"Red Flag" Prop and School Discipline - Phil Rumore


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We're joined on the line by Phil grew more are representing buffalo teachers to fill. We've been talking this morning about this red flag bill proposal that's been in front of the lawmakers proposed by the governor would allow teachers to. Kind of identify who they see is may be having some sort of an issue and have guns removed from that students home. Well what do you think about this idea and does that place may be too much even more responsibility on teachers. I. They've supported this should be assessed what we have to do this kind of what courses of the student. To. Want to even have a gun in the first place to do something. Wrong. Articulate a going concern that teaches from the building this disruptive and violent behavior of students. Behavior that too many schools that goes. Unchecked. On answered and unaddressed. I'm what we need to do is we need to identify from the earliest age those students that are exhibiting instantly considered it was assembly. Has problems students exhibiting violent and disruptive behavior. That we have to make sure that we've been referred them so that they can get help that they need. So that the students and the rest of the students in the class and learn and they don't feel. That they're in danger that's not happening too often in the schools right now what happens is that teachers sends it. But violent and disruptive students to the office as students and writes that without having anything happen. That's what we have to start this. When I guess the point of having to worry about whether a student has a on this moment yes I guess so but you know we should address the problem before that. Still do you welcome this type of legislation we have a firearms instructor earlier who joined us and said. Teachers are already mandated reporters we don't need more legislation. But it's sort of mandated reporters and you know I I think as as I said before. You know the legislation that's fine I guess it's a political type of sales for the couple that come out and doing I think teachers would like to have some way of assuring that. Mr. as a violent disruptive students. That somebody at least checks to see whether any firearms in homes so that nothing can happen is the student somebody's family over in the school but. At this point the point is that we have to do is start as early as possible. And we have to be able to identify the students that are having violent disruptive behaviors we have to do something about it for a constable point we have to worry about them. Happy has gone. You know yesterday last night's there was a public forum of sorts town hall held with the superintendents. School board president. Taking questions from some parents do you think that issue that you brought up right there idea. I've kind of outburst by students the way they act toward teachers. Was addressed the last night says appropriately as it should have in your mind. Well I don't know because I was surprised at the meeting about a week ago. And I told. District it's time that I have already made a commitment. Two be it to graduation for the year thirty or forty. Students and adults that has. Completed their ged diplomas has gone back to schoolers pessimistic but I just that they did not want me. It was important because it is so I was not there are sort did not hear the complaints. One of the biggest complaints is verbal abuse. And just wondering what is it is they're just not respect anymore. It's it's a number of things it's its first full. This verbal abuse that comes because it teaches a course that students person one another and hurt her that an incentive that they were a student. Hadn't threatened. That she was going to bring a gun to school. The students returned to their teachers chorus. But what should have happened then is that child obviously needs help. So verbal abuse is the kind that students abusing one another person that teachers successor. And what happens is that it's treated as well. That's what's done nowadays when a target. And my mother what she brought me up and so that would that would be the sort of analysts do it. Do you have any hope that that's all changing. Well I'm I'm hopeful what we're we're trying to do to trying to work with the superintendent of district to address safety concerns. As well tickets for example have stores that don't locked from the inside. People can get into the schools. Past the office. We'll have to post and go into the schools. We're working together to improve I think the most critical thing that would have to do. This would have to be able to once it teachers and certified to student that is acting out or doing something wrong. To suspending the student favors the first time it'll send a message but it continues to happen. The plot just say well then let them back again we have to find out what coursing that disruptive behavior would have to say sure that they get the help that they need. And we'll have to make return to the quest to disrupt the education it is sort of put together his. In danger. Phil we're glad you could join us this morning that's still were more president of the buffalo teachers federation.