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Wednesday, June 13th

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It's 930. In 716. We asked this a fact and now we want to take the next step raising a red flag about the red flag bill teachers are there. To teach our children denied their to raise their children that's a parent's responsibility. What we need to do is we need to identify from the earliest age those students that are exhibiting and families that are it was definitely. Has problems students exhibiting violent and disruptive behavior. I'm Tim Wenger on 930 and 716. Powered by the Brothers of mercy of five star rated skilled nursing residents. Offering affordable living in a country setting. Governor Andrew Cuomo riding a school bus around New York State to highlight his proposal. To allow parents or teachers to petition a judge to remove guns from the homes of troubled students. The governor admitting the bill is not likely to pass the Republican led state senate but says. This state can't wait for the federal government to act the proposal would authorize teachers school administrators parents. All you ask a judge to evaluate a child they believe is a threat to themselves war others. The judge could then order the confiscation of firearms. In the child's home. The next step is what's called the red flag bill. Also common sense. If a parent. Knows. Or believes. A Childs is exhibiting. Disturbing behavior. And possibly violent behavior. The parent. As the legal right to vote it would judged to have a hearing into a mental health evaluation. On there chart. Why. Because. Inept parents DNA. Every cells says protect your job. And if you believe your child is mentally ill. You want to get your child help. You know the first person. Who gets killed when a mentally you know young person. Has access to a garden. That young person. That young purse. Either through suicide. Or getting involved in a dangerous situation where they want that getting Q I have three young girls. Not so young anymore. If are you at all. They had a mental health problem and they were dangerous to themselves or others. I would want to do anything write code to protect. Of course give me the right to talk to a judge and respected due process. And let the judge do an evaluation. The second part of the red flag bill. Says if a teacher. Believes. A stone is exhibiting dangerous behavior. Give the teacher the right. To vote would judge. And asked for an evaluation. The teaching to a directly to the teaching her brother superintendent of the teaching can go to the school nurse at the school psychologist. But give them the right. Good to go to a judge. They get a mental health evaluation before god forbid something happens. Why Wharton you give that teacher that right. Slow down says one regular contributor to WB yen teach. Are mandated reporters anyway. I think it's a little redundant that he tried to pass legislation saying the same thing again. Miguel Rivera firearms expert and owner of Rivera investigations. With Susan rose and Brian as around ski. And then and putting this kind of decision making process on the teachers themselves. Having these have been much. Is the decision really on the teachers here my teachers feel like okay. I'm reporting this and then this will go through the court system all I'm trying to do is kind of raise awareness. Hey watch out for this person or this family there might be something going. Well that in and here's the catch. Understanding that teachers are mandated reporters and then dealing with that Obama's second chance. Legislation that was passed in the schools. We're actually schools could decide whether they reported something or not. Now he's trying to pass something that's saying okay teacher you may or administrators you make the decision whether. You or. A danger to yourself. A danger to anyone else and then let administrators make the decision whether they're gonna called the authorities and have the authorities come and an angle further with whatever they have. I think it's a bit march. I'm teachers who are ready mandated reporters I think a second chance thing needs to be looked at again. Odd because that that's part of the problem is sexy paving the way. Our force students to do certain things and there's no repercussions for. We getting teachers too much responsibility as easily as who we teach teachers are there. To teach our children denied there to raise our children that's a parent's responsibility. Our and they need help. If you look at the student to teacher ratio it's ridiculous chip one guidance counselor in the school for how many kids. Soft as the guidance Kelsey get to speak to. You know to one child well within it to a three month period they're doing pretty good. I think on I think a lot of teachers would agree with you that there they have too much responsibility but they might also say that. You know that responsibility is there are just because they're not getting the attention home bear were interacting with some of these kids more so than. A lot of the parents are so maybe. Are they the best qualified to be making decisions like this. Well I I think it would be best suited to put other programs into place you know you need more guidance counselors you know maybe you need some more. Counseling. Program set up for parents for kids. We you know whether they be single parent or or whatever that the problem may be announcing that that's the actual problem it whatever the problem may be at home. There has to be avenues to receive that other than saying. We'll put this decision on the teacher teacher you make the decision whether you gonna call 9/11 are going to fare in the court and and get in order protection. So that was law enforcement can go and confiscate whatever they demonized is necessary. We're talking about the red flag bill governor Cuomo's own legislation that he wants passed by the state legislature. And with Miguel Rivera repeat Nogales affirms instructor he owns Rivera investigations. And the red flag bill essentially would allow school employees school officials teachers to initiate gun confiscation. From the home of troubled students. Miguel do find that this might be. Subjective. You know I think so. As as we can have spoken earlier. This has nothing to do with. Trying to fix the problem. Of your active shooters or your instances in the schools all of this is doing is putting forward. Another piece of gun legislation. Trying to go after the media person or persons that are. They're acquiring their new permits and in the proper manner that's all it is. It brings up so many interesting conversations both about the environments in school and at home. Com what are we start in school in the classroom we're talking a little bit last segment about the responsibilities. That have been placed. On teachers and how it's really expanded over the last you know 51015. Years and now this might be adding. Something new. Into the mix. Is that