Reflecting On Successful Season - UB Hoops Coach Nate Oats


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You be men's basketball coach Nate Oates is with us live this morning the UB man's run is over but. Nate have you had a chance to kind of let all of this sink in the last couple of weeks. He won the Mac championship you pulled off a monster upset against Arizona. And took QB to the second round of the NCAA tournament for the first time ever. There are meetings. Thoughtful there were. Little word of indigo and all those ordinances terminal itself. Few years ago and always gone through the last four years so. But just making it still special but we've got so we want to do all the more that you just saw. Withdraw this year resolve those trees using mobile one. Pubic cultured. Yeah if pershing character arguably network. Nevada didn't have been booted it up and start to watch over executive might have shot. We just thought sure we're up 45. That the total walk ons they're pretty that the players it was kind of humbling and gangsters and could afford rod you know to bring it over at all on sort of a tortured everybody in the country and western cultural war is so. Appreciate what you've daughter and she really going roost. You know what what what scored what you're getting lost in doubles organize our dictionary you can do some damage conviction of Eric. Are you feeling the love from Western New York over the past weekend. And it right. These. In on what we obviously won here in Western New York bureau Ortiz. Everybody's it'll come to tech Q following that caught up on wall less about it but. After that went Thursday and it just kind of blew all their bodies. Well reported results showed all the global taxable. Entity. Here there's going to stick so. You can do to get tired. The ball and Western New York sooners they're great over the last couple weeks here. How about until the glove from the bills for the balls. You know of Sean McDermott Brandon being. That was awful. Place you don't show our. Poll of the awards though it did rule video. Thing on Twitter and both players are all. Tweet about it every is great really. Shoot with the way the city's support themselves over it also thought that was also. We were first season in general has liked it. An off day between games to two road do you brought my assistant us to live and archived without objection they'll. He says he has you have to say it. That after the launch so. Our follow the ball well this is affordability dollar. Pretty cool weather supported us. You mentioned having a lot of your team back for next year or what are you expecting going forward into next year in the years say after that should everybody who was so invested. In UB basketball going down the stretch expect. You know this success to continue for kind of the momentum to build here. Yeah. Sure don't point fingers shall we. Expect everywhere are parallels we've got a really good retreat. Then we'll. Capable mental don't want. Go a lot of guys fact it'll Google also I think. We just slows things we can. It also don't get the NC a terrible will be a big. Disappointment I think we've we've we need to get there were achieved when those games are going to be trait to get to this sector we can't. Make sure that it can hold director gore as well you're you're kicking the ball like our afterward got connections sure. You know a lot of people they'd noticed just how loose the team wise this year in you know you'd talked about how. You coach sick it's not just basketball that you you coach them about life and it really seemed to make a difference do great. There are that we. Or mental skills character coaches leave we address all kinds of different issues. We really you know I always. Go back to high school stick their kids to summer camp like not basketball camp with regular. Do we take from different spot or in college you kind of try to so different can't you know they're drawn. Overboard also you know two bit purpose softly address that would kind of this year we did it. Well formal if different guys to him speak strongly. But the mental skills coach are neither it came in and once or twice a week you've got to talk perky look different stalked from the coaches would. Dressed different. You also are big guys. Wanna know you care about them as people. Not just as basketball players and you really should have his. I in your pretty straight before you do is that you can use huge people poured through her bottom fastball where. Well the way we wanted to do it. Does a lot of it stems from what you've been through with your wife and her battle with cancer. You know what that's certainly. Certainly at all. Grow older they get. It all the oil is stored gave limited form. My job like that we're aware of at this level but give the day it still gave out we gave you could learn a lot of an envelope on what's. But I mean why we tried I don't we tried to force you've got to but I think that for gold in perspective W. And there's really no offseason for you your hot on the recruiting trail now how much easier did this past weekend make recruiting for you. Going forward having you'd be in the national spotlight all weekend long. About having. Made community determine a few years back. Roy helped us at all. On a national alone are actually being there anymore on the part of he's gonna put it although I think you've built a kid in on some chips. That maybe you could could they got it all before it makes a little easier to try to close the deal arms shall we we've got a very. There we go a lot of juniors right now also so we got a big recruiting class them. That the 2008. And then vote but old juniors I think that would give this you know got to devote five kids that'll be. Seniors in high school or junior college kids. Lecture I know hall was tremendously. May it as been great fun to watch congratulations on a remarkable season. Paul thanks for every odds for great all Western New York an unbelievable for us all. Thank you all financial support those will be back to get lecture for sure. And we can't wait for it nets an 80 GUB men's head basketball coach and reminder out there the March Madness isn't over for UB DUB women take on. Florida State tonight at 630.