Record-Setting Day? - Meteorologist Tony Ansuini


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Let's go live to the National Weather Service check in with meteorologist Tony and Sweeney. Tony we're looking at record warmth today tickets through the day. Susan good morning starting out the warmest morning and getting warmer throughout the day and on our way to a record high temperature looks like we'll be topping out somewhere in the basics these two perhaps is one of these will force them. While that's amazing. What about the showers are they ending. I'll see some low rain this morning not a lot should be ending by city. These 9 o'clock it looks like the rest of the field to try. Harry and I noticed some fog on the way into is that can be a problem this morning. Got a little bit of Fargo coming off a Lake Erie the only impact mostly from that is possibly don't come awful content today. Is it usual to see. This kind of worth warmth I mean I know it is for a February 20 but so early in the morning. Yeah they're both the if you think about it last year are actually our warmest temperature that we've ever seen in February it was 71 degrees happened last year February 24. What areas do you think. Have the likelihood of possibly hitting seventy today. I think areas so well along the lakeshore downtown buffalo will be the coolest probably remaining in the upper fifties to well six people. Further away you get from Lake Erie be better chance for seeing how most of these little places like John Clarence according he's stored on the water. Arie any breaks of sun coming our way. Will be quality this morning with the rain soaked up by the time we get into the early part of the afternoon we should cease such. Okay and then this doesn't last too long right we start dropping tomorrow. Oh well they'll start up miles of the morning probably around sixty degrees but the temperatures will cool through the day at B 30s I evening double fall below freezing on Wednesday night.