RIP Aretha Franklin 930in716 August 17, 2018

Friday, August 17th

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It's 930. In 716. The queen of soul. Silenced. Think the break. You know the halls. The performances everyone available just you know you can beyond you know these. They have the data really you know Faldo who. We're different. As a young girl she lived in the city of buffalo. Her father was the pastor of calvary Baptist Church. I can find cool. This what I have read me. I don't want. Oh you do find yourself a wreath. As a legend. I'm Tim Wenger and 930 in 716. I was away and writing and camps Thursday when the news broke that a wreath of Franklin to past. The driver of the radio on is the bulletin was announced in looked to me in the rear view mirror. And we both just listen to. Aretha Franklin. Commanded respect. Then he twenties. Voice already sports. Born on March 25 1942. In Memphis Tennessee. She was the daughter of a reverend CL Franklin. With movies family to Detroit it's clear Aretha would begin to sink but that congregation. Right from the pulpit. Recording gospel song she began performing across America. And she talked about the moment she told her father. She wanted to grow. I guess pat and I want to change fail. So I want him down. And he felt that this was what I want to do to get in. But it. How sit in the I'm happy. One of her first major breakthroughs. Was this. I never loved a man to lead and I look you in 1967. Then there was the song co written like Carole King. Read the frankly mind. Away. Okay. Am and oh. A natural woman. But still a young woman Aretha Franklin would admit she had any more to learn. All I can find cool. What I have read me. I don't know yet. I'm trying to find me. She had nearly 100 hits on billboards or beach. Twenty reaching number one. Eighteen Grammy wins. The first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall fame. It was the first African American women. On the cover of time magazine. During the civil rights movement so many would turn to that song respect. She was afraid to doctor Martin Luther king and she would seeing. His funeral in 1960 vote. And pro career averaging six decades there was reinvention. And come back. Yeah. 1999 awarded the national medal of arts from President Clinton. The presidential medal of freedom in 2005 from President Bush. If she was there at the inauguration to the first African American president Barack Obama. Tributes growing up who star on the Hollywood walk of fame and at the Apollo Theater in New York then. And now profoundly says Aretha Franklin who had pancreatic cancer was surrounded by loved ones and family in the end. We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family they said so many artists paying tribute on social media. Mariah Carey Smokey Robinson Tony Bennett among them. And Carol king to. Everyone wants respect every one needs respect from the young to the very own and then the man who male female. We all want respect and we all want to be appreciated. Appreciated and profound respect for wreath of Franklin the queen of soul. 76. The fact there's. That she was arguably the greatest thing verbal or. Howard Kramer spent time with Susan Rosen Brian mess around ski NW PE NN. He's a pop culture guru and former curator at the rock and roll hall of fame. The code artistry per commanded music her. Population represented herself as a performer as an individual as a woman those are out of the most important things about. She's one of those that you don't have to be an expert in music or you know in vogue goals or things like that or even listened to a lot. Tin know how great the singer she was she was one of those voices that had the ability to give you goose bumps. Absolutely people know what grade is one of them you know if you're you know the difference between what's good what's bad and when you see or hear the exceptional. Immediately respond to it and that's you know everything Franklin's voice and material assault. The performances. If you get a chance ever serialized go to YouTube is a gazillion performances that are everyone available just you know give because. Now is the title queen of soul. That was just given to her in recent years she said that for a long time Hansen. Yeah actually are you on our poster from 1960 sevens that have hurt her list that the queen of soul of the performance and included. Curry little uptick opted. All of GO assent to this position of like preeminence. Have been very very quickly once she started record for Atlantic records and right after those years of record as you know like after the perspective that. What C exhibit like. In Cleveland. I honestly I couldn't tell you I haven't been amusing for number of years but it. That's a resource that didn't have participated with the museum and a number of occasions most notably the programs. A tribute saying look at 2005. In minute special tribute to her 2011. That she came from Detroit physically to participate in the show's. I is anybody over you know oftentimes when things like this happened did the media we remember is so much. And so we we wanna go back and reflect on how great some of these artists were. I think it's important to would take media even more of a step once somebody was. As greats as Aretha Franklin is in saying you know we're not just remembering to remember. Now we're not over blowing this she really was one of the greatest of all time. Well I would disagree with that at all. We are Tennessee because of and you guys were nose first can't beat that need it immediately have information put out there. But when something really significant in a significant person. Passes for our for a ride on the scene it is a call called to take a moment and look it reflect and look at. Who these people are how they changed things how they made our lives better and eat you have to agree that the music of Aretha Franklin is everybody's like. Yes certain very saddened to hear about the passing of Aretha Franklin. Buffalo mayor Byron brown took pause it'd event. To remember Rica I grew up listening to her music has generations of people. Across our country and internationally. Grew up there and have loved her music. Certainly Aretha Franklin known as queen of soul and some described her as the greatest singer of all times are her voice will be missed but. Her songs will certainly continue to live on. Growing up parts of life in buffalo and that's got to feel very special necessary. Yet is very special for this area the connection that we've been short with a reform Franklin. As a young girl she lived in the city of buffalo. Her father was the pastor of calvary Baptist Church. Scioscia had very strong connections are to this community and this community always looked at her and embraced her as their own. Oh she was fantastic. Singer we. One of many they had transferred from gospel group who are. And she had some roots in buffalo living here for a time. George Scott is president of the colored musicians club in Buffalo's speaking with power might bag government. And I mean if you borrowed equipment so magnets found that for you to. You knew this person heard. Does that have an extra impact especially on the western new York community knowing that. For a brief time in her childhood Franklin actually grew up on Buffalo's east side. Our it was a bigger impact coming you know I didn't know her personally and had with that is that several members within this club who. Went to school where it's her and and things like that so they think new respect. And you know the fact that she'd always comes back from time to time. You know up until recently. To visit her mother's grave here in buffalo. And he has if you are just relatives still out here. George Heidi think she'll be remembered well like a pit he would visit outstanding. Soulful. Singer and I think like beyoncé you know these knows they have the data it is really you know bow down through. We're different could you really. Brought that soul to the world what are important and style. And it wasn't just music she had a social impact especially you know back in the it's 56 season and iron to the civil rights there. Yes yes he supported. The movement and she's with our own money actually hope to bill well. You know these actors actually got arrested parenthood so it was different strongly. Couple years ago but you know possible music all the same. Given her award you know. For her contributions to music particularly you know from buffalo won what oh war. We we have the trophy here. You spoke the code could develop. Unfortunately that has the opportunity to. So. We have here. Rest in peace Aretha. And let's just listen.