Ride For Roswell Preview - Mitch Flynn & Maria Turner


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The ride for Roswell is coming up June 23 and it's time to get going and sign up we're talking about it with two in studio guest this morning. Mitch Flynn who founded the rights for Roswell and Maria turner will get to Maria and just a management snitch you came up with this how many years ago. Look for sure of planning was 1995. And the first actually your the ride was 1996. Route we have a thousand writers. We raised a 100000 dollars and last year the 22 year of the ride. We had some new 500 riders and raise four point seven million dollars so huge increase. They're tipping point 2003 and it's taken off from there you know what's it like who have seen this event go from where it started to now I mean everybody in Western Europe knows about Iraq. Well it's like Fantasy Island fun wow you have to look you have to step back and look at this as Natalie. A fundraising event for cancer research and pay she cure but also a huge community event. That people just love to come to every year. Maria Maria turner from Brussels with us in a lot of marketing right from but you also write how did you get started. That's a great question I actually wanted to started team for our department there are several departmental teams at Roswell. And I coordinate the marketing and the advertising for the blood completely donations runners so eleven years ago I started teen. So that we could. Certainly help the ride for routes on that first and foremost but secondly bring more awareness to the need for blah simply the donations arousal park. So that's how we got started eleven years ago and we started with eleven writers and increased 15100 dollars and now we're usually that top team that routes on I see that with great pride is mixed I was. How big. Sometimes we have sixty writers we've had his highest ninety writers and to date we've raised over a quarter million dollars for the right for last time. Team in Roswell you raise all that money you know some people are listening thinking now I mean it seems like so much on probably can't do it and when you tell people you're involved in the ride. Kinda gets easy thing for a people they'd get behind that cost. Well as I was saying to mature earlier everybody has arousal story and now we're finding that everyone has a right for Russell's story. It's not as hard as some people might think. There are I know many people who are may be intimidated by fundraising but you can do things his simplest guess how many pieces of candy Karen candy jar. I've taken my young son around the neighborhood with that in. People of you know they feel after the dollar that we're asking where they give us twenty dollars so. Before you know OK you're at your fundraising minimum and then each year you're able to build upon that because you get more creative. And people wanna help people when they hear the name Russell they wanna help. There are different routes to that people can sign up for right Mitch. Yeah they're eleven routes and two of them go to Canada. Those are my idea favorites one is 26 miles and crosses the peace bridge takes a beautiful Niagara parkway all the way to follow suit to stop and to assault vehicle falsely can be better than that right. And then you're you're Bostick to UV from Niagara Falls, New York the longer one is 46 miles so those are two really one great ones. And then on the other hand there's a three mile route referred anybody and a 102 mile route which is not for everybody but the people who wanted to write that long have something to do too so we have a lot of different choices for the right here what do you find is the most popular routes because I always wonder you know how many people like those extra long ones verses just won't go for quicker bigger question well. And don't most popular routes are the ones that let you sleep then hey Erica and nurture those who is a twenty mile and a thirty mile route to go start later in the morning and those those. Are the first ones to sell out now why is that most human one's sleep and and still do the right. Maria got to know which reduce U I traditionally I've done it's funny. And I into my first year out I did the three mile route with my son and that's why I always tell people who might be intimidated. It's a Mike Allen have to peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a mile and a half back I don't know too many people they can't do that yet. Nice easy ride for a lot of people just filing your going to if you're very serious you have that you. How to people find out more information or sign up there yet the website is really easy to use and easy to find it's WWW. Ride for Roswell dot org and you can do everything you want and you can find out about the roots you can find out about fundraising obviously you can register. You can find out about the history the rise the impact of fundraising where the money goes which is patient care research facilities Paul O'Neill as grants. Rosalyn Roz alliance which is the umbrella organization for the ride and nearly dispersants about a million dollars in funds for quality of life grants and about one point five million for research. Those are all the good things that come out of the right. Now even if years listen to this and you saying right is not for me you can't go to that site and donate as well right. Absolutely anybody is able to donate and if you're thinking that your intimidated about actually physically writing. You can be a virtual writer and still make a contribution. To the team and be part of all the fun activities that take place at the event. A couple of volunteers volunteers to get this. Yeah absolutely ridiculous if salute leave it for the ride has about 2000 vultures every year and also the web site as a place we can go. True find out more about that too so I absolutely vultures commercial writer's fund raisers who don't ride and writers are all part of the story. Hey we can't wait for this year's ride and look forward to having a lot of people sign up over the next coming weeks that's Mitch Flynn Maria turner thanks so much for joining us.