Robert Hoatson, Road to Recovery on Buffalo Diocese's releasing of names of priests accused of abuse

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Tuesday, March 20th
Robert Hoatson, who's been calling on the Buffalo Diocese to release names of priests accused of sexual abuse, reacts to a report the Diocese will do so Tuesday

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Robert you and I are boring with a laugh stole 510 minutes or so all that buffalo diocese. Will be releasing the names of all priests who have been. Are accused of abusing. Minors while in the clergy first off your reactions you. This news that you've just heard. Well it certainly is up a major step in the right direction but. I'm hoping it's not going to be too little too late one of the things yet found in the past where. The revelation of information by dioceses. That. Vicinity information is released week week and think 045 other clergymen who probably are not on the list so. My talent to bishop long is to make sure that every single allegation that's credible. The name of that priest has released the names of those priests are released. And the important thing now is it not just the names we need to know the details. Because very often. It's obviously the devil in the details as they are you know. We're we're coordinate supervisors of these men why were they allowed to remain in ministry for so long. For example and in some cases. You know a priest and one near here and it was transfered to another parish and one year there another parish so we would like to know. But the details of each and every name that's going to be released. Now as far as a bit there at the details of what happened here arm what is your concern about. Mr. Malone not releasing the details about the abuse. Well in other words. Unfortunately the church has controlled. Information and a mouse were so many decades. That we don't know which information was sent the police. Where the police notify in any of the tasters. We're all of those occasions he's going to release tomorrow did they reach law enforcement somewhat somehow. Do so in other words the safety of children is Paramount here and unless we know. Our. An interpreter and also the circumstances surrounding. Their chasers. Then we really cannot be certain. That. That children are really say. No wait where are these trees now you know. That's very important so if there are pre ordering for ministry and are living it up in the neighborhood around children. Community have to know about that. As far is the number any estimate on how many. Priests may have committed these acts over the years. Well we we we heard numbers are no similar group like a 3040. Good there's no way to tell you on the we're going to see tomorrow you know how much or aggressors tomorrow I'm like comedy and Angel be released but there are. Unfortunately. We've never been able to trust and primarily the list that we that we received so it'll be very interest and you know for example people who are calling unity since we were there with Michael Whelan a few weeks ago. You know will there are roller perpetrators beyond that worked for example. You know. And as you said that you have this the first you're hearing this your medieval confirm this independently of the reporters coming up tomorrow. That's correct that's correct. I didn't you're over there and that bishop Maloney was going to be an Albany tomorrow to to lobby against the child victims act with the other bishops well. Arm perhaps that's not taking place and I'm. And I hope it isn't taking place and I hope they he doesn't go to Albany and Bobby and. A very necessary bill what we know that the Catholic conference of New York has been lobbying very vociferously against bill.