Refuting Wallet Hub Findings On Buffalo Parking - Sam Iraci


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We're talking about it parking studies that Brian just mentioned wallet come out with a parking survey. It's raised some eyebrows around here it says on average we paid 27 dollars 44 cents for two hours of parking in buffalo Sam Iraq cheek. Is joining us live from buffalo civic auto rams Sam I always thought of buffalo is being among the cheapest cities for parking how did you take this when he heard this. I don't think they've given your deal what they're talking about and maybe we'll check it we've got interracial from the bureau of transportation studies. And while others martyrdom. Washington DC so maybe. They'd be out of America to back good. Yeah we're looking at said the survey I think a lot of people would say an average of close to thirty dollars for two hours. Definitely seems a little hide from what everyone used to paying whether it's in a grudge or just on the street somewhere. But special event parking can be. You know it inflate those prices and there has been few complaints about special event parking at some of the lots around the city. Could that be what's giving buffalo a bad name just those special events. Well in our special run action aside so that this up with the stop this report. It is not here to the city. And all the people including the mayor and the cops that and let them in the peak of orbit work hard to keep rates low. Really if people want to get the right information on the industry experts in this area are parking property advisors got not. And Parker PD up well and we're in the top forty. Almost a bunch of parkinson's he's in the country so. I'm may be ball club should. Take a look at those sites rather than. Using. Like this summer he's this he's forced part of the where they got their information. A big deal but more. Sam what do we pay right now for parking in the city of buffalo. Well all for all the city on facilities at our forces are on the indigenous art properly. They do eight dollars. Are you would monthly rate is 81 dollars. Luckily Parker their Korean army it was about forty cents an hour. Quote special about it. We never are more on the ballot. Although he had information on our web site. Of the car parking dark armed. It's post moved in in the facilities all I I really don't know what they're talking about if it would probably the mature structural about. They should accept well because yeah it is totally misleading. So really what should have been focusing on news hourly rate. Daily rate. Of monthly rates and he didn't do their. Have you is this the first time we've kind of heard buffalo get a bad rap for parking. Yes I mean just from a common sense point of view you would know that. The Rachel cart in buffalo are comparable to go to Chicago. Let. I don't think a lot of common sumptuous Jews during world including those so called on it it was. Do you studies like this do you think cause some harm. For the city. While I do because. Not only does the city. That all of facilities and then they go but look at what the mayor and council. N and the B card or work hard to keep rates low to speak truth for the pop are they that. All what all the private developers. All the didn't he didn't let them down how you point to a court. Would the service of those people are working hard. Or did contribute to making down our own batter all the crowd out. Between them the medical corps or an outside and everything in between. Have you thought of reaching out to the Department of Transportation or the Bureau of Transportation Statistics where these numbers are supposedly coming from and saying hey it's time you re look. At buffalo because your figures are little off here. I I think we just became aware of this yesterday thought. I'd be glad to reach out to the army and navy direct some of the people who are willing not to talk about. He's a private consulting the national arm. Parking rates and park the PDF. And you do your listeners could launch of goes off site and friend overly. But what the actual story is but I'm not sure what it will do but I think it will try. Married Sam it's a great idea to join us this morning and in. Ten and give us that the better news then went down we got from Wallace comes at San Karachi from buffalo civic auto ramps.