Rob Wallace- Canterbury Woods Gates Circle


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Joining us on the live line rob Wallace president and CEO of Canterbury woods gates circle to. Update how things are going there as mentioned that is the old footprint for the Millard Fillmore gates hospital and rob good morning. What can you tell us about how work is progressing there. Well look good morning. Workers progressing great we're weren't scheduled to be done with the project to building itself by a the middle of September and we've already scheduled our first resident movements. So the first week of October so who were read on schedules are to believed. We've been working on the project since back in 2014. Win. We won the art piece for with quite a help for this site and it's been an amazing project might feel older though because it's stick a long time. Is that what you're hoping for when this project was first proposed that from. I'd knock down of the old hospital to would the first residents moving in two years I mean almost exactly. Yes it you know it's. If that had been the plan all along and we've worked very very hard to follow the plan. Again that this site is built fantastic. But but with taking down the old hospital in dealing with. With the fact that there was older buildings there that certainly takes some time. But again it's appropriate for us for Cadbury would mart plans to progressed right on schedule. And we're just thrilled that. And in what ninety days or so we're going to be welcomed their first residence. Two defeat the only. Continuing care retirement community in this city in all of New York State. And you are only a part of the footprint there have you had any had difficulties working with the other entities that are involved in other parts of that project there. Now it's been a team effort I think that the folks from my county and more in the they're progressing very very well. I know that they get a building that's next to ours it's been recently approved and are working on other parts of the site so. We certainly wish them well the more progress they'd make them better for Canterbury woods. Now Canterbury woods for people who don't know why both independents and assisted living units so what do you know as far as so what the other part of tap project will be what. TM on sansei is doing in kind of what gates circle will look like when everything's said and done. Well I know that the building that they do you have. That the view that this the focal plane board to approve his mixed use building so there's going to be apartments in our incur in commercial space. And down from what I know and talking to the morgans and the month hockey you're gonna happen. On a lot of that type the development so probably a lot of self development certainly. In the old homeopathic hospital which is kind of crosses. Treat for Mars. So it's really. Anchor like in a very woods is going to be a really wonderful. Boy goal. All these new neighborhood to neighborhood linkage between. On the Delaware neighborhood in the print Brittany put it behind it so. We believe that it's. Going to be part of the city that she continues to add the vitality of what you're seeing. In the city of buffalo. And rob as mentioned independent and assisted living at the facility total of what 58 units. That was all spoken for already. You were right on target we sold on the independent side we sold somewhere between twenty and 25. And assisted living will be fed by the independence of those folks that are independent school if he did. Happy assisted living is built on site. Anytime you go the continuing care retirement community acutely about a three year. Ramp up to look full occupancy so again we're right on target and are thrilled that uh oh we're going to be opening that time in October. This whole process for you guys how has it been dealing with ball the city and the community nearby in the planning and the construction now. You know for me personally I always tell people not a thought Polonia and so. I've only been in buckle like if I am now been about ten years and I accept an accountant and a tremendous learning experience on the positive side for. For me for the organization as well. I mean it's it's been a team effort I mean you have a community. That highly engaged in that area and they. You know they're vested. They have. Great ideas for what they wanted to be in their communities and we think that's fantastic. On the city of buffalo could not be. Better and to be a better partner in and not putting up. At the buildings and new construction. Miles east of the stories that. There's been issues we're. Regulatory issues and so long and it in other municipalities would take a long time to work through in this city of buffalo it's very very seamless now. And so and we hadn't bureau issues working with the city of buffalo and moving this project forward. Rob Wallace joining us on the live line he's president and CEO of Canterbury woods gates circle.