Reaction to Comey Interview - Brad Garrett


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We're joined on the line by branded gear crime and terrorism analyst. Bread you watched the call me interview yesterday. Were you surprised that how personal he got in his description of the president. In his description of that dossier. No and their reason why is that I think. There's a number of guys characteristics of the president that so appall. Economy that you wondered just a no look this is just not right you're not supposed to act this way say the things that he says. And demean people the way the president does. Off on and I think that's wayward mimic the point and in use the term and morally unfit and dining this. Mentally competent. But that he was morally unfit to be president. What about the leaking of memos to a friend to the New York Times which breaks a lifetime oath for him how does law enforcement react to that. Well I suppose it's an expert but keep in mind that his. It's not Rickie Weeks and government document that basically the notes of his meeting. In what the president so. I think I can only guess at this sort of struggled about how to get this out. And so he passed it to though lawyer for an boots at I think a law professor Columbia in New York. Have been tested to the media so I'm not sure there's an easy way to do that. Term. But I guess he decided that was maybe the best avenues of other options. As an analyst day who's been looking it crime terrorism law enforcement for many years what do you think just have. And the fact that we have a former FBI director. Well an investigation into Trump's involvement with Russia is still going on coming public the wade James combing S. As I think he wants is to look at the president beyond. Why probably a majority of people that the president the candidate forum that they liked his immigration policy taxation you know fill in the blank. Not. End at that he wants you to think okay that's all well and good. That you have to look at the moral character the personality. He sort of be under bill fully of the person who's making these decisions. On and that ID you know when he said this more than once that he believes that the president. You know. Here is basically undermining the rule of law which is very passionate becoming as a prosecutor is the FBI director and as a former deputy director. But the carb. Bit of justice and all of a saying that he just not him that. How can you have a leader that so divisive and says such horrible things in a tax people. You know how can he be in charge I think that's what. But do you think having Cole we speak in this way knowing how old I mean he's not very far removed is FBI director. Do you think that undermines the FBI and law enforcement. No I mean businesses this is obviously companies. Beliefs and thoughts but not that the FBI agents and people over there don't agree perhaps what the whole thing about the rule of law. And that he got to respect the law and you know you make communities safer because we all worked together. Com. It won't people take issue. Perhaps because he's so. Direct. About this maybe and maybe they don't like the way is as you just asked me earlier how this information and actually got out. Term but you know I would say if you lined up long course people pros who left thinking right thinking. They were vile archer they think come as early competent. Guy who knows what he's doing. It you would want you interviewed differently than many of us what to his demeanor tell you last night. He is scary passionate about. Telling us. That there are huge issues with the president being president. And that he steps over boundaries that are either illegal or unethical. You know thing if you think about three words I think when you think about come pre ethics values. And honestly. And you know I think he sees. The president lacking in all three and a and really want to make this point I can I can this cow disease he's just super passionate. About getting this word out now. Well that have an effect on the people who are loyal person I doubted. It it probably will get some other people that are in the middle and further question. Our dad is Brad Garrett crime and terrorism analyst joining us.