an unfair responsibility in your mind in. You know where does that responsibility fall from teacher and home life to make the call line. How student may be feeling your dealing with those some problems. Sure you know it again and and as we spoke earlier. I think the responsibility of raising a child belongs to the parents you've made the decision have a child it's your responsibility to raise it. It's not a teacher's responsibility. I I remember when I went to school. You know some kids the only breakfast they got was during the breakfast program. I'm going to school. Which which was pretty sad. But and then we began on to talk about that second chance programs you know we talk about. That did teachers make the decision where they're gonna report something to law enforcement or not. You know they do with my kids I've always taught him. Right wrong or in different whatever decision you make there's going to be a consequence for whatever action you take there's a consequence for it. And and they have to expect that you know we we spoke on. A young man. Goes to school my son got caught the parking lot he's selling his mother Scripps. Out of his backpack. School authorities are notified. They go over they checked the the young man's backpack define a pocket knife. Rate. Was 9/11 notified no. Because of his second chance. Legislation was put through the school can make the decision whether they're gonna call the authorities are not so what is it can get. He's not taken on sports. He's not as a suspended there's no. Paperwork generate he gets in its in house in school suspension. Which means he sits in a study hall. Listening to his iphones for the rest that he's not considered a threat. I I would've said it was a threat you know he's he's selling he's selling prescriptions he's carrying a knife. There again you're laying something in the hands of a teacher that is actually sent there not to raise your child's. Not to pass judgment on your child. But to give some type of discipline and teach. We're putting an awful lot of responsibility and a teacher shoulders where I don't think should be I think a story like that would probably in your mind code showed that something you know maybe this law can be passed. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the death even whether it's to the letter of the spirit of the law will be followed through. And every single individual school cross state that your you know I I I think. And the student to teacher ratio is is just horrible I think we need more guidance counselors in their. You know you when you start speaking on violence in the schools we start talking about looking at the root of the problem. You know is it is indeed the lack of respect for. Life. You know I do they need guidance counselors do they do do do physical home to the parents need counseling. You know it is is it a mental health issue these are things that need to be looked at you know we've we've got to stop thinking that the one pills and take care of one man can take care. We're joined live in studio by Miguel Rivera Miguel even sing with this law that it really. Doesn't change too much with the what's already on the books and out there. Narnia it's examining it sounds. Very very familiar with laws that are ready in place the responsibility it's already in place you know as as a teacher as a parent. You know if you see something and and it looks like something's going awry partied you know the the actions of your children aren't where there do should be. And there's always counseling that can be receives there's always mental health. Friendly court action. You know whatever it is it's it we have to understand that it's our responsibility as a parent. To be responsible for what our children do. And and and whom and the waiter talked. You know teachers again we spoke on teachers being mandated reporters. That's already in place if if a teacher sees something going on with the student. And you know whether they're blowing someone whether they're being bullied. You know whether they feel something's going on at home and needs to be reported there should be no chance that. It's left up to a teacher or the administrator or someone in the schools whether they decide if it's severe enough. Should reporters and that's that second chance legislation. So if these laws are already there. Is this then just making a political point this is just. A political point it's squawking and it's making. It's making an attack. I'm gun owners. Having everybody freak out saying listen this is just another avenue and other building on the the past. Because it would be the first time it's ever been passed New York we the first. On and wannabe presidents on the put the summit resonate. What we have to do this kind of what courses of the student. Who want to even have a gun in the first place to do something. The wrong. Even the head of the buffalo teachers federation filled room war has some deeper questions and how to identify. Troubled students and homes. Articulate number one concern that teaches from the building is disruptive and violent behavior of students. Behavior that too many schools that goes. Unchecked. And answered and unaddressed. I'm what we need to do is we need to identify from the earliest age so students that are exhibiting and families that are that was assembly. Has problems students exhibiting violent and disruptive behavior. And we have to make sure that we've been refer them so that they can get help that they need. So that the students and the rest of the students in the class can learn and they don't feel. That they're in danger that's not happening too often in the schools right now what happens is that teachers send. But violent and disruptive students to the office as students sit right back without having anything happen. That's what we have to start this. When I guess the point of having to worry about whether a student has gone at home and yes I guess so but you know we should interest problem before that. Phil do you welcome this type of legislation we have a firearms instructor earlier who joined us and said. Teachers are already mandated reporters we don't need more legislation. But it's sort of mandated reporters and you know I I think as as I said before. You know this legislation that's fine I guess it's a political type of sales for the cook political mound doing. I think teachers would like to have some way of assuring that. Mr. as a violent disruptive students. Somebody at least checks to see whether any firearms in the home so that nothing can happen is the student somebody's family over in school but. At this point the point is that we have to do so this earliest possible. And we have to be able to identify the students that are having violent disruptive behavior as we have to do something about it before it comes to the point we have to worry about them. Hadn't gone. More as though red flag tour continues. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.