Relating Some Uber Experiences - Jim Stelianou


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Taxi companies are still having an issue with Cooper and left even though right sharing has been here for about six months. Taxis take issue with surge pricing which right sharing can charge in taxis cannot. Jim Stanley on now is joining us live this morning he's a part time blooper driver Jim good morning. Well good morning could operate and also a little bit about surge pricing have you. Been able to charge surge pricing this would be in increasing your price for a to a trip that's in demand. Yes I have I have picked up from and knew where appeal. Rides that horse search. Vehicles built in or summer concert or even in the area where there's a lot of people now a lot of older drivers I have a surge. And the app does that you don't get to decide the system it's decides right. Yet somehow there's there must be an algorithm. In the system debt. That can hell. There's hundreds and hundreds requests and not many drivers settle it will be a little red blob. On the map that that get even darker red has more requests come. How often does that happen. You know what sporadic and sometimes that watched the map even when I'm not driving and I think. I think it just sort of happens. Even if even if there was an annual order to requests and neighborhood somewhere. Randomly hit it may trigger a surge just because there's not many drivers around. Our it can you give us an example of maybe how much more it would be would then say and norm a regular trip. You know that. It's hard to say I depending on how dark residents like. I don't come buffalo I'm not Saturday night I'm meteorological all over the entire city. It may cost you one he dollars to get to Amherst it may cut to forty or fifty or more Pete Sampras. Just depending. What is the customer reaction. You know I hate it it was me. I wanna say there is there is. No amount of money I wouldn't pay their I would pay any amount of money to get my home state. Whether it's more or or you know. Assert pride. Oh do you understand the argument from the taxi companies. There that this is their big beef Sammy they're actually threatening to stay out of downtown buffalo on New Year's Eve to make send a message. You know won't slip but the right. I think he's been saying and not you know if they wanna there that don't come up on a fine but all across the country and can. And notably New York City. A lot of technique of the fighting battles with Cooper and they're they're not winning. And the best thing taxicab companies are doing is joining ride sharing company that is many taxi companies. Like liberty. Cross country who are developing their own right sharing app and and computing right along with over. And flip locally. Part of liberties argument is that on this particular issue regulation keeps them from joining in with search pricing. And rather than join you in that. They say they would love to see the City Council move ahead. And not only keep cab companies from during the surge pricing but keep you from doing the search pricing. Your reaction without her. Would it matter. It may it may somewhat hurt. But you know I don't. I don't know if they're gonna win that just because. Wilbur is a huge huge company and down. It it just seems like that again all across the country. They're the small have to cap companies are able to compete with the multibillion dollar ride sharing industry. Do you think maybe Jimmy that taxi company should be deregulated. Incentive for trying to get over lift to be more regulate it. You know it's tough to say because it while while everybody bit. Everybody's trying to make a living so. You know I maybe even make it fair that's a possibility. If they think it's going to be more fair I against. But you know Lee you hate to you eight arms someone else's income. At the same time it set gonna affect you know partner like a part time mover driver like me or even old uncle. Yeah well and and other listeners are saying let the market decide you know and Jim ware appreciate your time thanks so much. Thank you Jim's Elian a is a part time over driver in the buffalo area.