Ride Sharing vs Taxis: Still Causing Friction In Buffalo - Kevin Barwall


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The buffalo City Council gearing up to start may be looking at. Regulating the ride sharing and taxi industry all of this because representatives of the taxi side of the equation. Have asked them to look at what they feel is still an on level playing field between the two about six months after right chairing started in upstate New York. Let's bring in Kevin Brown while he's the president of the limo bus and taxi association. Of upstate New York Kevin thanks for joining us this morning glad you're here. I certainly pertinent to what degree are you seeing the imbalance do you think that. That things are. Our eventually going to get better or does a City Council need to take action here. Well you know we there's a reason why attacked regulated as well so all transportation can't Fox's own these. While black cars a long time ago because. They're without. They're create some. Some say that it calls such such wild wet. Our regional operators that are operating without court insurance court great strain should not Colin Powell who's who of the region. It and rate now it'll. That he actually eat. A lot of policy that was thought he put them back in the lineup and Turkey ignored. I didn't hear AT&T is not a damn wreck relations how they aren't good backgrounds are. The media this this city has the ability to regularly. Well I churned as well as close attacks against the state. So for you for you it's more than just the idea that they get charged surge pricing and you don't. That is our that is correct so when it comes on the visitor to happen in the area are you would eat it came to our. Also as well as the gulf will build these people are Tutsis. There ride out seriously anymore after the concert and then what comes back. They're getting these enormous great it is Sergio Russert great news. We were we have vehicles out there for you to in an hour after the game and people's you know weaker vehicle he would be charged. Three or even five times what they were we've got charged and went out there. I think actually there we are not allowed to do that we are regulated under the guidelines and rules and regulations in this penalties as well of the Arab Al. So is this what went the Texas want it to be able to impose surge pricing. Now we just wanted and it and we want to be able to put for airplay built this weekend. If they can just buried why can't we just hurry. Is all of surge pricing gouging horse is a matter of degrees I boost a little bit that surge pricing. I boosted a lot mets' scouting book how to how would you define gouging. Thousands when they're turned independent could probably happened in New York City and the same happened years these. They're gonna have been crowd probably wanted to demand that he be bill gobble a couple movies you rate and that's where I'm out. I don't find it noble idea on the let's call you know after years he's saying now I'll spoil you complain about it. They are yet they have not been. Holy debacles like that it had a lot of people that you needed large. I applicable to go out as compared to some concerts and and the buildings. Are you know people tend to you know have meetings and but there are it is it's going to this year you know only if it's not fair that that they impose this when. When we're regulated it's as if it were regulated and deregulated them to people within city. Kevin will what's the third give what's the solution what do other cities still they have the situation where. You don't they write cheering that can charge surge pricing in Texas it can't. Other cities like it was new York city New York City. Somewhat Greg it has somewhat ability to regulate some of it flies. On the day they chose not to. Fully impose that other cities such as. He's he's ordered Allen to not that access our own Q are some parts of California. I'm abnormal regulated but the best thing is it. These large and company this you know find a way to go out walk or just ignore it and then there's that's why there are gray hair. Severely you know had severe problems that are they help one point nine billion dollar loss last year. They played six times in mountain that you he has legal sea just to get to a problem that we're having. Aren't so they a lot of it has been more than it is you know open. OK and we impose a fine on you but I don't I don't go around I have and I also lament it's it's they've been doing that and if they want. All right Kevin thanks so much for your time. Kevin Bob Wallace president of the limo bus and taxi association of upstate New York.