Rasmus Dahlin with Brian Koziol

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Saturday, June 23rd

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Welcome back keybank center party the plaza rankled a great wheels here with you as our continuing coverage of the NHL draft continues and joining us. Now live on the line is. Roster as Dolly the number one pick of the Buffalo Sabres Ross visits Bryant and rate near buffalo are you tonight congratulations on being in the neck. Thank you so much I'm batteries from very well thank you. Tell us that moments like here in the building and the anticipation of your game being all the things you heard it. From Jason bathroom that that you were selected by the sabres. Following. I was so latitude. To do just put on the ball we'll save resistance means so much as being their wives so. I love the city and mother fasten my love everything about this is so. Yeah it means everything it's had been speaking about this is I was committed itself it's his means hello. Process obviously. I know that that you did a nice job of obviously not necessarily conceding the fact that the sabres are gonna select few but it was obvious going into the hockey world that you were going to go number one if buffalo. Now that it's over is there a little sigh or relief. Of dollar pay its official. Yeah yes it's kind of like the cat's out of the bag I I finally have officially knowing where I'm gonna spend my professional career. Yeah that's amazing you know I haven't I couldn't. Plan anything effusive but now I finally tend to. He called buffalo Mayan in my hometown it's it's amazing and I can't wait to go to I just want to go there right now actually. If that Hector Xavier fans love to hear that Roth with Dolly with a son live from Dallas here on WER. Across this for for those that may be having fans that haven't heard from you yet. What do you feel like if you were number one strength that you can improve defensively or with right away when you're on the ice. Probably my competitiveness I have I really want to win that saw. Of lose. Bring. That's the competitiveness when made two to buffalo so I'm I'm super excited. Yeah but this team is you know it's not had much success on the ice that they have would have liked few over the course of the last handful of seasons. A winning culture. Awaiting drive is that something you feel like if you could help way. Yeah absolutely. I got bring all attempted it seems so. I guess Adam I want to go to the dollar from. If I don't I've heard you make comparisons. About. You like buffalo in the sense that it remind you of where you grew up with its sweet he kind of elaborate a little bit more on that. Yeah Rafa. That a smaller column. Yeah that loves folk didn't mean I've heard things about buffalo that this kind of what it is so. Yeah. Now I'm super excited. How about some of the players on this team already maybe just on a carrier where Jack cycle and his ability and discuss some of the other guys beat Mike playing with defensively. What are some of the things that you're looking forward to in terms of Lacey get up and having him his teammates. We everything to do it just me. Buffalo Sabres is going to be awesome so. And meet all the guys and the whole organization the coaches the GM's owners that all but counted. Was abusive breaks out of. Well we can definitely tell that you are excited Ross's congratulations. Enjoy your moment enjoy your night at double the near buffalo and a few days now we will. I don't wait. Thank you all right great.