Reaction to Comey Interview - James Longman


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We're joined now by James Longley and joining us live from Beirut James it appears that it's going to be difficult for. Whether it's the US or other nations to get to the site. Where they believe that chemical weapons attack happened. Morning brought yet but in the end just this morning. Very chemical weapons in its VoIP PW have been trying to get. You'd like to open to not get. Are still waiting there were told they were gonna be able to get down today it's. It's now Monday in an area there is little find the going to be able to make it. The kids are saying about it because Russia and Syria actively blocking them from being able to lock that the site. Somehow the Russian hearing about it any evidence that they could have been a chemical attack. The Russian banged up well true that this from client UN and its it is an outstanding. That is if it's just. A very very typical unfortunately. The only event that we've seen time and time again in in Syria where. Oh. The United States. Britain and allied. And allies and then Russia all saying you can't do what another. Meantime the truth about what exactly went to only do about. It's still not being understood. Change it could aside have moved. Much of the chemical weapons before the strike knowing that it was imminent. But I mean not. After they get sent to all the people abbate. It than I mean directory site that the mayor Holden beat it in Syria and one of the bill about get that is. That he won't fight it a year ago and doubled the number of book that work well qualified on Syria a year ago when Donald Trump talked entity. But you're right it was so much time spent deliberating whether or not to Syria. That all the people that say involve the very deep but so are about to move it chemicals out of the way and crucially though apple would hit the outcome on the control and to win. So what really has changed all that it. Up to they'd be that strike. I think when our actual war flood between now that the shell one side the united statement ballot on the other. I'm not bad now picking it by the ball up the country they won't because there all the opposition to them. Well what's been the reaction from Syria Iran or Russia. Well they are as you would imagine outraged by it the Syrian troops that. This swallows it totally legal action. They are actually make you claim that they managed to shoot down 71 of those. About a hundred rocket workshop in this period the Pentagon says. About it in truth tour. Russia is and that there are they up standing by that I liked about me that they might even consider upgrading. As serious and T at defense mechanism. I mean I think really that situation now is where we are. A few they adopt this strike is what are the same. The bit about what will people are saying yeah I told concrete it mission accomplished. I left app is in particular chemical side. What I believe it would that we get to what they want to today. I think after the white that there are at war very similar strategy. And it's still very much up to Iran Russia and to that extent Turkey what happens in Syria you act but in the other. Well what you would fight like. Aren't very good that's said James long been a foreign correspondent joining us from. Beirut Lebanon this morning.