Re-developing Old Children's Hospital Footprint - Nick Sinatra


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What will happen with the former women in Children's Hospital a big meeting held last night in that community to. Discuss the plans are right now Nixon not true of the developer joins us on the line to talk about. What's next nick get thanks for joining us this morning first let's start off with last night's meeting a lot of people showed up. Was that the outpouring of I guess ideas that you were expecting. You know or epidemic on what village special places to that. Communities very involved and then. Cares very very deeply about what goes on there and so we expected to be a full house and in what goes agree conversation. You know nick we heard from some of the people who spoke less and very very passionate. Remarks before you in on talking about keeping the memory of the hospital they are in some way. Is it a difficult balance to go ahead with the reuse and still meet the concerns of the neighbors. Yeah I mean there's there's going to be a very diverse group of opinions. Everything from behind the buildings to those used to the I'm timeframe by which we should be starting and so you know the day. We have to do what's best for ourselves and for our company and the I'm cynical at all but the hour commute to pick a speaker a their cables so yeah it is the balance. Now moving forward what will this site look like oh what is your plan we know mixed use but they can mean a lot of different things. Sure yeah are done primarily residential nature. We're doing a number of condos and town homes that will be for sale. Which they can these huge. The man driver exactly right now pick. Lack of supplies for. Homes for sale. There's also going to be a number of apartments that they're gonna be some affordable. Some some short or development in terms of pricing in the summer in the luxury. And the more gravel so. And though oracle seeks to restaurants and at the grocery store pockets and number grocers. A vote locating Brooke Utica. And that perhaps space for commercial. Use well the weather be. You know whether it be office space there is further partly an opportunity for their part in the building as well. Admit what about parking which is a constant issue in that area. Yes you know work where it talks with severe blow by the Kyoto rim which is Estrich under our ramp. That's it was primarily used by eight. By the hospital that's largely because now so they're going to be huge. These piece of it and and world I have sporadic location. At the India street parking and an options. Either get underneath. The existing powers to do some underground marquee horses all create some sort of not parking structure arm on the campus that's I'll meant to be Yorker ramp. Now looking ahead the idea was brought up yesterday at the meeting of some sort of memorial and it seemed like you kind of like that idea and can you explain the idea that was brought up and what we might see in terms of a memorial going forward at the site. Sure no wonder the one of the comments that we thought was was. Very helpful insightful as to put some sort of memorial on site weather. Memorial when you know something that can be in a park first for example or something we do inside but. In honor and memory of of those lives lost on another one that was at the meeting broke reported that it mattered recovery. And a hospital earlier 125 years to agree when people walk out there are broke it meant so we. Beat honor that I think it's a great idea yeah. Right like hallowed ground and nick thanks so much we appreciate it we'll continue to follow the progress with the elm wood crossing plans. By the way pictures video and audio from last night's meeting. That's the insight for the old Children's Hospital you'd find at all at WB EN dot com.