Remembering Aretha Franklin - Howard Kramer


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We are remembering the queen of soul this morning Aretha Franklin. Lady soul the first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and we're going now to pop culture expert and former curator at the rock and roll hall of fame Howard Kramer this morning Howard I think for the time. When was Aretha Franklin inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Well there was a second your production 1987. So right away. Pretty much in there are pretty much we think the key thing about a read is effective she was awarded apple or any of the forces that should receive. The fact is that she was arguably the greatest thing purple heart. The code artistry put commanders music her. Population represented herself as a performer as an individual as a woman those are the the most important things about. She's one of those that you don't have to be an expert in music or you know him vocal sir things like that or even listened to a lot. To know how great of a singer she was she was one of those voices that had the ability to give you goose bumps. Absolutely people know what grade as well except for if you know the difference between what's good what's bad and what you see or hear the exceptional. Immediately respond to it and that's it reeked of Franklin's voice and hope material the song the performances. If you get a chance ever serialized go to YouTube is a gazillion performances there everyone available just you know give because. Now is the title queen of soul. It was in just given to her in recent years she said that for a long time hasn't Jake. Yeah actually I don't assault poster from 1960 sevens that have hurt her lift as the queen of soul. Performance and included. Three circle update are they enough. All she is it to her assent to. Disposition of late preeminence have been very very quickly once she started record for Atlantic records and right after posters of recorders in public after the perspective that. What C exhibit like. In Cleveland. I honestly I couldn't tell you I've ever been museum for cover your but it. That I resent it didn't have participated with the museum and a number of occasions most notably the programs. A tribute Sam Cooke a 2005. And then it actually tribute to her 2011. That she came from Detroit physically to participate in social. It is anybody over you know oftentimes when things like this happen and media we remember is so much. And so we we wanna go back to reflect on how great some of these artists were. I think it's important to would take media even more to step once somebody was. As greats as Aretha Franklin is sensing you know we're not just remembering to remember. Now we're not over blowing this she really was one of the greatest of all time. Well I would disagree with that at all. We are Tennessee because of and you guys should know this firsthand beat the need to immediately have information put out there. But when something really significant in any significant person. Passes for our oral arrives on the scene it is a call. Cause to take a moment and look at reflect and look at. Who these people are how they changed things out lately our lives better and eat you have to agree with the music of Aretha Franklin is everybody's like that. The happier actually right she was remarkable Howard thanks Howard Kramer pop culture expert. And former curator at the rock and roll hall of fame. It amazing to remember wreath Franklin this morning it truly one of those greats goosebumps. I think is so little on him when he came here for voice.