Reaction to Comey Interview - Former Buffalo FBI Agent Mike Liwicki


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The James comedy interview. Retired FBI agent Michael Wiki a joining us in buffalo this morning Mike what were your impressions last night. Morning. Isn't. Quite who's quite uninteresting. Interview. I don't know about you let but after turning up the television after the interview right. I decided that I really didn't learn anything that I didn't already know. Where it that I haven't heard over the over the last a year or so. The bottom line is look mr. Coleman has a book coming out believe Marley seventeen. He needs to promote that book and that's what some and I was out. And I believe that's what his appearance on court airshow is gonna be about and I'm sure what it's going to be about on the pew. Were they surprised that the interview with George Stephanopoulos. It was astonishing for me personally put in a very sad way as former. Retired supervisory special agent who respects the out the outstanding work. That thousands of a dedicated men and women are around the country to date to incorporate here on. To see a director the FBI. Stoop as low as he did last night with comments. They came across is in my opinion bitter and very personal and frankly and they very casket is sort of leak. And filled them with enough I don't know if that's possible look I'm not sure. You know that it was not make me wanna cry quick frankly I thought how much apparently a singer in my life. It has the reputation of the FBI Ben damaged by this interview behind this spoke that's coming out just because. Com we has become a public figure you know regardless. Of the contents of the book in the interviews. Yeah yeah I I don't think there's any question about that Brian. You know frankly between the interview. And along the last Friday's release of the inspector general's report by yeah by justice. Basically accusing the FBI director. Deputy director and become cave. Unauthorized disclosures and lack of candor. And frankly that's something that that would that we get and the agent fired almost immediately. And that has the American public question the integrity of the entire the and that in fact is very very by the committee. Because really what we have here in my opinion. Is a breakdown of the senior leadership. Under director called me and his deputy director McKay. At a very very critical time. With regard to leaking information and making up girl loses they don't want current. Very critical investigations. My goal. Do you think this will have a long term impact on the president. I don't I don't believe so I think that. I think that with the information that was put out. IE. By Washington. And died from what I'm here had opened its gonna all remote track I think it. What he thought was that's. Or where the country. I think he did what he called that's in terms of file law enforcement here in United States. Looking at its some of the contents nit in this interview from last night says specifically the Clinton investigation how that was handled. When you listened to how call me described it rule. Was that satisfying enough for you as a reason why. The director of the FBI would come around him personally. Share that information during the campaign. No. That's a very good point. You know I eat several times court and you. I'm mentioned that that the that he was not partisan I believe in and in and and his actions very part. And his decision. To speak to the prize so right after the well I I guess we'll we'll rattle clinched. Was politically motivated again he would hurt several times in the interview that he. Has tried that you eat politically. Involved. In fact he was very very politically in all. Especially during that investigation accordent email. Alice is gonna ask about that you know when he was deciding whether to reopen the Clinton email investigation. Was any question for you that it was a political decision. At the times and didn't appear to be but after. At her at current thinking about it and here in a lot of action it has come out after that. There's no doubt in my mind that it was politically motivated and you hate to hear that because quite frankly. FBI agents are caught. Dead that we are not economically motivated Justice Department is not politically motivated. And and to see exactly. What what Couric record culminate this being politically motivated. I should be upsetting to the rank and they'll rank and file the FBI. Now we talked throughout the reputation of the FBI. In the wake of just this interview but if we take stepped back and kind of look at the grim picture of at all. You have genes Komi in the middle of things Hillary Clinton very critical of him in her book. You have the president very critical of him on Twitter. You know in the end does it all maybe even out. Well you know I think I don't know but even about coming out you know I think and speaker because without Paul Ryan. I'm kind of so that that's when he called this a who writes I mean to get to. Two of the most highly ranked. Federal. Administrators in the world. Using words like stupid slime ball unethical liar not jab bleaker about bought bringing up hookers and hand side is talking about each and each other. This this this is unconscionable. I mean you have to ask opens as an American citizens that's what we have been reduced. Micro glad you could join us this morning thank you. Michael McKee retired FBI agent in buffalo.