Returning to the Airwaves - Tom Bauerle


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It will be hourly and Albania today three and WB Ian Tom is stacked in his what does this morning Tom aria. Well I was gonna say the show would return to normal but that might be somewhat X Cymer. Yes a couple of these debris of an oxymoron. But Tom. You'd had some time off feared to recuperate how are you feel. I feel old white. Just war over Brian that any breath let it could be my last and people can actually hear me on the I feel actually. Pretty pretty darn good. Considering what he's human body is able to absorb them. From which it is able to what recover recuperate. I actually would like to add something that which slipped thousands of women marched yesterday with those silly apps. Thousand events in order I would like to point out of the listeners that. Hundreds of thousands of Western New York women did not march yesterday thank you. Now Ari town hate so it's been like seven weeks since your heart attack is. Is that awful awful enough recovery period. I'm not sure but it is a yeah they're really there is contingent upon so many variables Susan. For example one help heading into it. Whether Warren had any. Exacerbating factors help wives and it's just happened that the rest of the body was ever really really good show if it's just that it's just that pass you heart. Where is giving me a problem. That. Bottom line it is. It's much better for me to be recuperating well working and actually doing something nervous at these allegedly productive. They're used to sit up by ours watching the 8000 YouTube video I'm almost sure YouTube in. Wait Peter Griffin set of Family Guy not a bad not a bad fit the other. It sits on two under doctor's orders are we can expect a more mellow soothing Tom Bauerle in the afternoon. Actually brought and Erica mouton bring those that are largely to smoke weed blow up the. Step up. To new policy I wasn't aware that. Our is it at a take charge and your health stay or what are you talking about today with David. As far as with David for personal though. There will not be a do work homer. Hourly every basically. The bottom line Asia have to be passionate about what you do it over to bird very passionate guys. And that they want is not able to ignite a fire that they want is not able to some of the the god of war for a talk show you you do you're tired. So it's going to be disabled stable Iraq stability and Dick curmudgeonly stuff that you have come to expect. And I'm looking forward to be exact the year where David and just having fun on Wii does have a good time ago. Yeah you guys still in and a lot of people mission to tell and it's great to have you back. We'll talk till later. Well I. Hope that people will be virtually starting at 3 and I am really really sorry that I missed the ability to comment president Trump's comments about certain other countries of this world. Which I have been too by the way in which I absolutely agree with the assessment. Currently Tom won't be tuning in at three and hope we can get that at all. Out in the open everything amidst all coming your way at 3 o'clock it's time borrow these back on the air 3 o'clock but hourly and Olivia.