Refuting Aspects of Officer-Involved Shooting - Nelson Torre


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On the line with this now always in Nelson Torre he is the attorney representing the family of Jose Hernandez or Ross C demand. Shot by police in nets Sunday officer involved shooting in black ground guys Nelson thanks for joining us. What did you make of the news conference held by district attorney John Flynn yesterday. These Santa Maria Jose. Happy that the New York State attorney general's office they can investigations. On the attorney general's office contacted me yesterday at. All of that I conveyed to those days mom and sisters. That. They will do great girl a complete picture investigation. And that does. They have some solace in those words. Are there are going to hold another vigil for. Jose and I. And up. That's the way we took his press conference. So we thank for his efforts and that's ports and. But John Flynn the DA said that and they officer thought he had been shot what's your reaction to reports that officer queen now may not have. Suffered a gunshot wound to the year that the possibility that it was the deployment of an airbag. All the speculations. All these things are investigation yet. Are. You seem to be defective character that not developing. One for springer opera or don't mean. Kohlberg near your current. Quoted by. The breasts and here terms that are. Our involvement. And the evidence doesn't support. How much of what earned as a great speculated about. In certain oh in terms of the next. Hear your possibility here than. Being discussed. What is some of that evidence. Well they're. Several eyewitnesses a parent and seeing. And then that provide a statement to the authorities are not spoken to multiple. Witnesses who view that. And. Are also that much physical evidence. You have to remember these. Airbag went off. And officers say to the net proximity to. The check that in the staking it to full light white pillow that logo but it's safe for a gunshot. Our money that it makes no sense. Secondly. What Eric Pryor. Or are. The police and current and running hotel the wrote. There acknowledged contact between the vehicle there and prove it and he lowered acknowledged there. Hole and this idea of a man thing has been into audible they'll car moving at that velocity and striking the curtain wall. Is lower body and legs would have been propelled forward with the upper torso and concerts that is. Injuries would spend too low factors behind. Art and not to his right ear. And an air bank employees. From the last siders had and that's the post position. So. I think all the prognosticators. And speculators. Await the outcome. Of the investigation. We're talking live with Nelson Torre the attorney for the suspect killed in the officer involved shooting Sunday Nelson. We're hearing from a number of people who say that it's very easy to mistake the sound of an airbag deploying. Do compared to the sound of a gunshot. And if that's the case wouldn't officer Tabasco be justified. If he thought officer queen don't had been shot and faced a threat. Couple questions there but our governor but one thing but if you're at a net proximity steered the pitcher out and about are. The year echoed off the police you know he just got punched in the face with a white pillow. Again. In the injuries. According to the evidence I see the right side of to this idea jet situation. On echoed her. The owner. Start the result the unlawful activity you're unlawful stop all the vehicle by the prospect. If they're in violation that it's right. Or a cruel civil right. By initiating police action. Being countered unlawful. And it fit it in about forcing answered some sort of structure in the game so they. Well. To beat these very story after the fact. Not change what unlawful and does something that was law. Besides not being able to find a weapon is there any other I crucial evidence you have the air bag that you mentioned. That would prove that Jose Hernandez Rossi did not have. A weapon. Well. The eyewitnesses to the defense. And the other concrete evidence throughout the year that Susan is the in his like substantial. So there are you know the the these woman that made some observations. It's one amongst several literate and that would damage an expert order number eight. I doubt. Even according to. And that accounts. There were several minutes. Time and space between. When that vehicle commander rested and the building and went and ultimately be shot just sort you have to remember. There is an unarmed man that shot from behind. Three quarters of a block away. Because they're kind of in between there we go into the roadways. Struggle. And then a person running away and shot from behind. At its at play at distant. So desperate he is it. Nobody thought they got injured in the current side air bags were not there banquet are gone and several minutes later. Partner pulled out a gun and start shooting it's on the back. None of that. Makes cents under the laws of justification. But don't trigger another obvious point where you have that. The series of a bad. The injury occurred. And the brick wall that building when a car it'd at a substantial a lot. Clearly officers were pulled it Andre. And ended Jose's like even sooner. But didn't think there was any gunshot Nektar when he hit the brick wall he was drawn up the road they want to are. Actually all mob that started to. Physically. Later and it. That's the possibility is that an accurate enough possibilities and who evidence is there. And mr. Torre with with Hernandez Rossi dead. Why are you involved it is they're going to be a civil suit. Not about civil suits at this moment. It's a while learning the truth. And that's why the New York State attorney general's office as well and that's why both executives. Ordered it. Because. Cases are very serious. Or important community. And this is not an isolated incident. And the officers. Had a history with a great. And there's there's there's there's a document history and there where they. Each stop in the picture multiple targets done. Very Kate. Target which were dismissed and light it. OK but he was. He was not going to church she was his do you he's just come from there were reports he just came from a drug house NASCAR was full of drugs. According to who the police. Yes. Bet that yet he I'll bet your test to be seen by as. I understand that the claim that was dropped in the car and certainly did not give justification to stop. What they're worn at the drug counselor and ball. These are completely. Were they on a narcotics the sale. A lot of that doesn't make sense I understood from. The supervisor to the police department from day one that this was a routine car stop. That it not appeared square with the evidence. So there are changing narratives. But they're not from what I. Now that the claim that drug helps. Somewhere and gave rise to our stop. By these two officers that would highly. Unusual in my experience which is not an animal. And still motive for the car stop and question. What was these officers in ten. And how would that carried. Our that is Nelson Torre he is the attorney representing the family of Jose Hernandez Rossi the man shot. In black rock on Sunday.