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Monday, March 20th
Rep. Jackie Speier offers questions on political strategist Michael Caputo during Capitol Hill hearing.

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Right lets them. Move on to someone else's that would add his name is Michael cook who ago. Is that you are professional. Conservative radio talk show host in 1994. He moved to Russia. And there he I was working for the Agency for International Development. He was fired from that job because he refused to follow a State Department position he then open the PR firm in Moscow. And married a Russian. Woman is subsequently. Divorced her in in 1999 his business fail. Rodgers down. And a match or chew him urged him to move to Florida and opened his PR firm in Miami which is exactly what mr. food out yet. And then at 2000 he worked where head. Asked prom a media. Act to improve. Its image in the United States. Now do we know gas from media days. You know that anything about gas from director. Rep it's AM. My company. In 2007. He began consulting. The Ukrainian parliamentary campaign. There he met his second wife. So I guess my question is. What possible reason is there for the trump campaign to hire. This image consultant. Any thoughts on that director Tommy thoughts. And Rogers. Like listen in right arm do you either you know what Michael computer is doing before the trump. Effort today I've no idea in Iraq and talk about US persons.