Re-certification Needed For Pistol Permits - Mickey Kearns


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We're joined live in studio by Mickey Kearns of course we're here to talk pistol permit recertification but Mickey Wright before we get to that one more question on this government shut down you mention in Albany and it seems like. You know even though there are two sides that but adds a lots. When it comes to getting a budget done I mean there is some work it goes together Republicans and Democrats kind of get together they end up getting something done some sort of compromise. It's doesn't happen in Washington that we're seeing is it really that hard. You have to compromise you have to work together and I had to say that over the past six years we've hit five on time budgets. And one budget that has been only for one week. Believe me last year I was not happy when the governor did support the children's psychiatric center in the budget. You docket everything you want but sometimes you have to fight and we did legislatively after the budget. Another thing that I see is there's too much policy in the budget. We've seen it in Albany where you know we're instead of working on budgetary issues will wearing taxes. Oh we are fighting about our policy issues that should be gone and the legislative process. Putting all that together that hinder sometimes giving a budget on time this toxic atmosphere now is in there. Toxic is correct especially in Washington. That's why people's sent a new president to clean up the swamp. So we'll have to see her and what happens over the next couple weeks but the average person a spouse or federal worker they just wanna go to work this wanna do their job they just wanna. It's you know have a living for their family. They just wanna see the bills in the Super Bowl Sunday we just wanna live and so I think that the elected officials. In Washington need to get this done and come up to some type of compromise on both sides. Is there ever hope you know we keep talking about whether it's daka the border wall seems like immigration such a big issue yet we're talking about a budget you mentioned too much policy in the budget. Is surrender ever any hope for getting away from that since we've gone so much policy focused in the budget. While policy is always put in the budget because many of those issues are very typical to get past because we are so polarized today that it may be difficult. So pulling people together. And putting reached the car in Albany the big ugly. And there are things in there that you vote you know sometimes you don't agree everything in there but overall you're there to do a job. And we had a deadline and it's it's the most basic crematory thing to do whether you're a federal official your state official or even a local official you gotta have a budget. Harry Mickey turns on the shut down let's kind of switch focus a little bit. And Weezer with the recently brought Jenna today was to talk about the pistol perm I enjoy it's it's great yeah well great we like heavy here. But this recertification. Process it's a lot of people are caught a finesse and pretty frustrated over and kind of angry over to what are you getting at the clerk's office. It's amazing once again we're talking about Albany and 2013. I was a state assemblyman and I remember. Deep into the night. There was a package of bills put on my desk and I was told to vote for that. Not without a chance to read it was special Massachusetts necessity from the governor. I took the time. Before I vote that like many of my colleagues I read. The bill and there was a provision in there doing what recertification. I did not support that bill it was not a well thought out bill. It was not a bill that was going to make a difference it was a political document. Are given by the governor governor. So today's fast forward are we now have a deadline looming January 31. Were average citizens could become felons I take this very seriously I know the state police. Was not part of the process and they said that they're not going to enforce it. Yesterday I was in hampered with a couple hundred people and event sponsored by school. We need to get this done you need to recertify. Absolutely I was out four days last week amid continued to be out. Were offering services are the clerk's office to help you but please you have to recertify. Whether the state police enforces or not. On February 1 that you do not recertified to me you're gonna be considered a felon those are strong words but in the law. He's not seen. As a former legislator on any type of executive order from the governor I have not seen any legislative action I know what some women DP HO. And senator Galvin and senator or. I have a lot of my colleagues from the west York delegation have supported a bill to extend this. Document and there is legislation. But have not seen any legislation move so until that happens until that occurs. You need to get people to recertify. Because it's such an important thing if you are Fallon he was the right to vote. You could lose the right to even born all of your guns this is how serious this is you know there's a conference and Albany. Yesterday and today and tomorrow I did not attend because we're working on this issue to make sure that every single citizen and her attorney who is a pistol permit holder. Certifies. If it's been about approximately five. Erie county clerk Mickey Kearns joining us live in studio we're talking pistol permit recertification. And let's get down to the not symbols who needs to recertify. So it's been five years. How we pass a state that in 2013. You need to recertify. If you have questions can always contact the county clerk's office this permit office. If you don't know what your gardens are we can print out a list of your cons. But there's two ways to do it you can go on line. We have twenty Kia says that has the I kind that the county clerk's office you click on that. And if you do it by email you can email certification. I'm in need your sister permit and your driver's license. If you do do it by paper at all of the auto bureaus we have people work there. I implore you to file by certified Nelson you have some pepper receipt to prove that you file so this is sent. Just to kind of be clear. Online is the fastest way for maybe the next fastest way if you go into. DMV. Or you go to the clerk so we don't get that 92 Franklin okay here's. Twenty computers there public computers. And we're there to help you are you can do with the email it passed through a series of questions and you'll get eight email receipt it'll be sent right to you. Sometimes some people need some help they have a few different questions. If they need a list of other cons will print journalists there can't remember we are. If indeed it down there on a daily basis with people and think on this policy at this point in time. If you do do buy paper. One I'm suggesting is we just had a outreach yesterday were to continue to have outreach is to try to make sure that everyone has that opportunity. And by the numbers. Do you know how many have done it and how many have yet to. We're at today I'll get the new numbers from the state police but we're at approximately 24000. I nearly. 