Also there's another case where the church is coming kicking and screaming. You know into modernity. Oriented and to truth telling him to justice yes it is a great boon to victims. When ever any kind of information and trends patterns he has exhibited. And this will help. Some victims to heal and gains and put validation enclosure. Robert you said a minute ago that you don't expect the bishop to release all of the information. What are you expecting names that we've already heard. Well we say we may hear the names of priests who have been credibly accused. Thought I doubt that bishop Malone is going to release the files on each of those priests and other files I need. Where where were all of these Kris. Station. Who this supervisors who transferred these. And despite the fact that they do they were being accused of some sort of attitude or behavior or or other abusive behavior. We we need to know all of the facts surrounding these cases in addition. How many of these cases were referred to law enforcement. For an investigation. So that these criminals and crimes can be held accountable. It's been a few weeks now since the diocese announced a victim's compensation. Fund day in your eyes how is that worked and has that gone anywhere toward helping the victims. Well that's another program that the church of was forced into you know kicking and screaming because you know two days after Michael Whelan. The courageous Michael Whalen went public bishop Malone announced that their program however. If you noticed that one of the things he. First announced was that. The deadline for that program was march 1 28 he's now he has claimed. That he will look at cases on a case by case basis. Well we want that great to be lifted and we want him to say today. Any victim who was victimized in the diocese of buffalo by clergy person. May enter that program. Without any limitation. In an attempt to get documentation. Or you say it like the files on these priests could then in public and litigation once you have names. Well we don't know you see big because of the statute of limitations in New York. Net equity in these cases I predict. Will be beyond the statute of limitations. However. We believe that it will be able to. Say that that's why we need to child victims of child victims act in order to not only change that who limitations. For the a lot of people with a one year window at least. Two to hold serve there abusers accountable in the court of law. So if you get if we get in New York State the child victims act this year and conceivably soon you could then proceed on that. Absolutely yes we could and the church is that it is the biggest roadblock. To getting that child victims act passed. Our lead in New York State capital conference is the most principal problem list against that bill and that too is outrageous. You mentioned a few times that the dioceses kicking and screaming toward debt any sort of resolution or anything that looks like a resolution. What in your mind would be the diocese not kicking and screaming but being proactive what could they announced today. That would prove T mule. That there are actually sorry about what is happening in the past. Complete and total honesty and transparency. Regarding. Everything about the diocese of buffalo are. You know it's cases its finances. Are allowing the people of the bankers to have all the information that they're entitled to especially. The children of the diocese who were so. Properly armed you know through YouTube and many decades. And that would that would. Be the signal that the church is finally going to be honest and transparent. Robbery even dealing with this for years and in other cities too is this going to weigh in buffalo as it has in other cities. Oh all yes all of the tobacco that the church is the seeing him in every diocese and nothing really has changed. Armed is that we seem to be going backward in many many situations. I have found in my work that the church begin to make steps you know in 20022003. And then there were these steps like all Walter Reed and apparently has some diet he's been published the list of their users etc. but. I would say during the history for five years we've been the church seems to be regret. Our goal Robert thank you for the time it's Robert Houghton of road to recovery a group representing. Some of the victims of clergy abuse on the day where the buffalo diocese expected. To name names of priests who have been accused.