Real 'Red Sparrow' Case? - Aaron Katersky


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Let's get the latest on a Russian spying case with correspondent Erin could turn ski and and Maria the Tino was in court yesterday in Washington DC being held without bond in the air and it sounds like this is a real life red Spiro case. And in some ways it does as prosecutors outlined. You know well what about sex and and lies and operatives and our whole thing that. You know you're in you're not quite sure yet because the case is still in its infancy whether to believe that this is you know I try to introduce buyer whether she was casting herself. In that role but and whatever the is that true. Federal prosecutor says her aim was. To infiltrate Republican circles. Which she was able to do through the NRA the national prayer breakfast and others she's been photographs of Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum and Donald Trump junior and end and all of these people. And and and along the way she would offer sex for access to some of these groups she was. But it living wither and some kind of a relationship of convenience with the a fifty something year old man who's tied to. The the NRA and and before she was arrested authorities found her entire apartment packed in boxes and that's when they. Thought that she might be on her way out of town and when they moved into arrestor. Now you mentioned day it's still unclear whether this person is kind of a self made the spy or somebody actually is cents by the government that was one of the questions a lot of people had. What's she two out in the open to be you know an actual spy was she just trying to do something on her own. Well it Tiki here federal prosecutors talent that that was part of the ruse she came here on a student visa was enrolled at American University. And her attorney has said that she was just a graduate student trying to network. But the FBI said she had much more nefarious aims as she maintained this circle. Of course of Republican acquaintances. All the while. Speaking. We is Russian officials including. Central banker including. The other intelligence type type officials. And and be getting. Can touch for the all the dark close to a close to the Kremlin and these people seem to urge on her. Where does this case go from here Aron. Uh oh well eventually go on try Ellen assuming she was ordered held without. Bond pre trial detention because prosecutors convince the judge she's a flight risk and they they talk about her apartment being packed up and talked about her extensive ties to. Russian men with the money they talk about her willingness to to be deceptive. And the judge agreed that she she was a flight risk. All right Aaron thanks so much for the updates in kind of an increasingly. Complicated case self made spine somebody actually sent by the government's. It all remains to be cnet's Erica it's her ski on the real life red Spiro.