Rev Kinzer Pointer.on political tweets by Kanye West and Chance the Rapper

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Friday, April 27th

Pointer reacts to political tweets by rappers Kanye West and Chance the Rapper


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Reverend Kaiser pointer is joining us on the WB BMY find. Reverend I wanna get your reaction to a couple tweets that are sent out one of them by Kanye West. Saying that he has support further the president the United States and the other by chance the rapper who said. Quote black people don't have to be Democrats I want get your reaction to something like that and based on the national dialogue with. In a race relations and political affiliation. Well on our Kanye he had every right to support politically courtroom ever need to try to support political. Com piece he shouldn't expect. That it means that everybody else is going to fallen behind I'm behind. Com. And so are rare. Black folks going to be democratic I mean any state in making more Rabin's. When we come. I think errors but we often get lumped into one monolith. That black people come from all kinds. And them come from all kinds of backgrounds all kinds our dear period. And and the like and then I think individually peek inside themselves. Cody want to support. And I think we're apparently is better floor by entertained. My Kanye and so. Reverend there's the statistics show that among African American voters than they vast majority of them walls full. Democrats what is it about the appeal of Democratic Party to people of color. I don't know I can't begin to explain meant to you. Because for. Decades prior to that African Americans. Are voted Republican. So. I can't explain that demographic. Shift. Com and they're national parties aren't there a better job to explain it to you in nineteen. Do you think that. You know with the trends that are out there currently. We had chance the rapper saying that even in death following tweet he sent said the next president is going to be an independent do you see. That there could be asleep shift in the future. Fit. And and that's an interesting idea. Com. And we don't just sample were to seek. And get kind concerning. That we've got some grainy amateur. Political sciences. Run around. Particularly. It's a learner. Quarter much better. Rappers are believed. And then Arab political scientist. I doubt very seriously Eric in 2020. Election. They the American electorate will elect. In independents and turned on independence have been running for president in this country for arm and released. And last entry in the hands. And nine and even come close. Com and these are the most recent. Com and attempted to run for president in the United States. And received a considerable clue where Alexy would be lost well and we know we know how that turned out. So I doubt very seriously says that prediction welcome attack and then next. Presidential election but I'll certainly be I'm standing around taken note of the. Reverend what advice do you give for people when it comes to studying who these politicians are who are these voting. What advice do you give everybody in general but in particular. People of color. Under him in argue there is real simple arm and Eaton to file. No. Who injured running. Know what they stand for. Know what they believe. And then you know usually aren't charged you don't need anybody can tell you go to support. And an election and an Arab Americans. You know we we armed we have. Unique and distinct freedoms arm. That you don't find everywhere on the current armed intervention those trees to be responsible with your vote. And item be responsible and find out holes right and what they stand for and whether or not you can actually support them.