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Today is that rally from here Pelz. Urging senators Chris Jacobs to become the 32 co sponsoring the New York senate to get the New York tells act passed because it is past. Three times are right in the assembly including this year by roughly two to one margin. Do you know if see senator Tim Kenney is our concern on the senator Tim Kennedy has already signed he is a co sponsored. And he was invited to the rally today but it. Unfortunately. Had a scheduling conflict or he would have been here today as well in your words can you describe what the New York now it is. The New York health act would be. Universal comprehensive single Payer health care coverage system. Which is it means essentially that every New York resident would have full health care coverage. And therefore ready access. To any health care they need any medically necessary health care. Without regard to their income their status appointments. Or any other steps simply being a resident of New York he would be covered. One of the big criticism so. The idea of universal health care's banks is going to be another burden on the taxpayers in this New York State are ready fairy highly taxed me in this nation. Don't chance love their concerns though event. Adding a universal health care system could. Negatively impact the taxpayers much more. Well people are afraid of the word tax but what you have to keep in mind in this situation is. The New York health act would be partially funded by a payroll tax however that would be in place of what you might. Think as a private tax which is the premiums that insurance companies charge. The high deductibles that are ever increasing and we also the premiums keep going up they're desperate double digit increase this year. Prosperous instant aspirin Britney insurance that sold deprive individuals on the market. This would eliminate coinsurance the cost sharing that occurs if you do. Meet your deductible and have further health care means so all those expenses would be eliminated and as a result even with the new. Payroll tax by eliminating those expenses. The economists studied this calculated that 98% of New York residents would pay significantly less than they do now for health care coverage. Kevin how much it influences. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders at content universal health care idea. Well. I think what Bernie Sanders what senator Sanders did is he brought it to national attention. This is an idea that's been around for a long time it's been. Advocated for and fought for for a long time I mean the original sponsor in the New York legislature. Assemblyman Richard got pretty. Has introduced a variation of this bill for about twenty years now. But it's really gain momentum and I think in part because senator Sanders running as for president. Brought it to. To the square who brought it to national attention and that helped him gain momentum. I certainly what the Republicans at the federal level are trying to there has also helped single Payer idea momentum. How difficult. It in your mind is it to try to get this past I mean he mentions our capacity assembly at least three times. Why you why not the son. Well because there hasn't been enough support in the senate right now we have a situation in New York State. Where we have. An interesting balance in the senate where we have majority Democrat. Natalie Democrats support that we have a faction. Of independent. Democrats. That often caucus with the Republicans and none of the Republicans so far have endorsed the act. Although it makes sense. Not just morally but economically it would be good for business is one of our speakers here today requirements. Who is originally from Canada indicated he had experience with business in Canada and the US. And his experience in Canada as a businessman was much better then having to worry about how to get health insurance more bluntly employees. Now as I said before the year. There's only one more cosponsored meaning in the senate to have majority support it has passed the the assembly. By about a 21 margin and only one more post answers needed to pass in the senate and get it to the governor's desk. Now it's sitting in committee in the senate to and asked to get out of committee Chris Jacobs is on the health committee and the finance committee. And he can do a lot to get it out of the floor for a vote whether there. Protecting needs to get in contact with senator Jacobs obviously he's not hears of this this one isn't working to games tension out. Well senator Jacobs of course is a freshman senator so he took office actually got working in January and since January. People have been asking for meetings with the him. We've had I mean it's not just our. Volunteer organizing efforts to campaign for New York health we have. Support from the local unions. Some of the businesses in the area. And a variety of people as I understand it we've had at least five groups of people that have asked for meetings with senator Jacobs since January. And we have had meetings but it's always been a member of his staff he has yet to meet without any of us when we requested to meet with him. So they've been open to meetings in terms of talking to the staff but he has not yet supported it. And he is not yet directly met with a less than ever requested a meeting face to face.