The Race Against Chris Collins

Wednesday, November 29th

Erie County Democratic Party Chair Jeremy Zellner outlines the process, and suggest there may be more candidates to come.


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Outline the process how many people we have what's happening in that regard. Well it is I've talked about many times on the show we've started a group called turn 27 Lou early. In 2017 early this year that includes the eight county chairs. But it also includes several of the grassroots groups that have popped up all over the place that wanna challenge Chris Collins and so. With the leaders of those groups. And the county leaders we've had a number of conference calls we had to be greeted Batavia earlier this summer we're at ten candidate that would interest at the time Kamal. Arm and looked like there are three now I wouldn't be surprised to others appear. I had a great meeting earlier this week which they expect cabbage and I write them very impressed with him. He has a lot of great ideas. Sean bunny is excellent public servant is also very impressive who has a great record of service to our community and our country. And you just heard from time KG comes interested in the a lot of issues that you bring to the forefront of sorts. By and large price of anticipated my next question these three are the three for now but that doesn't necessarily mean that there is only three what's the likelihood that you'll have even more candidates to win. Bid if there's a serious possibility that there will be more candidates I think that it does as the days go on Chris Howard does a weaker and weaker candidate and what he and president trump are doing to the people that live in the 27 district is appalling. They are raising their taxes they're taking away there health care there making it harder for farmers to get the job done for the community. And people are seeing that and that that district may have went for Donald Trump the Crist how heavily two years ago but. People are not stupid and every day we're getting. Are called to work were hearing from people were not satisfied with what Chris Collins. What'd timeframe when do you think you'll have to have it all wrapped up or will it just go to a primary with as many candidates is you have. Once that's primary time. Well I think there's always the chance of a primary what we're planning on doing it you're in Erie county it's epic forum. Sometime in mid January for the committee members that represent the 27 district in the chairs in the 47 district just figure it out. While we'd like to invite them to hear from the candidate because they're the ones that will be out getting the petition signatures for Batman. On the need to know who they are supporting or not support and we've worked very closely with the other chairs in the in the yacht district as well. You know there's the possibility of doing no endorsements can open an open primary situation of errors but. I've met with all three of the candidate I'm impressed by them I think there could be a chance to they're that we can afford.