Reaction to Comey; Syria - Congressmen Chris Collins & Brian Higgins


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That colleague interview and the military strikes on Syria let's get right to it a congressman. Brian Higgins and Chris Collins are both joining us live this morning first let's start with congressman Collins. Of Chris your reaction to the economy interview what you saw last night. Well I did not see a web site I was actually doing my taxes. I do them personally so. I'm just kept you what I've heard about it and in clearly James commie selling book. Are both mostly a fiction but. You know salacious book that the more as a does or copy and sell. Deleted one of the commentators and expose some that surprised by anything these days. I just focus on everything that's been accomplished to put this country and their. Position it is today under the leadership of trauma whether Syria where it actually form whether it's regulatory relief growing economy. Supreme Court from an angle on an. You know one call for call me to be fired. And I think the most interesting thing I've heard that he said what does he. Made the comment about Hillary Clinton the new investigation on that outraged the Democrat. He did that to protect Hillary Clinton said there was a 100% in his mind chance she was going to be the next president. It didn't want her coming into office under any cloud. And since they were investigating errors he said well. To himself by saying it now than she won't come in under crowd I'm doing Hillary a big favor. By doing their only have Donald Trump actually wins so. You know he even admitted he's trump later he was doing what he did to protect Hillary Clinton not to hurt Hillary Clinton it was a deliberate action he's weaker. Somebody that constantly is they had the FBI would use to test drive the message. He's not an honorable person. Given everything you just said are you concerned about this growing narrative where you're either. Approach trump or your pro FBI you have to be on one side or another you can't support the FBI without being. Not supportive of the president. I like that that I'm pro United States of America and I like where the country's edit like. The opportunities for our children and grandchildren to live the American dream like. That would standing strong on the world stage. Not letting countries take advantage of this weather on the trade front. Whether NATO. Taken into North Korea Russia and ram. I like where the country is I am very pro comp because of that is leadership. And clearly there are people in the upper echelons of the department of justice and the FBI that are company. That doesn't mean every. Individual working for them is perhaps. But. You know I don't think it's as simple as saying you're pro FBI you're you're Croat trump I'm very pro law enforcement. And I'm pro all of the hardworking agents in the FBI as well as Department of Justice. But I am also a proud supporter. Chris are you satisfied with the strikes on Syria this weekend. Well I am Susan I'm I'm very happy. That trump who did. Take the advice of some of his folks close to all men and involve great Britain and France in those strikes would not unilateral. And all the blocking aside guess what Russia did nothing laid claim mayor of you know shoot down their missiles and all of these things that gluten pastor Iranian and positioning himself. Again nobody intimidate Donald Trump. And much like moving our embassy to Jerusalem. All the naysayers said you know that the world was going to explode over that and the end of today trump did what six other presidents wouldn't do you move the embassy. And nothing happened. You don't you'd you know. Trump is not someone who could be intimidated he's not. If Barack Obama who couldn't make the decision red line and Syria in the light. He is a true leader he's comfortable in his own skinny does what's right for America in right now. Just look at the economy look at our position on the world stage. Isn't in and I'm just surprised there are more trumps supporters. They're they're certainly in my district but throughout the country. Our Chris thank you that's congressman Chris Collins joining us line let's turn out a congressman Brian Higgins if we could have picked up where we left off Brian the strike on Serio what did you think of that decision made Friday night. Well the period the violent country in the world sure I'll the bad guys back there at the alternatives are as bad. And debt Free Syrian Army which is really get to Pallet and militias many of whom are. Al-Qaeda affiliated. Provide really know a possible candidate so I think you know Britain France and the United States. Taking out. Their chemical weapons capacity or at least. Pushing it back considerably. It a good thing but there's no way here we don't need another war in Italy. And there are other issues that need to be dealt with you know keep it by the heritage taxpayers spend 500 million dollars. Chu trained and equipped and armed the so called moderate increase Schering army. I met with the commanders that undertook an effort along the Syrian border. Two years ago. And while he's in he was enthusiastic about the operation and I guess that the conclusion. How many that he successfully trained and armed. He's 65. It just goes to show he you know the complexity of the situation in Syria and I think you know much like. A rack. Syria right now is owned by Iran to bigger concern for Israel. And there are ram setup military bases in Syria I think to eventually can act Israel which is just southwest border. So this is a big problem in the region. That there is no political center in Syria and when there's no political center and I can only take sides there's countryside. They're choices for the western world don't wanna promote peace. Are not good alternatives. Brandy called me interview did you watch. And will this have a long term impact on the president. Well I think it will yep FBI director who's an FBI director purporting happier including. President trump FBI director for poor month. And win and he says that the president is morally untrue it. Also morally unfit to dictate that it does very very that statement and did the president and dismissed it fired. Director called me for investing it could for not invest for Mac and indeed the investigation of a guy. Could should have been investigated lie because Erie pled guilty. So I think it's very damaging America it's a big statement. And you know can call me is not a partisan promote this flight either registered Republicans. Most recently. He affiliate is nine affiliated in terms of political party. But he served a dealer actually attorney general under George W. Bush so proved most of that lie cheat and you know it's been a political point he's going to. Republican Party basically your FBI director. One minute debt Serb directly. Under president trump character argument you it is morally conscious process that the that the damaging game. How are are you worried did all about how entrenched people are becoming that as Komi comes out and says what he did last night. That now you have trump supporters who are so dis trusting. Of the FBI just because of how divided we hour. And it didn't Komi push us more apart last night. Yeah look I think there is certainly croatians and how people view institution. Including the United States congress by the way. And and institutions like the FB you know the FBI. It's seeing it in law enforcement agency at such a level that is you know typically conservative and it you know and when you see. The the president questioned the integrity of the terror agent didn't. I think there there is a big dilemma for the American people and we have to have trust. In large institutions tighten their trust is eroded significantly. And I think this you know this this war border between. The president of the United States in the former FBI director being in. The other car contract relationships there. Learned this congressman. Brian Higgins before that congressman Chris Collins this morning Karen WB EN.