191000 plus have done it electronically. But here's the thing if you talk to the state please. Over 4000 have done by paper. The state pleased they're born have to mainly put those into the computer so we really don't know what that number is so they're they're estimating that they've given us that were at approximately 24000. There's been some estimates that there are 90000 plus permit holders in Erie county. Is seen a few thousand off there and we have a lot of people that are recertified yet. Erie county clerk Mickey turns joining us live in studio talking all about pistol permit. Recertification. McKee we were going through some of the numbers and a lot of people still need to recertify you said you get the updated numbers today. How many people do you think are going to miss this upcoming deadline of the end of the month if that deadline stays were it is I. Think more than a ton of Buffalo Sabres game and I don't mean that facetiously. He's been over 20000 people 25000 people. We are very concerned about that. According to the law in their provisional law it's had a automatic revocation of their license it's a very serious serious matter. I drafted a letter to the governor asking him to extend the deadline I nor legislative leaders are in her local officials are doing the best that they can. Urged the governor through suit through some type of executive order legislative action to extend the deadline. But to me once again I cannot emphasize this. Although the state police they've import sort of put it in the middle on this issue have been asked to do something they were part of the process. Even if they do not enforce this law according to the provision it's a felony if you do not recertify. What is the chance what are you hearing about. And extending the deadline we haven't heard much from the governor you know the states on a note some of them deep PH over senator Jacobs were on their way to Albany yesterday. Of the attended. The reality. They turn it the recertification. Meeting for school. And they conveyed to me that they are working very hard along with senator port and all of our elected a physicist to get this they understand they hear it from. There I'm constituents we have senior citizens may be in nursing homes they may be. In Florida. They just may have forgotten. They may be taken care of a loved one there's so many different things that need to be taken into account. We need to have some type of extension on this that mind. And I'm hopeful that the governor will give us that extension. At the number one reason we're hearing from people is that they just. Didn't know they weren't aware we've seen attacks all the time I wouldn't have known I need to research finals I just heard different you are you hearing the same thing. I am here in the same thing you know there has not been notification the one thing. I anytime when you're dealing with the law due process in the law is notice and there is snapped a notification there has been letter sent out but we do not know that. And I wouldn't be surprised before the 31 if there was some type of legal action or someone who filed some type of suit. Are on those grounds that they have not been notified by the the state police or the state that they have to recertify. And if they don't they face the chance of being a felon which would mean removal of any guns that they handle all the guns loss of right to vote. I'm very important right that we have that it should not be taken for granted. And just because. Something is not being enforced does not mean that the law is not broken. So to meet the provision into the legislature the governor changes that provision to me after January 31. You could be considered a Fallon. Are you could lose your balance that's a fact until someone changes that fact. And I'm urging people to recertify. Indicate that on and to talk to your uncles. Your cousins and he won. I just remind them because rob we all have such busy lives and if they do not know that they need to do that that they have to recertify its a very important thing to do. And just to be cleared these numbers you're giving us 20000 people maybe it's just you recount. That's just you're absolutely right Geary county is a very large county when the largest counties in the state to New York. I'll put you right. And I'll be looking forward like it said the state police will be sending us the numbers today. And let's hope that the numbers. Based on all of the outreach is that we've done throughout Erie county are from spring bill to Boston to hamper to east Rorer. To buffalo we've been all over the place. I feel like China trip cash I'd been everywhere man here but it it's like really it's that important that it needs to get on how all. Quickly can somebody to do this track how on the process Chang or some people are more computer savvy than others so if you do buy paper. I think you can do it done you can get it done pretty quickly. It's just filling out paper the most important thing is I'm listing your fire arms once again. If you do not know that are we can print off a list at the a county clerk's office 92 Franklin. Three charge we know how important this is to get done and also if they do do it by email and you have a little bit hop in your computer savvy. I believe you can get it done in ten minutes past. All right there's your county clerk Mickey Kearns joining us live in studio were talking about. Pistol permit re certification.