Race for EC Executive 930in716 July 20, 2018

Friday, July 20th

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It's 930. In 716. The race is already done for Erie county executive I can't say fully expected the county executive races in a house in nineteen to be starting in natural high of 2018. I feel so the county's going in the wrong direction under mark own cars leadership I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716. Powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. It's a long way off but it really should be no surprise that Erie county comptroller Stephon behind duke is aiming for a run for Erie county executive. He's talking like a campaign year on an almost weekly basis. And it has incumbent Erie county executive mark pulling cars well sounding like a campaign or two I'm proud of the record of accomplishments that we've done. Over the last seven years. As as the executive Jerry counting WBN's Matt Moran catching up with Poland cars to talk early campaigning. Or carries very diverse community. Almost a million people urban suburban world a lot of issues to deal would. When I ran in 2011 I said it was gonna focus my administration. On job growth and economic development that's what we've done in the proof is in the putting makes its and the job records which show. From may of 2011. Which is in May of 2012 the may have 2018 there's 28200. New private sector jobs in the buff on tiger region and tremendous turnaround. We worked on a lot of key issues in this community we've addressed the opiate epidemic we've handled storms we kept the bills in town by negotiating a strong least. At the same time that Oakland Saint Louis and San Diego lost their teams. Some proud of my record accomplishments and if that the controller which is to run so be it I'm gonna run on positive record of accomplishments. He can't came out. Little of vitriolic little in the mud yesterday. Critiquing individual's rights so be it if you wants a run and run a campaign like that. I'm gonna run a positive campaign in my record. I you say Yancey BC are you said that your raider run for a third Jimmer how how low. How was this then what's the thought process of that war how long do you see yourself being counted I don't know he said that. BK you'll you'll know when the time is right but. You know where where do you see yourself in this process of now points possibly. Going for a third term well I can't say fully expected account is that it is racist to 9019 to be starting emotional high of 2018. When I announce my campaign for account executive in 2011 it wasn't until it in April and here we are. Almost 89 months at a that controllers also basically coming announcing he's running. Everyone's entitled to run. I look at it is if if I'm not doing good work on behalf of the community. If I don't feel I can make a difference and I'm not gonna run like the job that we're doing at that we have great people on demonstration working very hard on behalf of the 925000. Citizens that are counting. Now I'm proud of the work we've been recognized nationally for our efforts to combat he'll be that the epidemic so much so that Erie county is now viewed as the model. We have more work to do to continue to grow our economy we have more work to do and the opiate epidemic. We have more work to do to ensure that people are given opportunities for advancement and to address the issues of poverty in this region. And for knowledge and I like the position being county executive and well that's not an official announcement yet but. I'm going and the intention of running into fees by chance running Soviet. There official time manner you cited taking to happen it could you wait till next year honestly does make an official announcement and where do you see. Yourself making an official announcement how do you think this this process gonna go with but the campaign while I certainly when making announcements we'll 2019. Other some very important elections going on this year Perry county government including. Clerk's election. As well as of course the gubernatorial race that attorney general. Comptroller. Of the state state offices. Of course congressional races in. I might myself and and others in my political team are really focused on those races here. I think if there was will be time enough in the future to for each candidate to officially announced their candidacy. I'm the on consecutive he's the controller we we have roles to play. As the former comptroller I understand that. And and until that time comes and continue working in the issues that the people very counting on me on one need to focus on. And when the time is right to make an announcement I'll make that. But I can tell you I'm proud of the work that my administration has done for seven years is an early time Bergen guardians talking about this that and you said meaning there's election story about in November. Pennies artists are and it's. Terse talk about this campaign against you do you think he's mean BA camps the news a little oppressive. Yes that is the only way to describe it. Usually don't see people announced berg. Candidacy for elected office a year after two years in advance Augusta run for president. You think about it even in the gubernatorial race. Republican candidate for governor did announce until this year. And later this year I think it was early April this year when Republican candidate announced. And the company's controller seems to be announcing. And in mid July but. He's entitled to do whatever he wants I'm focused on the issues that the people very county wanted to be focused. I'm giving it serious consideration and not mean a final answer but I'm telling their friends and supporters to stay tuned Erie county controller stuff on my hi Lou doesn't say it officially but. Well you can read between the lines. As you're well aware I'm married I have two young children may be at home and so I'm going to talk to my wife talked to my family. Lines he picks the right decision for me as a father and husband and also it's the right political and professional choice for me. So if I do decide to run I wanted to make sure that I run for a position of strength. Which is why we raised a 100000 dollars in three months broke a record for our campaign. And I believe Mark Walker is totally checked out of the job as county executive Brian Higgins retire tomorrow. He would catch pneumonia from the breeze from our own parents running to his party boss banking for a congressional endorsement. Mark on Paris cares more about giving illegal immigrants driver's licensees in Paris climate accord to banning plastic bags. When he does about fixing roads cutting spending cutting taxes. In Erie county I think our point cars is a lead ist extremist liberal. Calls himself a New York City liberal interest totally out of touch. Mainstream Democrats you recount and so I think he's vulnerable. And I'm and give it serious consideration I feel so the county's going in the wrong direction under mark poll cars leadership. He's in a lead just extremist on the liberal side and makes Nancy Pelosi look conservative line he cares more about banning plastic bags and is about fixing potholes and reducing taxes and reduce expanding. I feel as though. I wanna move account in business friendly direction we re reduce spending and we cut taxes. Spending and earmark Poland Carstens has become county executive is up 132. Million dollars that's disgraceful. That money belongs to the taxpayers should be spent. On roads fixing her dilapidated infrastructure and cutting taxes giving it back to the people who pay the bill in the first place. That's her business owners and are taxpayers we were quite surprised that members of the business community were reaching out to me saying we change. Our businesses are suffering EC 98 tax policies are basically crushing. Business and we need to county executive who is going to implement policies that. Businesses can survive and thrive in your account and right now a lot of business owners are reach out to me are very concerned. About the direction of where Erie county's going. And very passionate about public service I keep up a private sector company private sector career. How much lower salary. Because secure drop off care about Erie county. On how sick and tired about politicians. And what they did and how they cared more about self self preservation and people. On to reason why and in the public service. It certainly wasn't for the paycheck it was to serve a lot of buffalo grow up here and this year recount neatly in the right direction. Not have someone at the top was an out of touch liberal extremist. It doesn't really share the same values that we do. Hearing your calorie whether it's mainstream Republicans are mainstream Democrats we have far more cash on hand. At the same point in time when mark Poland cars to senator Ron. For county executive are cash totals basically blow him away. And I think it's a testament to the fact that people want change they want and you county executive on I think a lot of people in the business community and unions. Are investing in. That taxpayers for staff on campaign because I believe they want to change. If you look at our campaign filing Fallon you're actually board elections. We have broad support across Erie county CEOs of companies in union presidents. That support might candidacy. Here in Erie county and so we're going to see in the coming months and maybe even year and when they are now wearing take it support the next one right for Cummings. Any kind of campaigns in ninety them moderator. Professionally speaking as comptroller might covering now is to be the best controller possible. To be a strong check and balance on a liberal extremists like mark Paul statesman mission right now. And in the coming months and year and a fight aside from him the ring for county executive. I'm going to be strong and prepared to wage an airy fairy Vieri tough race for mark. Time and a lot of it until the election will tell Dan Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.