Reporter Mary Alice Parks - Health Care debate

Vote delayed, votes not all there yet


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A health care vote has been pushed back Mary Alice park's. Correspondent in Washington joining us to talk about exactly why it's all because of one Republican right. And exactly right leader Mitch McConnell just did not have one vote Ayers so we aren't covered surgery. He couldn't more than a week. And that seems to be a pretty much the story from the last version that day was a very fragile thing in very close on the votes. What are the major sticking points would this version. You know a lot of similar oh and I couldn't mention before I would shame now conscious and alert each you have the more conservative members of the party shtick just wants. A Fuller repeal and the written confession made it that some amendments that action roots and offer network adopting the latest versions. And then you have more moderate Republican Party that they built puke too much. Attic or you are cutting back and rolling back Medicaid and that they're just not comfortable at those kinds of cuts in the impact reckon cabinet they. Is there any sort of new timeline when we should expect this to come up for vote. Right now not at all I'm you know we know that Mitch McConnell a warrant lawmakers. They can keep working through that much he already planned she pushed back at least that. I over two weeks keeping liquor and talents. And even though it hot. And on it. They're act keep working speed this frankly a lot of other events. Budget appropriation bills and keep the lights on the government. I'm don't want this to the top priority and there gonna keep working age they're so much else on their late it's hard to imagine that the heat gain by outback. When it's time for. He joining us now with the latest on health care from Washington Mary Alice park.